5 Foods You Need To Avoid For Healthy Hair

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Food you eat is nutrition for your hair and helps it grow. Here are 5 types of foods that you should avoid if you are looking to maintain your scalp and hair health.
5 Foods You Need To Avoid For Healthy Hair
We’ve all had our leaning towards the easier way - be it cooking (pssstt, maggi anyone?), cleaning (can’t really dust it all under the carpet), sleeping (sofa over bed? anytime!).

Plus, you can’t really ignore those fancy DIYs or those unwanted suggestions from Chacha Ramu and Chachi Ritu (sigh). 
But though Chacha and Chachi may have told  you to apply onion oil twice daily on your scalp or that DIY with a “healthy hair” egg recipe, it’s time you began eating egg and veggies instead. 
Yup, food is practically the most important part of an Ayurvedic hair care routine.
What we mean is, applying food or any hair products on your hair wouldn’t affect it’s growth and health as much as eating healthy food would. The reason behind this - the food that you eat helps nourish the rest of your body. Wanna know what happens when you’re eating unhealthy and only applying the healthy? Go to the blog: Your plate tells us the health of your hair.
We’ve told you everything about what you should be eating, but what about those foods you should be avoiding? Yes. Avoiding a certain set of foods too can help hair and definitely over all health. So let’s take a look at those foods that don’t really contribute much to our nutrition.

What should I avoid to manage my case of hair loss?

  1. Spicy
    According to Ayurveda, when the acid levels in the body are out of balance, it can cause hair loss. These acid levels affect the digestive heat that helps you absorb food normally. Ofcourse, when your body can’t receive it’s nutrition, it has it’s ways of showing you AKA hair fall. Eating spicy can increase acid levels in your body, making food rather difficult to digest. If you’re used to adding the spice in your life, choose rather less hot chillies for choking your dishes like Kashmiri chilli which add flavour and keep spice in check.

  2. Oily food
    Have you ever eaten a very oily dish in your life and felt sick immediately after? Well, that’s your stomach telling you that it can’t handle the fat. Don’t get us wrong here, certain fats (like in OMEGA 3) are very healthy for the human body, but that oily Indian Chinese noodles isn’t part of the healthy group at all. You can replace your oil usage with ghee. It’s the best healthy fat that you can use while cooking your food especially while roasting and it’s definitely Ayurveda hair care approved!

  3. Dairy
    Milk products are usually heavy to digest on the stomach. Someone who suffers hair fall or hair loss has a weak pitta dosha i.e digestive heat. Hence, dairy products are like a strain on your digestive system and absorbing the nutrients in these products become challenging. In place of this, use dairy free products for cooking like tofu, almond or soya milk, vegan cheese, etc. This can be a strong structure to your Ayurveda hair care routine.

  4. Fermented food
    Similar to spicy foods, fermented foods tend to cause an imbalance between your acid and alkaline levels in your body. Due to this, your digestive heat increases and causes hair to fall out in excess. Roasting food is a great way to cook your meals and healthy too. It involves as little oil as possible hence it’s been our go to way of cooking too!

  5. Gluten
    Another heavy to digest food that should be on your good riddance list is gluten. This food is particularly difficult on your stomach and can take a very long time to digest. This means that your nutritional absorption too is lesser than otherwise. Instead, alternate it with other grains like bajra, nachini, millets, etc.

So here you go. This is your simple list of food groups that you should very well avoid for healthy hair and most importantly, a healthy lifestyle! In Ayruveda hair health at it’s best when you follow a practical hair care routine.  At Traya, we can help you sort out your hair loss in the more scientific approach not just through hair products that claim miraculous hair growth. Here Ayurveda is fused into your treatment and diet fetching you the best possible results for your case.

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