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Is It Really Possible To Diagnose Hair Loss Online?

Our world has been changing quite quickly in the last few years. From finding shoes to soulmates, we’re doing it all. Imagine not being able to order your favourite mid-night snack simply can’t! :(
Let’s just face the facts...most of us are busy pushing ourselves through the 9 to 5 shift so who’s got the time to run around anymore?!

To add to this, we’ve gotta take care of ourselves. Sickness ain’t really a choice here so convenience is key all the way. Just think of it... you’re sick with a tummy ache, you call up your local general practitioner and they’re at your door in an hour with your meds. 
Probably in a world without this, life would be super complicated. 
So let’s look at it with a little more detail. 

Telemedication. Just like the word suggests, it’s a method through which medical professionals diagnose and treat patients either on call or online. It has shockingly picked up from the 1950s till recent years.  
Let’s paint you a picture here. 
You book an appointment with the doctor. Pass 15 to 20 minutes looking around the clinic before going in. You meet the doctor, you’re asked some common questions and that’s that. Your appointment lasts anything between 8 to 10 minutes within which you’ve either understood your issue or are completely clueless.
And it ends there.
But...what about the stuff you’ve forgotten to tell the doctors? 
When this is online, you’re advised by a medical professional through the internet or on call. You can talk about all the issues that make you hide your face from the privacy of your own home. Plus, the things that you forgot to tell the doctor ‘cause you blanked out? Well, you can talk about it even a week after! (I know, we all hate that moment). Doctors also tend to look into the details of your case so nothing gets missed out. 
Now imagine how convenient this process is for you. And it’s just one click away!
Here’s how Traya treats hair loss online
So you must’ve come across us through a simple google search, an advertisement, etc. Your click should’ve probably led you to our all-famous (and
very important) DIAGNOSIS FORM.Let’s break this down for you.
STEP 1 : The basics & hair fall related reasons
The diagnosis form is made up of simple health and lifestyle questions related to hair fall that our doctors ask their patients on every visit. These questions are in one way or another related to reasons for your hair loss like thyroid, PCOS, stress levels, etc. We ask you for a scalp picture, which is smartly analysed by one of our very advanced systems (designed by our intelligent IT team here ;D). Once all your details are filled and submitted, our software/ an analyses your case/ an algorithm is formed and you get your result.
Diagnose hair fall with the right hair loss reasons online. Learn more on how to stop hair fall and increase hair regrowth with Traya hair fall solution.
Step 2 : The twist…
Once you click on the buy now button on the recommended kit, our team of doctors begin looking into your data sheet analysing every tiny detail (from dandruff to your diet). When they do so, some questions might pop up which might not be included in our form like details on a dandruff issue. To understand this, they analyse a little more information like the duration of this issue, it’s form, etc. Here our medical representatives contact you to get this information on behalf of the doctors. 
Step 3 : Packing the treatment
When evaluated completely, this special hair fall treatment is packed according to your prescription by the doctors. So, if you have thyroid, our doctors make sure to work with you on that while solving your hair loss. Then your kit is packaged and dispatched to your home. 
Step 4 : Unravelling the magic of our hair fall treatment
On receiving the kit, we reach out to you to explain the process to be followed according to prescription. Once you begin, we keep in touch with all through your treatment - from the beginning till the end. The doctors then compare your progress over the months and decide accordingly about your next kit. 
If the treatment is completed, patients usually continue with just minoxidil and the simple lifestyle changes they’ve incorporated through the process. 
An online diagnosis sure seems very tricky but when it follows these defined steps, it’s no different from visiting a doctoral clinic. If everything else is easily available online, why not medical help? At Traya it’s our one and only goal to make health care available to all in the most simplest and efficient way possible. We can only do this when you decide to take the first step with us.
So let’s cut to the chase here and help you stay happy and healthy with fabulous hair! Click here. 

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Dr. Shailendra Chaubey, BAMS

Ayurveda Practioner

A modern-day Vaidya with 11 years of experience. He is the founder of Dr. Shailendra Healing School that helps patients recover from chronic conditions through the Ayurvedic way of life.

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