21 Things To Keep In Mind While On Traya's Treatment

21 Things To Keep In Mind While On Traya's Treatment

We’re often used to having a list of dos and don’t when it comes to trying out something new.
(At least I do!)
This list is usually like a shortened version of a guide to help you understand what works and what doesn’t for the first time. So just like that, the Tatva fam thought...why not have a shortened version of a guide on the do’s and don’ts during your treatment. (afterall, we want you to reach your highest potential with this treatment).


So here’s your list of do’s and don’ts that you need to hold close to your heart during the treatment. 

  1. Avoid scratching your scalp (even if you have dandruff).
    Though itchiness may be caused by dandruff or other dirt on the scalp. Scratching your scalp to relieve yourself can only worsen the condition and cause temporary hair loss.
  2. Don’t pluck your strands of wisdom AKA grey hair, own them 😉
    Just as like the pain you experience when you pluck your hair, your hair follicles feel pretty much the same! Pulling out strands of hair causes trauma and damage to your hair follicles.
  3. Avoid tying wet hair with a towel - causes frequent breakage.
    Ah! That amazing feeling of washing your hair with a good shampoo can really make you feel special...until the time you tie it with a towel. When freshly washed hair is tied, it is prone to easy breakage because a connecting part of the scalp and hair strands called the hair shaft is loosened. Tying hair can cause pulling and breaking of that hair.

  4. Don’t use a towel to aggressively dry your hair by rubbing it.
    We know you’d rather prefer a head of dry hair than wet hair because let’s be honest...nobody likes wet clothes after taking a bath. But rubbing your hair with a towel aggressively too, can cause more damage than help. Just as explained above, your hair follicles can get traumatized with the constant rough-tough treatment and fall out. So at the most, if you’re keen on getting your hair dried, you can lightly dab your hair with a towel and leave it to dry naturally.
  5. Give your hair a break by not keeping it tied up all the time.
    Imagine staying in a cage all day long. Now, that can make you feel trapped. It’s the same for hair roots. Keeping it tied all day causes a strain on the hair roots leaving it vulnerable to hair breakage and damage.

  6. Comb hair when it is dry, NOT wet.
    Again, like explained in the previous point, you’re just constantly pulling at your hair roots causing it to fall out in clumps. So our advice? Don’t touch your hair when it’s wet.

  7. Avoid pulling at hair knots with a comb - be gentle!
    TRAUMA! That’s what your scalp and hair follicles are screaming each time you aggressively pull at your hair knots. Try to be as gentle as possible? You’ll thank yourself later on. :)

  8. Smoking is a no-no all the way.
    Hair follicles need oxygen to keep it healthy. But when you smoke, that is reduced because it shrinks the blood vessels interfering with the blood flow in your body. That can eventually further hair loss in addition to other causes and triggers.

  9. Reduce your intake of alcohol
    You’re probably cringing at this but frequent use of alcohol can also negatively affect your hair. Some alcohols can dehydrate your body and that also shows on your hair. Hair follicles start getting dry and brittle eventually reducing the health of your hair. If you think it’s entirely impossible for you to stay away from alcohol, reduce it to 1 - 2 times a month.

  10. Hair colouring is damaging.
    Hair colour may feel fancy and all..but the same doesn’t apply to your hair health. When you colour your hair, the chemicals rip off the natural colour of your hair and adds a new colour. Instead, Herbal hair colour is A-OKAY!

  11. Less chemicals = less damage, use paraben & sulphate free shampoos.
    While chemicals like sulphates and parabens have had a bad reputation over the years over claims of them being harmful and also affecting health, these chemicals have a damaging effect on scalp cells and make hair dry and brittle. This can make your hair break off much easier than otherwise.

  12. Hot styling tools are a NO-NO (hair dryer, hair straightener, curler, etc.)
    Could you ever imagine using the same styling tool on your skin? Yup, the same applies to your hair. Just because you can’t feel your hair strands getting damaged, doesn’t mean they aren’t! Choose to go natural - it’s the best YOU. :D
  13. Don’t mix the hair growth treatment with scalp oil
    That’s just a recipe for disaster. When applying the hair regorwth treatment, make sure you keep a gap of ½  an hour - 1 hour before going ahead with using the scalp oil.

  14. Avoid having the herb mixes on an empty stomach.
    The herb mixes are made to work in a way that can improve the absorption of nutrients from the food you’ve eaten so when there’s no food, it can’t really work it’s magic ;)

  15. Minoxidil should never be applied on wet hair.
    Applying minoxidil on wet hair won’t permeate into your scap and will rather spread all over your wet hair getting it mixd up all over. So to avoid the major confusion, it’s just best to stick to a dry scalp for minoxidil at all times!

  16. Apply Scalp oil and keep it on to a maximum of 3 hours.
    If you’re one of those - I love hair oil people, let’s clear the air here. It’s a scalp oil and not a hair oil. This oil is meant to improve scalp health and it best works when kept on for a limited period of time.

  17. Make sure you’re exercising regularly.
    Exercise has alot of health benefits. If you’re not used to exercising daily, you can rather go for a brisk walk for ½ an hour. Put in that effort, it counts.

  18. Drink 2 - 3 litres of water daily.
    Make sure you’re hydrated enough, it keeps your skin health at it’s top game too!

  19. 7 hours of sleep is a must (happiness defined!) 😊
    Getting enough rest helps reduce stress and tension in the muscles. It also keeps you alert during the day. So if you’re a sleepy Joe, now you know how many hours of sleep you need to get per day.

  20. De-stress - your mental health matters!
    Activities like meditation, yoga, playing sports, working out can be great stress busters. Discover yours by trying them out.

  21. Caring for health = caring for self. You deserve the best.
    The more you take care of yourself, the better you ace your self care routine.

    So, remember, the way you care for yourself, is the way you love yourself.

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