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Why take the hair quiz?

When we tell you how many treatments for hair loss, hair damage, and other hair and scalp issues fail to work because they are taken without understanding specific hair needs, it will astonish you. To solve this dilemma of people not finding results despite trying every hair care routine, we came up with an idea that could change the game. We found that the key was the diagnosis. You might use the best shampoos and products, but if they are simply not meant for your specific hair needs, they will not help. Hence, our experts and doctors started building a tool that could help with an in-depth understanding of the actual cause of the problem, which would in turn lead to the best-suited solution. Therefore, taking this quiz on hair care is an easy and quick way to diagnose the type and triggers of your hair/scalp concerns, which will help you get better recommendations and treatments; so that you keep moving steadily towards thicker, longer, and healthier locks.

How do we review your hair online?

Our online hair assessment quiz has been carefully devised by experienced doctors and experts, who have curated questions to understand your hair and scalp type, health conditions, family history, age, diet, and lifestyle. Using the answers to these questions, they analyse the nature and causes of your hair condition and recommend a treatment that is specifically tailored to your hair's needs. This comprehensive assessment allows for the enhancement of the results and helps you get the best out of your hair.

How did we build this quiz?

After realizing that diagnosis was the key to unravelling the root causes behind hair concerns, we decided to develop a tool that could help people with the same. Hence, when others were busy selling shampoos and oils, we were on our quest to find a scientific solution to this fairly common problem. We kept digging to figure out the root and this led us to the crux of the analysis. Hence, with the help of doctors and experts from the field, we brought these analytical techniques to reality, in the form of an online quiz. Since the goal is being able to help more people understand their hair and hair problems, the Hair Test is conveniently accessible online and is absolutely free.

Who was involved in building this quiz?

Cracking the code to healthy hair is not easy, and it’s definitely not a layman's cup of tea. That’s why we rely on experts from the field. The Hair Quiz is carefully curated with the help of doctors and qualified professionals from the fields of Dermatology, Ayurveda, and Nutrition. Our dermatologists and trichologists have ensured that the hair quiz contains questions that help assess all the anatomical and genetic aspects of the hair and the scalp, while Ayurvedic doctors develop questions that help examine internal imbalances or triggers that might contribute to compromised hair health. Nutritionists and dieticians focus on enquiring about deficiencies and nutritional limitations that might hinder healthy hair growth. Together, they also cover the remaining details to complete the analysis. This combination of 3 science expertise gives a detailed understanding of internal as well as external factors of hair health.

Who should take this quiz?

For starters, if you are facing hair and scalp issues like hair thinning, excessive hair fall, receding hairline, broadening partition, dandruff, itchy scalp, bald spots or patches, this hair care quiz will definitely help you understand the situation better, and will recommend best-suited products for you. After you order the recommended products, a team of doctors would approve your case and also recommend the dosage through a digital prescription along with a diet plan. But that’s not it, because the hair quiz is not just for people with specific hair and scalp conditions. It is for anyone who aspires to have a better quality of hair that is healthy inside out.

What kind of science do we use to determine the results?

Well, it’s not just one, but a combination of 3 sciences. Because one of the main reasons why people facing hair issues don’t see results is due to their one-dimensional approach. Combining Dermatology, Ayurveda, and Nutrition creates a powerful synergistic fusion that covers all the fundamentals of diagnosing and treating hair problems.In a nutshell, an in-depth analysis can provide insights into what your hair actually needs and the probable cause behind why it behaves the way it does. Hence, check out Traya's FREE hair test, a curated list of quizzes on hair care that can help you better understand your hair so that you can get the best products and treatments. Because good products and healthy lifestyle practices are essential for strong and beautiful hair, but so is identifying hair's specific requirements.


What hair product should I use?

Not all hair types are the same, nor are all hair concerns. To understand what hair products one should use, it is essential to first analyse the texture, type, metabolism, and other underlying factors that impact hair and scalp health. This can be done with the help of the quiz, which diagnoses your hair and scalp condition and recommends the best-suited products accordingly.

Why should I take this hair quiz?

The Hair Quiz essentially helps you understand and identify the factors and triggers that impact your hair quality and helps you choose the best products as well as solutions according to them. This ensures that your hair stays in the best possible health, and is not facing the wrath of unsuitable ingredients or treatments.

What shampoo should I use?

A suitable shampoo can help you clear up the buildup, dirt, excess sebum, and sweat from your hair. However, not all shampoos suit all hair and scalp types. In fact, some shampoos with harsh chemicals and allergens can cause dryness and irritation. Hence, the shampoo that you should use should be selected based on your hair type, allergies, scalp conditions, and overall suitability. Taking the hair type quiz can help you analyse these factors and will recommend you the most suitable shampoo that will support your hair quality.