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Dhruv’s Hair Growth Journey With Traya


Here’s another story from our customer, Dhruv who hit the jackpot and saw visible results in just 4 months of the treatment. 

Just like most of us out there, Dhruv also was not someone who kept his hair in check and never really took care of it. He was facing hair loss a couple of years ago and had tried other treatment products before but nothing seemed to work! One fine day as he was scrolling through instagram, he came across Traya which changed his life.


Initially, he was asked to fill a free diagnosis form that helped the hair coach understand about his scalp conditions along with any underlying health issues that might have triggered his hair fall. He was later assigned to his hair coach Nihal who explained to him how Traya’s 3 fold approach works and that in order to get the desired results it would be necessary to stick to the routine. 



After getting detailed information of his medical history and lifestyle, the team of doctors at Traya diagnosed him with Stage 3 of Male pattern hair loss (scientifically known as Androgenic Alopecia) and customized his treatment plan accordingly. This type of hair loss is most common among men and affects 3 out of every 5 Indian men and if not treated in the early stages (stage 1-4) can lead to baldness. 

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He began his journey towards hair fall control where he was asked to take his medications on time, follow the dietary changes (which was a little challenging) and balance it with regular exercise. Within a few weeks, he began to notice a difference. Our experts then focused on not just stopping his hair fall but also improving his hair growth cycle and in just 4 months he managed to cover a large chunk of his bald patch. 


Currently, he is on his maintenance kit which will help him with the new and stronger hair growth that he has obtained with all his sweat and blood. He is so consistent in his treatment that now if he forgets to apply the topical minoxidil, he feels like something is missing on his head. 

With patience, consistency and our supportive team of medical experts, you too can achieve your healthy hair goals with a treatment that actually works. Join our league of 50,000+ happy customers by taking the free hair test today.



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