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"It has been wonderful to have a shampoo that actually does what it claims. I can't believe what a difference it makes for my scalp health. Not only does it fight the flakes, but it also feels like there's some relief from the irritation that I get from dandruff."

I am so thankful to tatva. Such improvements in 2 months! Hair is the biggest jewel a woman can have. You guys saved mine.

100% Natural Hair Loss kit with oil, ghrit and herbs | Men & Women l Suitable for all hair types
Deepa Chandra
Good hair regrowth

My hair regrowth took quite some time to show but I didn't loose faith…this is actually a very good treatment. Telling all my friends about it.

"This serum has been a lifesaver! I've always had thin hair and it has often fallen out in the shower. Now, I'm seeing thicker hair growth and it makes me feel better about myself. I feel confident that my hair looks good and feels silky."

I'm a very busy person who has always had trouble sleeping and also suffers from stress. I've been using Scalp Oil with Calm Therapy for a couple of weeks now and I am really happy with the results! It's helped me sleep better and my stress levels have dropped significantly. I feel more relaxed, calm and healthier.

I've been using Traya minoxidil for about a month now and I have seen great results already. It's been incredibly easy to use as it goes on very smoothly and doesn't leave any greasy stains.

Such a great product for relieving disturbed sleep and stress. Have been using it for a long time and the results are commendable. The aroma of the drops itself is so natural and satisfying!

Have been a Traya customer for a year now. Most of their products are great, but I can safely say that this is clearly one of my favourites. It stands out because the nasal therapy is sooo soooo effective and the sheer satisfaction you get after watching your congestion clear up as your mucus expels out and you sleep with a lighter chest is immeasurable. Love this product for giving that!

Got these nasal drops along with my Traya hair growth kit. Since I was told that one of the reasons for my hair loss was stress, these were prescribed to me. They have wonderfully helped me de-stress and I sleep like a baby now. Not to forget how all of it is also helping my hair.

My doctor advised me Nasya Ghrit therapy for soothing my chest congestion so that I could sleep better. I found it weird at first but now I am sooo thankful because I can breathe, sleep and rest better. Definitely a wonderful product.

If you read on the back of the label of this Consti Clear pack, you can actually see how all the ingredients are Ayurvedic. Now that's what I love about this product. Apart from this, I have experienced significant improvement in my digestion and excretion. I feel lighter, fresher and healthier.

Maine meri mother ke liye liya tha kyunki woh bahut old hain toh unhe kabzi ki problem rehti hai. Unhe yeh product kaafi accha laga kyunki unka constipation pehle se bahut kam hua hai. Now I am also thinking of buying this for myself.

Kuch time se issey use kar raha hoon aur kaafi raahat mili hai. Website pe likha hai ki result milne mein teen mahine lagte hain par mujhe toh do mahine mein hi dikhne lage. Aur yeh ayurvedic bhi hai toh side effects wagerah bhi nahi hue. Go for it guys!

Constipation doesn’t just affect your digestion, it affects your confidence and your relationship with food. I remember not wanting to eat anything because my stomach would always feel full and bloated. I’m genuinely thankful to Traya for formulating something that actually reduced my constipation and brought back my positive relationship with food.

This supplement has worked wonders for me. Have experienced so much relief and better bowel movements. I feel more active and energised. Would 10/10 recommend.

Badhiya supplement hai ekdum, meri thakawat dur ho gayi hai aur fit bhi mehsoos karta hoon. Koi side effects bhi nahi hue. Mujhe high BP hai woh bhi kam hua hai.

This is one of the best cholesterol supplements for vegetarians. Quality ingredients and Ayurvedic herbs. On my second month right now and it feels like my cardio capacity has increased since I can exercise for longer.

My family has cholesterol and heart disease history so I have started using this for prevention. I did a lot of market research before selecting this product. And this looked promising because it does not contain any non-vegetarian ingredients or artificial hormones. The ingredients are also proven by science and do the job without giving side effects.

Kaafi badhiya product hai kuch 3-4 months se use kar raha hoon. Pehle mai dawaiya leta tha par zyaada time tak dawaiyan lene se side effects hote hain isliye maine yeh try kiya. Ab digestion bhi acchi ho gayi hai aur side effects bhi nahi hotey.

Absolutely love how I came here for hair but also ended up improving my digestion. Got this product as a part of my customised hair kit and have been using it for 4 months now. The best part is that it is natural and has no side effects, so we can continue it in the long term unlike those prescription drugs.

Read about Nasya Ghrit on the internet but I wanted to be sure. So I checked with an Ayurvedic practitioner and he explained the benefits clearly. Now I can vouch for it too. These nasal drops have changed my sleep game. The results of this nasal ghrit therapy are so relaxing and calming, I would want to buy again.

Used it for three months and can see the improvement in my health. I get my cholesterol checked every year as I follow a keto diet sometimes due to medical reasons and this year my LDL and HDL levels were more balanced. Have used this for 4 months and am looking forward to continue with it.

Really impressed by the results of this product. I usually suffer from acidity and gas issues, but have experienced a tremendous improvement after using this. Traya claims to use Ayurvedic herbs so I was already high on expectations, and they have clearly met them. Have finished the first month and I’m here to buy my second pack.

My dad has high cholesterol and we bought this for him. He has been using it everyday since. Can’t say about cholesterol levels as we can’t see them on the outside but he says he feels his metabolism getting better. He doesn’t appreciate supplements usually. So that is enough for me to understand this product definitely is something.

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