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Meno Santulan Tablets

An ultimate herbal mix that controls hair fall in menopausal and perimenopausal women

Meno Santulan Tablets







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As menopause marks an important and critical turning point in a woman’s life, it is essential to provide the body and mind with extra care during this stage. Menopause usually starts in the 40s or 50s but has also been seen earlier or later. It brings symptoms like hot flashes, hair loss, irritability, weakness, low estrogen levels, etc. This is why Traya has carefully formulated Meno Santulan, a purely Ayurvedic aid for women in menopause, which helps them deal with troubling symptoms. The word ‘santulan’ literally translates to balance, as Meno Santulan helps balance the hormonal changes happening in the body during menopause. Meno Santulan does not contain synthetic compounds and rather contains powerful plant-extracts, making it absolutely safe. It also contains functional ingredients which work on multiple aspects at the same time, thereby helping symptoms beyond menopausal hair loss.


Meno Santulan aims at calming the menopausal symptoms and helps maintain hormonal levels, leading to a better mood, better health and of course, better hair.

Reduces mood swings and irritability +
Mood swings are very common during menopause. Meno Santulan helps calm the body and mind and helps combat sleep disturbances to reduce mood swings and irritability.
Promotes hair growth +
Ayurvedic actives in Jatamansi and Ashwagandha have been shown to prevent hair loss, improve hair growth and support overall hair health.
Reduces pain and cramps +
Cramps can interfere with daily activities and are common symptoms of menopause. Meno Santulan’s antispasmodic ingredients help reduce pain and discomfort. Natural anti-infectives in Meno Santulan also help in preventing Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).
Maintains hormone levels +
Natural bioactives in Meno Santulan address the root of menopausal symptoms such as hormonal changes. It helps improve levels of hormones like estrogen, Follicular Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH). Hormonal balance also reduces the risk of hot flashes and night sweats.

How does Meno Santulan Tablets work?

How to Use +
It is recommended to consume these tablets daily after meals with water. The bottle contains 120 tablets that will last for a month.
Dosage +
Take two tablets after breakfast and two after dinner or as prescribed by doctors.


Meno Santulan is a plant-based, Ayurvedic supplement that helps relieve menopausal symptoms including hair loss, thereby supporting healthy hair.

Ashwagandha +
Ashwagandha has been known to promote hair growth and impart shine to the tresses. Besides, it is a reproductive health promoting herb that helps balance hormones like estrogen, FSH and LH. It also helps manage hot flashes and urinary tract health.
Arjuna +
It helps regulate fat metabolism, which helps control cholesterol and helps with weight management.
Jatamansi +
Jatamansi helps relax and calm the body by tackling dizziness, fatigue and sleep disturbances, thereby increasing the ability to concentrate.


How long does it take to see results? +
Meno Santulan is a 6-month course, so remember that consistency is important!
Does Traya’s Meno Santulan have any side effects? +
No, Meno Santulan does not have any side effects when taken as per the recommended dosage. It is completely safe.
Is Meno Santulan vegetarian friendly? +
Yes, Meno Santulan is a plant-based product.
Can Meno Santulan be taken by women who haven’t entered menopause? +
It is also suitable for perimenopausal women, that is, women who haven’t entered menopause but are still in the menopausal age group (37-58 years).
Does Meno Santulan help with hair loss? +
Yes, Meno Santulan has been formulated to help reduce hair loss in women in menopausal age.
About the Product +

Manufactured by : Gayatri Ayupharma Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 57, 58 Kalptaru Industrial Park Chandial, Daskroi, Ahmedabad 382433

Marketed by : Tatvartha Health Pvt. Ltd.

Address: Unit no – 101, B wing, Building - 16, Interface, Off Link Road, Malad (West), Mumbai - 400064, Maharashtra.

For Customer queries, contact Customer Care Executive at the marketer's address.

Email :

Phone No. : +91 804 736 3960

Expiry Date : 3 years from manufacturing date

Country of Origin : India

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Neha Sharma

I saw amazing results with Traya ,my hairfall stopped which was because of menopause using this product .My friends also told me that my hair looks great and i also feel so good

Shruti Singh
Great Product

The growth that I have seen is amazing my hair is so shiny and healthy before i was experiencing so much hair fall and my volume had also become very thin.Now i have got my hair like before back with Traya

Ritu Seth

Traya Meno santulan is the best thing I finally am happy with my hair, My hair loss has reduced a lot. Thank you so much Traya

Kavita Khanna
Awesome product

I got my hair like before and i love the fact that i can talk to haircoach and ask any doubts.I would recommend this to all my friends having hair loss bcause of Menopause

Pooja Patel

I started seeing baby hair and my hair loss had reduced. I feel so good now. My hair is also shiny thick and healthy.

The Result

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Arjun, Thrissur, Kerala

14 Sep 2020


I never paid attention on my hair and lost quite a lot of them. I think taking traya’s hair loss treatment is the best thing i have done to my hair. Not only did I see the new growth but the thickness and quality has also improved.

Kit Purchased On complete Traya recommended plan

Used for 4 months

Image Not Found
Vivek, Mumbai

10 MAY 2020


The results have been amazing! In just 2 months I’ve seen great improvements. My barber was also impressed.

Kit Purchased On complete Traya recommended plan

Used for 2 Months

Image Not Found
Darpan, Gujarat

14 Sep 2020


I started to see regrowth from third month and even the patch on my scalp has started to cover. Best service and the best treatment!

Kit Purchased On complete Traya recommended plan

Used for 5 Months

Image Not Found
Hemant Shah

2 Aug 2021


Great service. I loved the fact that you can talk to your hair coach in case of queries. They are truly supportive and help you stay commited on the journey. I never thought I could see new hair growth.

Kit Purchased On complete Traya recommended plan

Used for 4 Months

Image Not Found
Anupam Thakuria

24 july 2020


I took the hair assessment and realized that my hair loss was more than just genetic.

I went ahead with the recommended treatment plan and could see visible results within just 3 months.

Kit Purchased On complete Traya recommended plan

Used for 5 Months

Image Not Found

14 Feb 2021


I am super impressed with Traya's hair loss treatment. Let me start off by saying that all their products are formulated by doctors. Knowing that I have hair experts and doctors monitoring my treatment is really the best part of the experience. Really recommend this.

Kit Purchased On complete Traya recommended plan

Used for 4 Months

Image Not Found

4 March 2020


I was losing a lot of hair due to the lockdown and desperate for a solution, that is when a friend recommended Traya. I gave it a shot and after 4 months of use, I can definitely say that their holistic approach to treating hair loss with both ayurveda and allopathy just works.

Kit Purchased On complete Traya recommended plan

Used for 4 Months

Image Not Found

15 Aug 2021


Results in just 5 months, couldn't believe my eyes when I saw hair growth on my head. Anyone with hair problems should get on their plan. It works like magic.

Kit Purchased On complete Traya recommended plan

Used for 5 Months

Image Not Found
Akash Agarwal

2 Feb 2021


I came to Traya with a bald patch and I did not expect any drastic results. My motive was to stop further hair loss, after dedicatedly following the plan and one can tell how it has changed my hair. I have baby hair all over my scalp and thicker growth. This is a dream, thank you guys you are the best!

Kit Purchased On complete Traya recommended plan

Used for 8 Months

Image Not Found
Shivyogi Hiremath

20 Aug 2021


The treatment considered of proper diet, hair care products and supplements supporting your hair growth. I followed for 3-4 months and the results were amazing.

Kit Purchased On complete Traya recommended plan

Used for 4 Months