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Understanding Hair Loss

• Is it Hair Loss or Hair Fall ?

Hair fall is when you daily lose 50-100 strands of hair. Whereas, hair loss is hair fall that will not go away. Hair fall that happens for over a month is hair loss,more precisely a hair loss condition.

• Why am I losing 50-100 strands of hair ?

It is because hair grows in phases:

  • Anagen The growth phase LASTS 2 TO 8 YRS
  • Catagen Transition phase LASTS 10 DAYS
  • Telogen Resting phase LASTS AROUND THREE MONTHS

A single strand of hair passes through all four stages, Normally 90% of the hair is in the anagen or growth phase and the rest are either in the resting or shedding phase. In case of a hair loss condition, each hair cycle produces thinner, weaker and fewer hair that eventually leads to baldness.

In hair loss condition, each hair cycle will produce thinner, weaker and fewer hair. In time, follicles begin to die and hair fails to regrow.

So yes, hair thinning is a sign of early stage hair loss.

The Growth Phase

The Growth Phase


The Transition Phase

The Transition Phase


The Resting Phase

The Resting Phase


New Hair Phase

New Hair Phase

Shedding of old hair & growth of new hair

• How do I know what hair loss condition am I suffering from?

One of the things about hair loss is - it is super organised. That means, it happens in very specific patterns

1. Androgenic Alopecia aka Male Pattern Baldness / Female Pattern Hair Loss

  • • Family history, 82% of the times And just to be clear, family history includes all blood relatives on the maternal and paternal side
  • • Hair Loss for over 6 months
  • • Hair Loss in a pattern(For men - receding hairline and gradual thinning/balding of crown area. For women - widening partition and increased scalp visibility)
  • • Decreased density or volume
  • • No recent health history (this does not include comorbidities)

How does it happen? It’s all in the name - Androgenic Alopecia is linked to hormones called androgens. Specifically overproduction of DHT or dihydrotestosterone. This results in two things - First, the overproduced androgen receptors bind with your follicles, causing them to shrink, this process is known as miniaturization. Because of this, your follicles can no longer get the amount of blood oxygen and nutrition to produce thick and healthy hair. So your hair gets thinner, shorter and sometimes, non-pigmented hair until there is no more hair growth from your follicle. That is why, androgenic alopecia is gradual, so gradual that you fail to notice it in time .

Second, it leads to shortening of the anagen phase and lengthening of the duration between shedding phase and start of new anagen phase. Basically your hair takes time to grow, doesn’t stay for long and takes a long time to come back .

But I am young, why is this happening to me so soon?
Hair loss like a lot of other medical conditions has an onset period that gets affected by diet, lifestyle and other factors. Late onset is something that is ‘age-related’ and takes place due to the ageing process. Early onset, is that which kicks off as early as 18 years old due to lifestyle triggers that aggravate pattern hair loss

Do you know if your hairloss is at an Anagen phase or a Resting phase? How soon will you see your hair grow back.

2. Telogen Effluvium (TE)

At any time, a regular scalp has 80-90% of hair in the anagen (growth) phase and the others in the resting phase. The growth phase lasts for 2-4 years and the Telogen (resting) phase lasts for 2 to 4 months. After resting phase the hair falls off and is replaced by new hair.

But in TE- stress or shock (mental or physical) pushes more than 40% of your hair in the resting phase. So instead of losing just 100 in a day you lose 300.

What counts as a trigger for Telogen Effluvium?

  • • Surgery
  • • Major physical trauma
  • • Major psychological stress
  • • High fever, severe infection or other illness
  • • Extreme weight loss
  • • Extreme change in diet
  • • Abrupt hormonal changes, (associated with childbirth & menopause)
  • • Iron deficiency
  • • Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism
  • • Some medications

Because the resting phase is 2-4 months, the hair loss starts a few months after the trigger. This type of hair loss is also temporary and usually doesn’t last longer than 6 months. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to intervene. The volume loss in TE is intense and can be scary. Volume recovery is not always as rapid as the hairloss, that’s where treatment comes in.

3. Alopecia Areata

This is technically an autoimmune disorder, in which your body’s immune system starts attacking your follicles as if they are foreign particles. The hair loss is in the form of a coin sized circular bald patch with no hair on it. In extreme cases, the hair loss is not limited to your scalp and may also occur in other parts of the body.

Unfortunately, we cannot treat this type of hair loss condition. The best solution will be to go to a local dermatologist and get a Plan. We may not be able to give you medicine for this, but we will give you all the information and support that you need. Do get in touch with Traya Support.

In 80% cases we have noticed a direct benefit of addressing gastric and gut health of our customers. This is a core Ayurveda benefit!

Why Ayurveda?

• What does Ayurveda say about Hair Loss ?

Ayurveda is like your philosophical friend, who dives deep into the problem. Ayurveda is a healing system that goes to the root of the cause of your ailment and brings about internal balance. According to Ayurveda, hair loss is associated with high levels of pitta in the body which impacts the follicle health and overall hair quality

• What is Pitta Dosha ?

Ayurveda believes that your body is made up of three types of life forces - kapha, vata and pitta; each characterized by elements like fire, water, space, air, land and ether. Pitta is dominated by Fire or Agni and is responsible for your appetite, digestion and absorption of nutrition. However, when in excess, unchecked Pitta dosha can result in premature greying, causing hair thinning and hair loss.

Vata Dosha (Air + Ether)

Vata Dosha

• Aches & Pains • Cough • Memory Problem • Fatigue • Insomnia

Pitta Dosha (Fire + Water)

Pitta Dosha

• Poor Metabolism • Liver Problems • Heart Condition • Anemia • Skin rash • Addictions • Eye sight • Hair Loss

Kapha Dosha (Water + Earth)

Kapha Dosha

• Obesity • Food Sensitivity • Asthma • Inflammation • Frequent Headaches

• How do you keep your Pitta in check?

This is where digestion comes in - your digestion allows your body to break down the food you eat into nutrients that your body needs for growth, repair, and refueling. However, the ability of your body to get those nutrients depends on your absorption levels. Optimum digestion and absorption are just as important as eating the right food. And because at Traya , we want to give you everything you need to fix your hair loss. We not only give you a diet plan so you eat hair healthy foods. But herb mixes such as:

Health Tatva which has ingredients such as Hing, Ajwain, Cumin, Ginger that helps regulate metabolism, detoxifies your body, and enhances the absorption of nutrients.

Hair Ras, with ingredients such as Tapyadi Lauh, Shatavari, Shankhpushpi, Amalaki, Arjuna, Ashwagandha that rejuvenates hair and stimulates regrowth while balancing pitta dosha.

Gut Shuddhi with Triphala and Avipattikar, regulates bowel movement, reduces pitta dosha, provides nutrition to your hair follicles and fixes your digestion.

In 80% cases we have noticed a direct benefit of addressing gastric and gut health of our customers. This is a core Ayurveda benefit!

Dermatology & Clinical Studies

• Why is Minoxidil Recommended and is it safe?

Minoxidil is a vasodilator, which means it widens blood vessels and increases blood flow wherever it is applied. When applied to the scalp, it enhances blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. This vasodilating effect allows for more nutrients and oxygen to reach the hair follicles, promoting growth. In other words, it does not stop hair loss but actively stimulates hair growth by causing resting hairs (in the telogen phase) to shed and be replaced by new hairs in the growing (anagen) phase. Numerous studies have also demonstrated the effectiveness of Minoxidil in promoting hair growth. In a four-month study, 74% of men reported an improvement in hair density with Minoxidil, and 93.8% of participants rated it as very effective, effective, or moderately effective in stimulating new hair growth.

• What are the other clinically tested ingredients used in Traya Products?

  • Redensyl is natural, non-hormonal and works on hair growth. It has anti-inflammatory properties and contains amino acids that constitute hair proteins. Redensyl serum helps curtail the duration of the resting or telogen phase while at the same time increasing the anagen or growth phase. This helps it prevent hair loss and helps retain your hair. Redensyl is also the product of a greener process, involving the use of less energy and reduced use of hazardous chemicals to make it a more innovative and sustainable product. It is an excellent ingredient used to treat early stages of hair loss.

  • Procapil is a scientifically proven formula that naturally promotes healthy hair growth and gives the hair follicles strength. It also reduces hair loss with less hair breakage. Its formula combines vitaminated matrikine with apigenin and oleanolic acid, reducing the effects of DHT - a chemical derived from testosterone that affects the growth of new hair. It is usually safe since it is made of all-natural ingredients, and both men and women can use it.

So combined, they make the perfect and the most comprehensive and safe treatment plan for your hair loss.

Procapil actively promotes hair growth by shedding old hair and replacing them with new ones by upto 121%.

The Three Sciences

• Why does Traya combine three different treatment branches?

Since hair loss can result from multiple factors that vary from case to case, we sought a comprehensive treatment approach that would cover all bases. By combining different sciences, we can tackle all the problems simultaneously.

Dermatology stimulates hair growth at the follicular level.


Ayurveda balances internal energies for indirect hair loss factors.

Nutrition prevents deficiencies and promotes overall well-being.

So combined, they make the perfect and the most comprehensive and safe treatment plan for your hair loss.

In 80% cases we have noticed a direct benefit of addressing gastric and gut health of our customers. This is a core Ayurveda benefit!

Procapil actively promotes hair growth by shedding old hair and replacing them with new ones by upto 121%.



2 min twice a day

Follow a simple daily routine. Best results when used for 5 months.


The Threefold Way



Our approach combines the goodness of three sciences. With ingredients from the most authentic sources, we personalize your treatment delivering assured results.