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Nature’s bounty: Coconut oil for hair growth & strength


Ever wondered that people touching down south have such thick, long & strong hair? Well, it has nothing to do with merely the geographical region. Instead, it is more related to what they consume & use for hair care. People whom you witness slaying long & strong hair no matter what is rare to be blessed with it naturally. As each individual give themselves the quality time to pamper & nourish their hair. Otherwise, the kind of hectic lives we lead, the hair goes through a lot of ups and downs. Hence, just nutrition intake is not the key to success. It is very important to understand that like plants need water for their daily growth & development, so does our hair too! So, let us get into the in-depth details of why we recommend coconut oil for hair.

Coconut Oil For Hair

When we think of discussing coconut oil benefits for hair, trust us there is a long list! As coconut oil is an immensely useful & an all-rounder.

We are sure you must have grown up watching innumerable commercial advertisements showcasing the positives of this wonder ingredient. And it has not got limelight in recent times yet it has been a part of our ancestors lives too. It's existence dates back to thousands of years where its every part was put to use with the utmost value. Coconut as a fruit, it's water, milk, flesh and then, of course, the coconut oil itself. Hence, it has definitely left a deep influence on our lives since then.

The crux of this article is all concentrated on the fact that coconut oil boosts hair growth & conditions it most naturally without causing any kind of side effects. It is packed with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

Benefits of coconut oil for hair

Join us further ahead to discover the benefits of coconut oil for hair. Well, it is doubtless to state that coconut oil is an indispensable ingredient when it comes to hair care. Yet it doesn’t limit its goodness to just here. Yet it is also an excellent conditioner which strengthens the hair roots while putting a stop to hair fall. Hence, incorporating it in daily lives can help in making you go a long way in achieving the desired long, strong & shiny hair. Trust us there won’t be any looking back then!

So, let’s explore:

  • Fights back hair thinning naturally, thereby boosting the growth:

Is coconut oil good for hair? Yes for sure, especially when it comes to the feeling of being blessed with longer & thicker hair. The essential fatty aids & vitamins present naturally in coconut oil helps in nourishing the scalp. Additionally, it also aids in the removal of sebum build-up formed on the hair follicles. Its strong penetration in the cuticle of the hair does the job.

Try these methods for best results (Optional):-

  • Natural Pack for hair growth:

Coconut oil, Rosemary essential oil & ginger juice or Coconut oil & Rosemary essential oil.

Apply these masks once every week or two weeks for effective results. There is no fixed thumb rule. Hence, you can mix it along with your choice of natural ingredients like eggs, olive oil, honey, etc.

  • Tackles frizzy hair graciously:

If frizzy hair has been your persistent problem then we promise that your worry will end here. As coconut hair oil will not only prevent frizziness from a particular area instead will fairly treat the entire hair. If you do this then trust us you are giving utmost moisture to your hair. Consider using it to the most dryness prone area, you will be sorted in no time without any fuss.

Effective optional treatment: Coconut oil & Cedarwood oil.

  • Repairs damaged hair:

It's not always necessary to head out to a parlour or seek professional services to fix problems like yours. When you have got everything right under your reach. Best part? It's cost-effective, good in the long haul without causing any possible side effects. Wondering how coconut oil can help? Well, it smoothens the split end cuticles. You can also opt for the optional method mentioned below, which consists of the richness of natural ingredients.

Effective for treating split ends: Coconut oil, Eggs & Honey.

  • Conditions dry hair well:

Our hair goes through so much and it does not owe just to the environmental conditions, diet, lifestyle yet also chemical-based products which make the hair extremely dry. However, you are lucky to have struck this gold like ingredient which has the capability to penetrate in the inner core of the hair. It acts as a natural conditioner and revives back the protein that was lost and caused dryness. So, use coconut hair oil, preferably on a regular basis while it will nourish your hair with essential vitamins, minerals and the medium-chain fatty acids.

  • Makes dull hair shiny:

Ever wondered that models shown in advertisement commercials flaunting shiny hair can turn true even in our real lives too. Wondering how? Ditch all those market bought products for a while and just concentrate on scooping some coconut oil in a bottle and spray onto your hair for a perfect and natural shine. Yes! it’s that easy. However, if you don't have the oil in the liquid state then warm the bottle in warm water to attain the desired liquid consistency.

  • Prevents damage caused by hair colour:

If your hair had suffered damage caused by colour over-processing, which made it weak and almost fragile. Then it is high time to treat the hair shaft with amino acids. For this, you will need coconut oil to do the needful damage control. Why we believe that coconut oil is good for hair owes to the fact that it has the potential to seep into every tiny hole of the hair shaft.

  • Turns hair thicker & longer:

Massaging the scalp gently with coconut oil helps in improving blood circulation and supporting hair growth.

  • Treats dandruff & scalp related issues:

Mild dandruff can be treated with the help of coconut hair oil. As it prevents dryness caused by dandruff. Also, dandruff occurs due to the presence of fungus overgrowth or yeast on the scalp. Since coconut oil is possessed with antimicrobial properties so it can help. Additionally, it can treat other scalp related issues too.

Effective optional treatment for dandruff: Coconut oil, tea tree essential oil & lemon juice.

9) Use on a regular basis for hair protection:

When you make it a part of your life, trust us that this companionship will be all worth it. As it creates an excellent environment for hair growth. The presence of vitamins and essential fatty acids aid in the removal of sebum build-up from hair follicles that results in speedy hair growth.

10) Protect hair from sun damage & use coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner:

When your hair is exposed to the sun’s heat, it leads to the cuticle opening. Hence, it results in more oil absorption. Treat this as the best opportunity to naturally protect your hair from sun damage. Also, not just this but it will also shield against dryness and hair getting brittle.

Effective treatment (optional): Coconut oil, Apple cider vinegar, Rosemary essential oil & Water.

For deep conditioning: Coconut oil, Shea butter & Honey.

11) Prevents lice to a certain extent:

With the help of coconut hair oil lice can be killed to a certain extent. It cannot be completed killed however can be effective in treating it. Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar before oil application.

How to use coconut oil on hair

  • Warm the pure coconut oil for hair:

Use the liquid form of coconut oil for the application on the scalp. You can always make it warm to get the liquid state as it tends to solidify in cold or colder than the usual weather conditions.

  • Leverage the coconut oil benefits for hair:

Leave your hair open, to begin with. Then apply coconut oil on the scalp generously all through. Now, use a wooden or any other feasible material wide-tooth comb to detangle the hair as well as letting the comb distribute the oil in a better manner. You can start from the hair's midsection moving onto the area around your ears. Finally, continue this step to meet the hair ends. This ensures that there is even moisturizing done to the hair in totality.

In case of hair loss concern:

If you have a harrowing feeling & anticipate hair loss or if you wish to boost hair growth then do the following:

Before applying oil onto the midsection of your hair, apply it generously onto the scalp in general. For best results, opt for any of these natural ingredients to mix along. These ingredients include honey, lemon juice, aloe vera gel, yoghurt, eggs, etc.

  • Deep conditioning:

You have two ways out here based on your feasibility.

The quick way:

If you don't have much time in your hands then go for a half an hour regime. For this apply the coconut oil good for hair and let it sit for half an hour. Later wash your hair like you usually do.

When you have all the time for yourself:

To ensure that your hair is pampered really well, let the applied coconut hair oil stay for an overnight period. To make yourself more comfortable & making the hair manageable wrap it up in a shower cap before you doze off. This will also prevent the pillow from any sort of staining. Next day, when you wake just shampoo your hair. It might require considerable shampooing since the oil might be too much and all over the place. But trust us that in the end, it will be all worth it. You will be left with silky and soft hair that you can proudly slay and feel happy about.

What kind of coconut oil is best?

Undeniably, there is no dearth of products when we go online to shop or visit grocery and supermarkets. Thanks to the extensive marketing tools that are being used to confuse the customer or even making false claims. It literally becomes difficult to spot the best coconut oil for hair. So, it's important to find what is best for you from this clutter. Identifying your need is the key here. So, are you looking for coconut oil for dandruff resolution or using coconut oil for hair loss combat. Or in general, perspective wish to use coconut oil for hair growth. Reason can be any but the sole purpose is to provide proper nourishment and moisture to the hair thereby making the hair strands soft.

So, you can always make a choice from either picking up pure coconut oil for hair or a virgin/unrefined oil. Well to bust the myth bubble in case you have any. Choosing a refined or unrefined version won't make much of a difference as both possess the same moisturizing properties.

Does Coconut Oil Have Any Negative Effects on Hair?

Excess of anything is harmful hence using coconut oil regularly or once to twice a week depends on your hair type, length and requirement. You can always start with a small quantity & increase eventually as per need.

Tips to Use Coconut Oil for Hair

The undermentioned ways can help you get the best of hair with the much-needed moisture & nourishment:

  • Use it as a conditioner:

Once you shampoo your hair, then comb some coconut oil onto your hair. The recommended way is to start from the midsection leading till the hair ends.

  • An amazing detangler:

Once you are done with shampooing and conditioning of your hair just apply some coconut oil onto the hair strands. Then gently comb the hair.

  • Pre-wash protection:

Before you head to shampoo your hair, just apply some coconut oil.

  • Treating the scalp:

Letting the coconut hair oil sit overnight after generous application on the scalp works effectively. Simply wash it the next morning.

  • Hair mask treatment:

Apply coconut oil & leave it for half an hour. Mix any of these natural ingredients viz. amla juice, lemon juice, aloe vera, etc.

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