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Does beer in your hair shampoo really work for hair loss?


Oh! Beer, the most celebrated drink on any occasion. No occasion is just complete with saying cheers among your peers over a glass of beer. Isn’t it? This alcoholic beverage is not just a drink but has much more to do for your hair. Astounding, right? Beer has a special place in the hair care industry and has tremendous benefits. Beer shampoos have been very popular for quite some time now. Rinsing your hair with beer or just casually drinking it helps in improving the health of your hair. Beer for hair helps in providing beautiful and lustrous shine. Looking forward to knowing how beer is so beneficial for your hair? If it so then you are in the right place, Traya is here to let you know how good the beer is for hair. This article will help you find out.

Is beer good for your hair? 

Beer for hair usage is a very popular treatment for your hair, like say beer spa can be extremely beneficial. The constituents of beer are rich in protein that helps to recover the damaged cells of your hair, Vitamin B helps in maintaining the volume of your hair as well as keeping it strong and shiny. It also constitutes flavonoids and antioxidants. The presence of Vitamin B12 protects your hair from greying and the selenium content helps in decreasing the rate of hair loss. Thus, the presence of various nutrients in beer helps in providing hair color clarification as well as hair gleam. Alongside it helps in stimulating the growth of your hair and also helps in controlling frizz in case you are blessed with curly and frizzy hair. Lastly, there are claims from the anecdotal evidence that beer for hair is really good.

Benefits of washing hair with beer

Is beer good for hair? Here are some benefits of beer for hair wash –

  • Beer helps in recovering the damaged and dry hair.
  • Beer for hair provides the much-needed hair shine that you might be looking for.
  • Beer for hair benefits in revitalizing the hair volume. 
  • Straight hair is something you all love. Beer can naturally give a fantastic straight hair.
  • Beer hair masks or beer spa supports you to get rid of those disgusting split ends.
  • Beer for hair aids in strengthening your hair follicles and gives much-needed strength to your hair.
  • Beer protects your hair from experiencing premature greying.
  • The presence of nutrients in beer helps you in fighting serious hair problems like androgenic alopecia and telogen effluvium.

How to use beer for hair 

Beer for hair can be used in several different ways. But before the ways on how you can use beer for hair, here are some basic steps that you must follow for the application of beer for hair.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to pour and place the beer in a bowl and keep it aside for a few hours or possibly overnight. This will help in the removal of the carbon dioxide gas from the liquid, which when mixed with water can make the strands of your hair hard. 
  • Application of beer for hair works best only when you let it rest for a few moments. Apply beer by giving your scalp a good head massage and let it rest by covering your hair with a shower cap before washing.
  • Another step to follow is to wash your hair preferably with a shampoo just like regular hair wash before the application of beer. This will give you better results for the treatment.
  • Lastly, to avoid the smell of the beer, thoroughly wash your hair with copious amounts of water and gently clean your hair.

Some ways through which you can apply beer for hair are:

  • Washing hair with beer, you can give a beer rinse, beer masks are also popular while they can be applied as a conditioner as well. 

Does beer fight dandruff?

Dandruff is a kind of fungal infection that is caused by Malassezia. This is a yeast-like fungus. Though there is a belief that beer might help the cause of dandruff, researchers haven't given any backing. It is always advisable to try beer for hair as it has many tremendous benefits.

Can home remedies really cure dandruff? 

Dandruff is caused due to the fungus called Malassezia and not because of any kind of dirty hair which people generally think of as the cause of dandruff. This mild disorder of hair can be common among anyone but this is a problem that cannot be ignored. Home remedies for dandruff can be cured with the help of products like neem, aloe vera, olive oil, argan oil, and lemon are excellent home remedies for treating dandruff.

What do experts have to say about beer for hair? 

Beer is rich in many nutrient constituents and the presence of these nutrients becomes extremely beneficial for hair. Dr. Reyen Welter says that the presence of many nutritive ingredients in beer helps in achieving healthy hair. Another personnel named Luigi Parasmo says that beer is a great addition to your hair care routine as it works as a cleansing agent and gives the much-needed strength, and shine to your hair.


  • Is putting beer in your hair good? 

Beer has a kind of roughness, so before the application of beer for hair, it is necessary to set it aside for some time and let the carbon dioxide gas escape. Only then the application of beer will be fruitful.

  • Can beer make your hair grow?

The growth of hair is interlinked, and the application of beer somehow helps for healthy hair and hence the presence of vitamins and other nutrients in hair can make your hair grow by rinsing with beer.

  • How to wash your hair with beer?

First, you need to decarbonate your hair and beer should be applied to washed or shampooed hair. Let it be for some time and then wash it off thoroughly 

Beer for hair has many benefits and can reduce the problem of hair loss. It is equally effective in both straight and curly hair and makes your hair look hydrated, nourished, strong along with beautiful shine.  Do not wait a moment to include beer in your hair shampoo and take an extra step to make your hair look extra gorgeous.

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