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What happens at this stage?

Most of your hair follicles are dead & cannot show regrowth.Most of your hair follicles are dead and cannot show regrowth.

Active Follicle

Natural regrowth possible

Dead Follicle

Intervention required

Traya doctors recommend a hair transplant at this stage.

Speak with a hair expert to know more.


Traya doctors recommend a hair transplant at this stage.

Speak with a hair expert to know more.


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Male Pattern Hair Loss

Treatment duration


Stage 1
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 5

Stage 6

Stage 6

Coin Size Patch

Coin Size Patch
Heavy Hair Fall Across The head
Heavy Hair Fall Across The head

Stage 2 male pattern hair loss is caused by DHT hormone attacking hair follicles. At your stage, most hair follicles are still active. This is the best time to start treatment as there is a very high chance of seeing visible hair growth.

*Based on 34,567 men treated at Traya that match this profile

Your hair loss root causes

’s Hair Regrowth Treatment Plan

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Customized doctor prescription

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Ayurvedic diet plan

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Men who took control of their hair at stage 1


Anand Kumar

new-home-page Reviewed on 21st Feb 2023

“A year back, I had almost given up with my hair fall problem but after trying Traya, I am soo satisfied with their treatment that I would recommend each and everyone to try it. Really helped me a lot to grow my hair back”



new-home-page Reviewed on 15th Jan 2023

“I am really happy with their treatment plan and saw results in 6 months. Got back my hair stronger and healthier like never before. Really appreciated!”



new-home-page Reviewed on 2nd April 2023

“The wait was worth it! Good things take time guys, don't give up on the treatment. I saw mind blowing results in just 5 months and am really very happy with their service.”

Not just products but a treatment plan

Not just products
but a treatment plan

Hair growth is all about consistency. We have curated
a 360° treatment plan to help you achieve this.

Hair growth is all about consistency. We have curated a 360° treatment plan to help you achieve this.

Hair Coach

You will be given a personal hair coach that will constantly keep working to help you achieve your goals. They will act as a bridge between you and the doctor.

Healing Diet Plan

Good hair needs nourishment. Our expert nutritionists curate a healing diet plan to help you absorb nutrients better and build a healthier lifestyle.

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Buy the plan and
get access to
Traya’s Community

Buy the plan and get access
to Traya’s Community

Get answers & guidance instantly while
on the treatment.



Why should I consider Traya's treatment plan when I can simply use shampoo or oil?

Shampoo and oil only address external factors temporarily. Traya's holistic plan tackles hair loss from within, ensuring long-lasting results by addressing the root causes.

How long does it take for the kit to be delivered?

Traya products are typically delivered within 3-5 working days from the date of purchase.

When and how do I get a prescription?

Once you place the order for your customised kit, Traya's doctors review your test results to approve your treatment and create a digital prescription. Post that, the prescription will be available on the app. Alternatively, you can access your prescription by logging onto the website using your Traya registered mobile number.

Who is a hair coach and what do they do?

Traya's hair coaches are experts trained by doctors over months on hair science and product knowledge. They guide you throughout your hair regrowth journey. They help you start the treatment, track your progress and suggest necessary tweaks in the treatment to ensure best results for you. Hair coaches are accessible anytime by simply booking an appointment through the app.

How does Traya diagnose my hair online?

Traya's online hair test is co-created with doctors. It captures all necessary health conditions that should be taken into consideration while curating your treatment plan. The scalp picture helps assess the pattern and extent of hair loss, thereby eliminating the need for any physical tests.

When can I expect results?

Best results are seen anywhere between 5 to 12 months depending on the stage, age and type of hair loss. However, you will see early positive signs like reduction in hair fall, dandruff control or improvement in digestion, sleep and energy levels within 2-3 months.

How can I access my diet plan?

You can build your customized diet plan basis cuisine and other preferences on the Traya app once you have placed the order. Alternatively, you can access your diet plan by logging onto the website.

Will Traya's treatment be effective in genetic hairloss cases?

Traya specialises in preventing and managing genetic hair loss. However, if you are at an advanced stage of hair loss (stage 6 or 7) or the hair loss occurred more than 5 to 10 years ago then chances of reversal are very less as you might not have sufficient active hair follicles.

Does Traya have a money-back guarantee?

Traya offers a 100% money-back guarantee, if you don't see results despite following the treatment as recommended for at least 5 months. You can find the detailed eligibility criteria on Traya's website.

Is Traya treatment safe?

Traya's treatments are doctor backed and have no side effects. All topical products are dermatologically tested and all ayurvedic products are AYUSH certified.

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