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How To Avoid A Receding Hairline For Men: 7 Hair Loss Prevention Tips


Excessive hair loss and balding is often associated with middle-aged men. Unfortunately, this age has been reducing steadily and you will find many more men in their 30s with prominent hairlines that keep receding with every passing year. You do not need to grin and bear it now though. On the contrary, there is an effective receding hairline treatment available today.

Sure, men had dismissed their personal appearance as being inconsequential not so many years ago. However, times have changed with a well-groomed man being favoured over their compatriots today. You do not have to be worried about a hairline that goes further and further away anymore. In fact, there are a number of solutions to regrow hairlines at present. Check out the research results and get set for reversing acute hair loss at the earliest. Here are a few tips to consider...

Propecia – Well, this is an FDA approved drug that requires a medical prescription as it is not sold over the counter. Indeed many Americans swear by it as it is used to promote hair growth. It is used specifically for treating the male pattern of baldness. Do remember to read the instructions carefully before using it without restraint. It affects body hormones directly to increase hair growth. You will be surprised to find that the hair loss is reduced as well. Remember to take it by mouth and follow the advice of your doctor perfectly. Be careful only to buy the genuine product for many individuals have been duped by online stockists in the past.

Minoxidil – One of the tried and tested ways of receding hairline men treatment is the application of Minoxidil also known as Rogaine. It is known for amazing results as it stimulates the growth of new hair. Age is a deciding factor for a successful outcome though. Almost all men who have achieved miraculous hair growth with Minoxidil are well under the age of forty. It is best to consult with your physician about the appropriate use of this product though. It will not cure any genetic factor responsible for the male pattern of balding, however. On the other hand, the growth of hair ceases right after you discontinue using it. You might obtain better results by opting for Traya Health’s hair treatment kit and customised plan instead.

Shampoo Treatment- Do not ignore using Ketoconazole, an anti-dandruff shampoo known to eliminate those white flakes caused by dried scalp and infections. It is known for its strong anti-androgen property too and can help to decrease hair loss to a great effect. You might find it branded under different names but your pharmacist will be able to source it for you. Try a mild product initially and go on to a stronger one containing 2% Ketoconazole that needs to be prescribed by a registered doctor.

Head Massage- Well, this is an old treatment that can do wonders for arresting hair loss. It is endorsed as one of the most effective natural remedies for receding hairline today. While scalp massaging had been an age-old practice in India, the Western community has been sitting up and taking notice of its benefits now. You will be amazed to know that regular massaging of the scalp can help to reduce hair fall considerably and prevent you from going bald prematurely too.

Stress Management- There is an old notion that a hot-headed person tends to shed hair real fast. Well, there might be a modicum of truth in it as scientists have observed that stress can cause men to lose their hair pretty early too. No issues! Hit the gym with a vengeance and get rid of your anxiety and stress by working out diligently. While the results may not be visible immediately, a stress-free life can be a great receding hairline treatment over time.

Avoiding Smoke - “Smoking is injurious to health!” This has been an oft-quoted slogan to deter smoking. Sure, excessive consumption of tobacco products especially nicotine can give rise to a number of ailments. However, research studies have also proved that smoking can affect hair growth adversely. If you are keen to regrow hairline male than you must make sure to stop smoking altogether. Remember that second-hand smoke can harm you in ways unimaginable. So, gear up and throw away the cigarette now!

Supplements – You cannot go through a magazine or an Internet resource without bumping into an advertisement for the promotion of hair growth. It is best to take them with a pinch of salt though. Most of them are paid advertisements and have nothing to do with natural remedies for receding hairline. Do not get unduly excited about spending your hard-earned money on misleading products. Instead, look for one that has been tried and tested convincingly before and try it after being advised by a professional. You are sure to find Traya Health’s products to be most effective as they believe in a holistic approach. The loss of hair is not an isolated problem. Instead, it needs to be reversed by healing your entire body. Check out the products at Traya and get started on receding hairline treatment ASAP.

Sure, there are no obvious ill effects of a receding hairline. Yet you cannot ignore its deep psychological impact. It is best to opt for a holistic treatment instead of trying to promote hair growth with chemical-laden products that may cause your body to suffer. You might find suitable receding hairline treatment by trying Ayurveda, the age-old medicinal science that is recognized by the entire world today.

There are no instant cures though. Remember that your age, genetics, gender, and lifestyle play a major role in giving you a full head of hair. So, do not be beset by anxiety when you notice your hairline receding steadily. Choose a natural cure instead and follow a healthy, nutritious diet that helps your body. A healthy body would also influence healthy hair that no amount of external products can ensure. You might also keep your hair clean and well-groomed to stop losing it.

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