Traya’s All New Vitamin Capsules for Better Hair Growth

About Dr Jaspreet Sarna
Dr. Sarna is an MD (Skin & VD) and Gold Medalist from Baroda Medical College. She has a decade long experience in treating hair loss and working on hair regrowth. She believes stress management is the key to good health.
Here's what you need to know about Hair Vitamins and why they are useful in your hair regrowth journey.
Traya’s All New Vitamin Capsules for Better Hair Growth

Traya is excited to launch its new improved Hair Vitamin Capsules that contain pygeum and pumpkin seed extracts to block DHT and stimulate hair growth. A hectic lifestyle may result in irregular eating habits and lack of nutrition which inevitably lead to health issues. The first sign of vitamin deficiencies appears in the form of hair loss. Our improved formula is aimed towards :-

  • Promoting hair growth – The Biotin present in Traya’s hair vitamins ensures keratin production and increases the rate of growth in hair follicles.
  • Restoring damaged hair – The Vitamin C present in these pills produces collagen and absorbs iron, which in turn restores hair quality. 
  • Blocking DHT – The added pygeum and pumpkin seed extract block DHT and target hair growth at the very root, thus catalyzing the entire process. Once the hair follicle growth rate increases, you’re sure to see quicker results!
  • Improving skin and hair health - Backed by a holistic approach of three sciences i.e. Ayurveda, Dermatology and Nutrition, this product improves both hair and skin health. With new ingredients like green tea and bhringraj extracts as well as omega 3 powders, your hair will receive added nourishment.
  • Treating Iron deficiency – It helps in alleviating iron deficiency which is known to cause hair loss. 
  • Luscious Hair – The presence of Vitamin B enhances your hair quality and you can expect luscious healthy hair over time.

This product is known to reduce inflammation and boost cell regeneration in the scalp. Doctors from our team advise to follow a dosage of 1 capsule per day, after a meal. 

Our vitamins are a 100% safe to consume

While a lot of people are doubtful of switching to vitamin supplements for hair growth, you can rest assured that the Traya capsules are approved by doctors and are biotechnologically powered, with the goodness of Ayurveda. They are absolutely safe for consumption without causing any side-effects. 

Go ahead and avail the benefits of these capsules.

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