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  • Health Tatva for Energy | Absorption | Immunity | Fatigue

    Ayurvedic herbs to boost absorption of nutrients for improved energy and hair health

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  • Gut Shuddhi for Better Digestion & Gut Health | In 30 Days

    Ayurvedic herbs for improved digestion, gut health and hair

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Clear and Cleanse: Detox Tablets 

Detox tablets are a combination medicine and are taken when the person is suffering from indigestion. They are useful in improving the functioning of the digestive system in the body and provide relief from bloating and abdominal pain. They aid in the digestion of fatty foods in the body.

About Detox Tablets 

Detox tablets are essentially a pancreatic enzyme combination along with amino acid. These tablets are taken when the pancreas is not functioning well or when it has been surgically removed. They provide extra digestive enzymes to promote digestion. This medication is supposed to be taken with food and in a dose suggested by the doctor. Your dose will depend on your body condition and how well

you respond to the medication. The medicine should be taken as long as recommended, for if you stop it midway the symptoms might come back.

Uses of Detox Tablets 

Detox tablets are taken if there is discomfort in the upper part of the stomach which could be because of bloating or if you are feeling full. The pills provide relief from these symptoms and facilitate digestion. The movement of food from the stomach and the intestine is accelerated, helping you feel better. A better functioning digestive system will in turn contribute to a lot of other benefits such as prevention of hair loss and faster hair growth.

Side Effects of Detox Tablets 

The use of detox tablets could trigger some side effects but most of them go away on their own as the body learns to adjust to them. They do not need any medical intervention but if they persist then you might need the help of a doctor. Following are some common side effects of detox tablets: 

● Nausea 

● Constipation 

● Stomach pain 

● Bloating 

● Diarrhoea 

● Crohn disease 

● Short bowel syndrome 

To avoid constipation, you need to incorporate fibre rich foods and immunity boosters into your diet and drink as much water and liquids as possible. Also do try and exercise regularly to minimise the adverse effects of the tablets.

How to Use Detox Tablets 

Be very particular when using the detox tablets and follow the recommendations of your doctor regarding the dosage and the duration diligently. Swallow the whole tablet, do not chew or break it. If you retain the tablet in your mouth for some time before swallowing, it could cause stomatitis and mucosal irritation. Avoid taking it in powder form. The detox tablet is always taken with food.

Do tell your doctor about any health complications such as kidney or liver diseases or if you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy or are breastfeeding. People with liver problems might have to take stronger liver detox capsules. This will help your doctor suggest the right dosage for you. Make it a point to take the medicine for as long as your doctor recommends.

How Detox Tablet Works 

The detox capsules are made by combining 2 medicines Pancreatin, a pancreatic enzyme supplement and Ornithine. The enzyme helps in digesting food when it goes through your intestine. It blends with the food and augments digestion. Ornithine on the other hand is an amino acid and is classified as a nutritional supplement. It helps facilitate the efficient use of energy consumed and discharges ammonia.

Collection of Best Detox Tablets Online at Traya 

Detoxification is the medicinal removal of harmful toxins from your body as you attempt to cleanse your system and make a fresh start. Traya has the perfect collection of detoxicants, a detox kit which will remove those impurities and put you on the road to better health. Let’s take a look:

● Health Tatva Herbs: A malfunctioning digestive system, slow absorption of nutrients and lack of proper metabolism can affect a body in various ways including slow or bad hair growth. Health Tatva Herbs is an ayurvedic formula with potent detoxifying properties that improves the absorption capacity in the gut and enhances metabolism. This improves the quality of your hair and boosts energy levels. 

The black pepper helps in the release of hydrochloric acid to break down the food while the anti-inflammatory properties of ajwain is effective in removing toxins in the body. Hing and cumin improve metabolism and rock salt assists 

in water and mineral absorption and aids in detoxification. The presence of guduchi makes it one of the better anti dandruff products as it helps in removing dandruff and makes the hair shine. 

● Digestion Herbs: These ayurvedic detox capsules or ayurvedic detox tablets are prepared with herbs such as cloves, cumin, ginger and long pepper. They are extremely effective for all constipation and gas issues. They introduce good bacteria into the gut and help control bowel movement. They have a rejuvenating effect on hair and skin. This is a most effective herbal detox. Ginger is a natural detoxifier; it removes constipation and helps in bowel movement while the Indian bay leaf offers relief to an upset stomach. Cloves release digestive enzymes to treat constipation and cures nausea and flatulence. Cardamon aids hair regrowth and also nourishes the scalp. 


Detoxification is a medical procedure and the decision to take a detox tablet is best left to the doctor. There are some common doubts raised about the process. Let’s find out what they are: 

● Is it safe to take detox tablets? 

A. Detox tablets should always be taken as a last resort and in consultation with a doctor. The kidneys and liver are quite capable of eliminating toxins.

● What do detox tablets actually do? 

A. Detox tablets provide extra digestive enzymes to promote digestion and relieve stomach pain and bloating problems. They aid in the digestion of fatty foods and are taken to provide support to the pancreas when they are not working optimally. 

● How long should detox tablets be taken for? 

A. The tablets should be taken for as long as the doctor recommends. Do not stop taking them midway for the symptoms might return. 

Product Table Price List 

The detox products available at Traya have been found to be very effective and help ensure the complete health of the body by solving all your intestinal problems. Order your dose of these detox solutions now to accelerate your journey towards good health. 

● Health Tatva Herbs (60 tablets) –  300 

● Digestion Herbs (30 tablets) –  200 

The detox tablets are very effective in cleaning the system of all impurities so that it can function smoothly and help you grow strong and beautiful hair. Visit us at Traya and learn from our experts about more effective techniques of creating those strands of smoothness and strength.

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