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Understanding the advantages of henna for hair care


Henna for Hair care

When it comes to hair care products that are available in the market, we are sure you will be witnessing a plethora of options. Thanks to the digital medium along with television and print advertisements that stand in a neck to neck competition to prove better off from each other. If seeing all this creates a cloud of confusion for you and nothing seems clear. Then, it is a good time to introspect and look out for natural remedies that are safe to use in the long haul. After all, these marketed products affect the body with its harmful effects owing to the presence of chemicals, etc. Not only this but the professional salons or parlours make a big hole in our pockets while gifting us all the negative effects too. So, why go for something that we already know can harm us. Isn’t it? Instead, try giving a shot to henna for hair. As henna hair dye will be any day better than chemical-based colouring products. And this is not something new, it has been followed by our ancestors too, from time immemorial.

What is Henna?

Now, let’s understand what is henna and how it is related to henna hair dye/henna mehndi. Well, in ancient times, people were not exposed to artificial products as such. Also, honestly, there was more emphasis on natural-based remedies for hair care. Hence, people had put plant-based products into usage, which included henna mehndi. Or as we can now say in a more relatable language that they used henna hair dye. That time it seemed to be the best remedy to treat oneself with henna for hair colour and nourishment. Henna mehndi for hair has been very popular across the globe not just for colouring the hair naturally yet it had various benefits attached to it too. Those benefits included strengthening hair, acting as a natural conditioner and most importantly nourishing the hair in the most effective way.

So, if you are considering to divert your route towards this natural remedy, then read on to understand the in-depth details about henna for hair. Besides that, we will also be getting into the details of the best henna for hair.

Benefits Of Using Henna For Hair

When we think of opting any product into consideration, we thoroughly think through by seeking options and its benefits in perspective. Hence, before you come upto any conclusion, it is always good to understand the basics and its related advantages.

Here is a list of benefits that will help you in deciding why it's good to settle with henna for hair:

  • Acts as a natural conditioner:

Henna hair dye aids in restoring the natural pH of hair as well as the scalp. Thereby, acting as an amazing condition for the hair to turn it shinier, stronger and thicker.

  • It keeps the scalp health in check:

If you have not used henna before, did you know that henna leaves a cooling effect on the scalp? This is not just the mere logic that we are saying henna for hair is good yet it holds various other reasons too. It encapsulates antimicrobial and antifungal properties that keep a check on the scalp health. Also, it fights back and creates a shield against other scalp issues. These issues include scalp itchiness, dandruff, and various other ailments related to scalp.

  • Prevents hair loss thereby boosting hair growth:

The best and the most important aspect of this wonderful ingredient is the prevention of hair loss. Also, it aids in promoting the growth of new hair. So, besides the goodness we revealed regarding its feature of maintaining scalp health along with balancing of pH levels, this is something worthy to consider. You will be amazed to witness the outcome when your hair not just grows faster yet also feels a remarkable difference in the texture.

  • Fights back dandruff:

If you are prone to dandruff, then this point will surely make your eyes twinkle with happiness. As henna helps in preventing dandruff. It removes excess dirt as well as grease from the hair. So, henna has got your back by acting as a shield against even future occurrence of dandruff.

  • Bid goodbye to the itchy scalp:

If you suffer from an itchy scalp then henna will turn up as your knight in the shining armour. How? Well, henna is composed of antifungal and antimicrobial properties that help in upkeeping the coolness on the scalp. Thereby keeping it cool and acts as a guard against itchiness.

  • Natural hair dye which also repairs split ends:

Stay rest assured that you have opted a natural way out to achieve the best of both worlds. As you'll be getting a hair colour naturally while also taking optimal care of your hair at the same time.

  • Natural nourishment:

You know why we mention it time and again that henna for hair is what you should go for. It owes to the fact that it has natural nourishing properties that makes the hair stronger.

Things To Know Before Using Henna Hair Dye

  • Henna hair dye/henna hair mehndi doesn't necessarily even out the hair colour. If you had prior highlights, it’s most likely that it will still remain even after henna application.
  • Once you start applying henna, it means you are giving a long term commitment. As it is nearly impossible to change the hair colour later on.
  • Beware of not purchasing henna which possesses any of the following:
  1. PPD (paraphenylenediamine), which is a toxic chemical.
  2. Tartaric acid or citric acid.
  3. Red clay (It's a chemical & not a clay).
  4. Any foreign particles viz. lint, bark, stems, rice, etc.
  5. Any kind of preservatives.
  6. Greensand (It makes the henna look vibrant and fresh. However, it has nothing to do with the henna for hair colour and hence doesn’t determine the final outcome).
  7. Large particles (Be very careful with this aspect as it may possess foreign particles when the henna powder is not ground properly.).

How To Apply Henna On Hair?

So, here is a guide to how you should apply henna:

  • Before the application process:

You should hair wash with a mild in nature shampoo. Refrain from applying a conditioner as it will hinder henna from penetration. This ensures that the hair is clean and is free from any sort of dirt, oil or styling product effects. You can towel dry or air dry the hair. Then you are good to go!

  • Protecting the skin & prevention from stains:

To prevent your body parts from getting affected by any sort of stain, tie your hair back. Now, you can also choose to wear hair/headband to avoid spillage of hair mehndi onto the forehead/face. Then apply petroleum jelly/coconut/hair oil on the neck, ears and forehead. Also, it is advisable to always wear gloves before application as it will cover the hands and nails too.

It is always good to be cautious so it's a good idea to wear old clothes or cover yourself with an old towel. You can tuck it with a pin or hair clip to ensure it remains intact. Also, you should keep a damp cloth near you to wipe it off in case the dye drips off the skin.

  • How to mix henna powder:

The henna comes in a powder form which needs to be mixed with water before application. Hence, the proportion should ideally be 1/2 of henna along with 1/4 cup of water. Mix them well. If the paste is thick then dilute its consistency by adding more water in it. In an ideal circumstance, the container consisting of this paste should be covered with plastic. And then let it sit for approximately twelve hours.

When you plan to apply this henna hair dye then add some water so that it can spread easily onto the hair.

  • Keep the hair free from tangles:

Part your hair and comb properly. It will be best if you can comb your hair using a wide-toothed comb, which will help in getting free from tangles/ knots. This also ensures that it detangles the hair without pulling hair or creating unnecessary pressure on it.

  • Application:

Now choose small sections of your hair and start applying henna reaching to the roots and then spreading it till the tip of the hair. You can always add more paste onto the brush if required. Ensure that henna is applied generously and equally starting from the roots till the tip.  

Before moving to a fresh section of hair, twist this applied section and knot it in a bun form. You can secure it with a help of a hair clip.

  • Ensuring even application of henna hair dye/henna mehndi all over the hair:

Once you are done covering all the sections in totality. Just check in case you have left any strand unattended. Then its time to wrap the hair with plastic to keep the henna moist and warm.

  • Now wait while you can carry on with other activities:  

The longer time you let the henna sit, the better results it gives. Hence, giving away a more vibrant colour. Talking about the ideal minimal time is between two to four hours. However, if you let it stay for six hours then you can attain a perfect vibrant colour. So, it is individual dependent on how dark they want the colour to be. In the initial applications the colour will appear to be orange however on eventual applications the colour surely darkens, so don’t need to stress any bit.

  • Last yet the most essential step:

Wash your hair with warm water while simply running your fingers on the scalp to give it a gentle massage. This will help to get rid of the henna. Also, it will help in removing the stuck pieces. Just ensure to stay extremely gentle while carrying out this process. As the slightest of struggle with hair can cause breakage or damage. You can use a conditioner, later on, to let any henna leftovers get out of your hair strands or root. Use either cold or lukewarm water for best results.

Precautions & Side Effects of Henna on Hair

While we entailed all the information which presents positive information about this wonder ingredient. Nevertheless, it is also important to consider the downsides to it. Wondering how can a natural ingredient have negative repercussions?

Read on to know what exactly we are talking about:

  • In the urge to prove oneself better from the competitors, some brands stoop to levels of downsizing the good aspects in their product. This means they put chemicals into usage in their henna powder. This does give better colour results for sure but isn’t cent per cent natural. This chemical namely PPD (paraphenylenediamine) is very harmful and causes further issues.  
  • This chemical causes allergy with an extremely severe reaction on the skin. It might not show any signs in the first place but gradually it does show negative allergic signs.
  • It's important to understand here that we are not just highlighting one chemical. However, even if the chemical mentioned above differs then too there are chances to face severe reactions. This may include excessive drying of hair making it rough. Not just this it can even cause dandruff, sudden breakage issues, watery eyes, itching, redness, etc. In case, this chemical-based henna comes into contact with the eyes then you need to rinse the eyes with immediate effect. Also, consult a doctor if it seems more than just redness or any other serious complication surfaces.

How Long Does Henna Stay in Your Hair?

You need to be decisive while choosing henna. What makes us say that is because henna is a permanent hair dye which leaves a vibrant colour behind. Where any other colour implementation on it becomes almost difficult/impossible. It lasts for about four to six weeks approximately. Hence, you would most likely require to colour your hair twice in a month.

While heena is great to for hair to hide the greying of hair, there are other ingredients that Traya health has in their products that help with the overall health of hair and delaying the greying of hair all together. The unique combination of ayurveda, allopathy and nutrition helps maintaining your hair health and takes care of all types of hair and scalp issues. You can check out their ingredients on the below link.

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