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Know everything about: Tea tree oil for hair care


In recent times you must have heard a lot about tea tree oil. Well, it deserves all the word of mouth publicity owing to its amazing benefits. That's why we recommend tea tree oil for hair. It is one of the most prominent essential oils that is loaded with innumerable positives. Even Ayurveda mentions the importance of this oil rooting from ancient times.

Tea Tree Oil For Hair

Did you know that this magical essential oil had been put into implementation for treating hair & scalp related issues? It has the power to treat it naturally. While cleansing the hair with no damage or dryness as a side effect. You don't need to stress & mull over this. As through this article, you will eventually conclude to a solution based on your specific root cause. In a general scenario for any scalp related issues, it could have been pinpointed towards what we carry genetically. However, in today’s fast-paced lives we are more exposed to unclear air with immense pollution, direct exposure to extreme sunlight for long hours, other environmental factors, diet, lifestyle, etc.

So, if you had been suffering from any issues pertaining to the hair health or scalp related problem then we bet you've struck the gold. Not just this but you will also get a long term solution through it. Let's understand in detail how you can leverage tea tree oil for hair.

What is tea tree oil?

We are sure you must be quite inquisitive to know about tea tree oil for hair related advantages. However, before we actually get onto the detailed information about this, let's first understand what is tea tree oil?

Tea trees are cultivated at a large number in the form of shrubs in the region of Queensland. It belongs to the Myrtaceae family and is also referred to as melaleuca oil. This essential oil is extracted by the process known as steam distillation of fresh leaves. Under this procedure, not just the fresh leaves yet wood from the shrubs are also made to go through this process. The extracted outcome is either a clear or pale yellow coloured liquid. Its fragrance can be related to that of the fresh camphor.

It possesses antimicrobial properties that make it a magnificent cleaning agent. When you use tea tree oil for hair, then you can stay rest assured that it is fighting back bacteria, virus, fungi, etc. which gets accumulated on the scalp. It is not confined just to this approach yet it is also potentially strong in treating dandruff and other persistent issues which route to hair or scalp ailments.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Hair

Tea tree oil has medicinal properties relevant to hair care. It is loaded with properties like anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that make it an effective natural hair doctor. When you use this oil, it makes the hair follicles relatively more receptive towards nutrition thereby promoting hair growth. While you may have gauged the importance of tea tree oil for hair in making a major shift in hair and scalp health. It's time to understand how we can put it in use for daily hair care. It is advisable to refrain from its direct application as it has a strong reaction.

  • For promoting hair growth:

One of the most effective tea tree oil uses for hair includes boosting the blood circulation and removal of every kind of toxins from the scalp. This helps in boosting healthy hair growth. In this manner, the hair and scalp become capable of absorbing more nutrients which also aids in growing hair.

For best results, you can treat your hair while mixing either of these oils viz. almond oil, sesame oil or coconut oil. Then you can apply this mixed oil onto the roots and massage it well. If you have time in hand and can put more efforts into the entire process then go for a hot oil treatment before you apply this mixed oil. Believe us that after hair wash you only get only nothing but smooth hair with no prior fungi or bacteria deposits which might have settled onto the scalp over time.

  • Hair cleansing on a routine basis:

Tea tree oil for hair is again a boon in this scenario as you can use it along with your shampoo. Wondering why? Well, it helps in cleansing the hair follicles and upkeeps the hair for all the good. For this, all you need to do is to mix tea tree oil along with shampoo to create a medium consistency mixture. Wet your hair including the scalp and then apply this. You can do it every time you use shampoo and ensure clean and healthy hair.

  • Bid goodbye to dandruff:

If you are suffering from dandruff for a long time and all your trials for finding the correct solution went in vain. Then hey! it's a good time that you have come across this. As tea tree oil for the scalp works like a charm. Your reason to suffer from dandruff actually varies from individual to individual but we promise that your issue will be sorted soon. The reasons can range from oily irritated skin to hair being unhygienic or problems like dermatitis, fungal infections, etc. Any of this causes dandruff but here comes the catch. Tea tree oil possesses anti-fungal properties that aid in the removal of dandruff without leaving the scalp dry.

Can't wait to pursue this cure? Then all you will need is approximately ten to fifteen drops of tea tree oil that needs to be mixed with each ounce of shampoo you use. Then massage this onto the hair. Leave it for a minimum of four to five minutes duration and then wash it off. Do you know what does it do? It acts as a conditioner that too a natural one while soothing the scalp and preventing flakiness.

  • No more itchy, dry and dandruff prone scalp:

While you must be juggling for all possible solutions to prevent any of these ailments, hold on your horses a bit. As tea tree essential oil for hair will prove to be your long haul companion. You will not just snap out this situation yet also have problem-free hair at all times. So, for this, you can seek a natural base of your choice to eradicate this issue. It could be honey, aloe vera gel, curd, something as creamy as avocado, etc. So, the best way to go about it is to pick and choose curd, avocado & honey with a few drops of tea tree oil. Then apply this hair mask all over your hair & scalp while massaging generously with your fingers. Leave it for about twenty-five to thirty minutes & wash it off later.

  • Combating lice:

This issue prevails with no gender or age constraints as lice can easily transfer from one onto the other. And we understand your genuine concern towards this serious issue. As lice presence isn't just harmful to the hair health yet the blood sucked from the scalp leads to itchiness and inflammation too. Well, don't anyways stress over it anymore as tea tree oil for scalp combats lice with its insecticidal properties. With this, you get relief from the presence of hair lice and also prevent lice from laying eggs getting stuck onto the hair or scalp.

Do you know how tea tree oil stands so powerful and strong? Well, it consists of cineole 1,8 and terpinene 4-ol that knocks down the lice while making them die. You can use this method by taking a spoonful of any vegetable oil along with seven to eight drops of tea tree oil. To ensure better penetration of this oil mixture onto the hair, cover it with a shower cap. Just remember to comb your hair at least five to six times before actually washing off your hair.

  • Use it as a daily/leave-in conditioner:

For making tea tree oil leave-in conditioner you can prepare a tea tree oil spray. For this, you will need to take distilled water along with a few drops of tea tree oil. To make it more effective you can even add chamomile tea to this. Or any other natural ingredient that you find suitable and favourable for the hair. Rice water is one of those best remedies too while you consider making this spray for hair. The important thing to remember is to ensure that the tea tree oil percentage should be 5% in totality. You can store this spray bottle in the refrigerator in case you add rice water, as it will spoil at the outside temperature. Else put it in a normal/cool temperature and spray it whenever you want & get natural conditioning.

Benefits of Tea Tree Hair Oil

  • Aids in hair growth & keeps the scalp healthy as well as moisturized:

It's no more a secret for anyone reading this blog that tea tree oil has its own set of commendable benefits. As explained earlier, it is important to use it in a diluted form to ensure its direct application based harmful effects. Hence, if you massage your scalp generously with this oil and let it stay for ten to fifteen minutes. You will be sorted. Else if you want to attain a deep treatment then you can even leave it overnight and wash it the next morning.

  • Deals with ailments including dandruff, scalp related issues and hair loss effectively:

Prevents flaky, dry, itchy scalp and dandruff due to the presence of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Treats hair lice:

It is believed that it is effective at a considerable percentage in getting rid of hair lice when used in a diluted way. And is more effective in using essential oils like lavender oil mixed along with tea tree oil.

  • Helps in preventing hair loss/androgenic alopecia:

According to research and various studies, tea tree oil is considered as a very helpful remedy in preventing hair loss. It makes the scalp not just healthy but also nourishes it deeply thereby eradicating all the hair loss reasons.

What are the risks and warnings using Tea Tree Oil for Hair

It is imperative to understand that everything has its ups and downs and so does tea tree oil has. While it is safe to use in general however it is toxic and poisonous on swallowing or consuming it directly. So, it's always advisable to do a patch test for actually using onto the skin. As it depends and varies from individual to individual of how the body reacts to certain ingredients. Some people also possess sensitive skin that can make them suffer from uneasiness and irritation from an undiluted form of this oil. Keep it away from children and pregnant ladies. Always make sure to use only the diluted form either by using water or any other oil additionally. Be extra cautious in advance if you are allergic to balsam of Peru, benzoin, colophony tinctures, eucalyptol, plants from the myrtle family. As tea tree oil can affect you too with a high on probable chances, hence avoiding it is the best way out.

It is always good to be knowledgeable about the implications of anything before its use. As, in this case, tea tree oil too can cause serious to mild repercussions again varying from individual to individual's sensitivity. It can cause allergies that can lead to diarrhoea, inflammation, depression, drowsiness, rashes, itching, fatigue, muscle tremors, nausea, etc. We are sure you must have understood how serious is this matter of fact and correct method usage is very critical. So always avoid undiluted versions of tea tree oil for hair. As the scalp is a sensitive region and it can suffer from follicle swelling, irritation thereby leading to hair loss.

Points to remember while purchasing tea tree essential oil for hair. The package should mention the following:

  • Latin Name mention (Melaleuca alternifolia).
  • Should have 100% tea tree oil content.
  • Should be steam distilled.

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