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Tips For Getting Longer Hair Fast


Most of you love to have long beautiful strands of your hair except a few who prefer having shorter hair and it also suits their appearance. Hair is one of the most essential parts of your look and the most important makeup essential for a good-looking appearance. So, we all love to have long beautiful, healthy-looking, shiny hair. But you are not aware of the tips for getting longer hair fast. There is no need to worry anymore, Traya haircare is here to solve all your difficulties.

Nobody can achieve long hair overnight. Like many other things, you need the patience to grow your hair. Taking vitamin E or biotin capsules will not help you out with this problem. There are a lot of things that you must consider as tips for getting longer hair fast. You might be thinking about how to grow your hair faster? Well, that’s only possible if your hair is superbly healthy and you face minimum split ends; and healthy hair is that secret on how to get long hair. To achieve healthy hair there are plenty of things you can look forward to which will further help to enhance your hair growth. Did you know that your hair is only second growing among all the tissues that grow in your body? Yes, this is a fact, and your dream of having long hair will get fulfilled just with a perfect hair care routine. You just have to follow certain natural ways so that your hair grows naturally from the roots to achieve longer, stronger and healthier hair. Read on to learn more.

How Long Does the Hair Grow in a Month?

This question goes on in most of our minds. Right? We all at a certain age think that cutting our hair means we will never achieve our dream of long hair. Isn’t this true? We all must have thought this at a certain age. 

Well, this is not true, trimming your hair will always help your hair grow faster. According to research made by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), hair grows relatively faster than other parts of your body except for the bone marrow which grows the fastest. In a month, your hair grows up to half an inch in length which means six inches in a year, but you hardly notice the change.  To understand the growth length you have to consider the texture and type of your hair. In straight hair, you might visibly notice the growth which is generally not found in the case of curly hair. This depends on some other factors like age, genetic issues, health problems as well.

There are certain tips for getting longer hair fast which will make sure you achieve beautiful mane at the same time which will give a makeover in your appearance.

Can You Make Hair Grow Faster? 

There are three stages of hair growth. The first stage is the anagen stage where the hair actively grows and can last up to eight years. The second phase is the catagen phase which is also known as the transition stage. In this stage, the hair stops growing. The last phase is the telogen phase when the hair fall occurs and is also known as the resting phase. The lasting of the anagen phase depends on the length of your hair. Wondering how to grow your hair faster? You might all know the importance of yoga for hair growth. Here are some basic tips for getting longer hair fast. These simple ways will also help you out with how to get thick hair naturally.

  • Include essential vitamins and nutrients in your diet. Nutrition for hair growth is indispensable. Certain food items that are rich in proteins, biotin, and vitamin H helps to boost the growth of your hair. An egg is a rich source of biotin. Also include milk, cheese, cauliflower, avocado in your diet.
  • Hormonal or Genetic problems can hinder the growth of your hair along with other health issues. So it is important to treat your health problems and stay healthy.
  • You should always handle your hair with care. Damp hair is very delicate to handle. It is found that girls often wrap their hair with towels after washing or shampooing the hair. This process, in particular, can affect the strands of your hair leading to hair tangling. It is also advised to avoid heat styling products as they can cause deep damage to your hair. Damaged hair leads to breakage. Hence it is very important to protect your traces. You can say this is one of the tips for getting longer hair fast.
  • Schedule a haircut and get your hair trimmed regularly. The longer the hair the more damage caused. Damaged hair is the starting step of split ends. Hair trimming regularly will keep your split ends aside and will help in rapid hair growth. This is one of the outstanding tips for getting longer fast.
  • It would be beneficial for your hair health if you can quit smoking. Smoking restricts proper blood circulation in your scalp leading to a lack of nutrients in your hair follicles which restricts the growth of your hair.
  • Do not use shampoo or wash your hair regularly. It is always necessary to keep your hair clean but washing twice or thrice regularly takes away all the moisture in the form of oils from your hair. Use the shampoo properly according to your hair type and it is highly suggested not to overuse it. And also choose a sulfate-free shampoo. This is another tips for getting longer hair fast.
  • Stress can lead to loss of hair in some cases. Keep yourself away from anxiety and tension and stay relaxed. Proper sleep is also required.
  • Make a simple change in the fabric of the pillow that you use to know the effect of this exceptional among many other tips for getting longer hair fast. Select silk or satin-based pillow covers for sleep. This is because cotton fabric tends to absorb all the moisture in it whereas silk pillow covers are good to keep your hair healthy and nourished.
  • Condition your hair regularly and never miss out on this. Apply the conditioner to your hair for a longer time. Conditioners protect your hair from damage and are another excellent tip for getting longer hair fast.
  • Gently comb your hair always no matter how late you are running on time. Harsh brushing of your hair leads to immense hair fall as the hair follicles tear from the root disturbing the hair growth process.
  • Rinse your hair with cold water or lukewarm water always. Hot water can cause dryness in your hair mane. As the mane becomes dry, the hair lacks moisture which weakens the hair strands and leads to breakage.

These are some elementary tips for getting longer hair fast. If you can follow these, you know the tips on how to grow hair faster.

Tips for Longer and Stronger Hair 

You always think about what tips and tricks a woman follows whenever you notice someone with long beautiful hair. Right? Here we are with some tips for getting longer hair fast.

  • Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils have numerous benefits on hair. So, don’t invest your money in chemical-based products, instead use essential oils to provide deep nourishment to make your hair strong and long, a step that is often ignored nowadays. You can prepare natural oils by mixing certain oils according to your hair type for best results. Include oiling as a regular hair care treatment as oiling helps to retain moisture and essential nutrients leading to healthy hair. While rosemary oil and peppermint oil leads to hair growth, castor oil, coconut oil prevents hair fall. Massaging your scalp with these products is way too good for your hair health. This promotes blood flow and keeps your hair hydrated.

    Do you know castor oil is the most underrated solution for healthy hair? It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which fight the infection caused in your scalp. It is also a storehouse of nutrients like fatty acids, proteins, vitamin E, and others which helps to retain the moisture in your hair shaft as it penetrates deep inside the scalp.

    • Hair Masks

    Hair Masks prepared naturally at home are the right solution for protecting your hair from damage and on how to increase hair volume. Hair masks are the reason for stronger hair which stores moisture providing shine and luster. A protein-rich hair mask like the egg yolk mask naturally provides strength to the roots of your hair.

    Separate the egg yolk and add olive oil or yogurt to prepare a mixture. Apply it all over your hair and wash it off using a mild shampoo. The sulfur content in eggs also helps to prevent dandruff.

    A cinnamon hair mask also helps to stimulate the circulation of blood in your scalp due to its antimicrobial properties and nourishes the strands from the roots. Mix powdered cinnamon with the same amount of coconut oil and apply it all over your hair, especially the roots.

    These two hair masks can be excellent tips for getting longer hair fast.

    • Keratin Enrichments

    Looking for the best tips for getting longer treatments fast? Keratin treatments are there at your rescue. Keratin is a type of protein that makes your hair stronger and longer. This treatment has vitamin and mineral enrichments which are good for your hair health. The inclusion of keratin in your hair care routine can help reduce loss of hair and improve the strength of your hair. This also gives brightness and a shiny-looking texture to your hair. How to grow long hair men. Keratin treatments can very well be a solution for this.

    • Caffeine Inclusion in your Hair Products

    Caffeine can boost your energy level and a study states that it has certain effects promoting the growth of your hair. This leads to the growth of new hair in your scalp and occurs in both men and women.

    These are certain tips for getting longer hair fast. 

    Factors that can Slow Down your Hair Growth 

    Certain factors can affect the growth of your hair. You should be aware of those before finding tips for getting longer hair fast. Those are:

    • A poor diet can be the basic hindrance to your hair growth. Lack of vitamins can be harmful as it is essential for the growth of your hair. Lack of essential nutrients and more intake of foods rich in fat is bad for your hair health. This basic deficiency can crush all your dreams that you were thinking about from the tips for getting longer hair fast.
    • Genetics might also be a valid reason for the slow down in your hair growth. If any of your family members have hair growth problems, it's very likely for you to get affected. In this case tips for getting longer hair fast can be less effective.
    • Hormonal Imbalances can cause hair loss and this is more applicable for women. Other than this if you are under any medication or treatment for some other disease, hair fall can be a side effect.
    • Hairstyling is very important for every girl. But you should always keep in mind the adverse effects it has. Certain hairstyles for example tight ponytail or hair bun can lead to hair fall. 
    • Improved blood circulation to your scalp leads to a lack of nutrients and oxygen for the hair follicles. This often causes breakage in your hair affecting all the tips for getting longer hair fast.
    • Heat styling products like straighteners, hair dryers, straightening combs, curlers damages your hair and gives a brittle look. It can hinder your hair growth even if you have tips for getting longer hair fast.
    • Stress and anxiety are very common due to the excessive workload. This causes hair fall.
    • Be very careful while picking a hair product as a wrongly judged product that does not suit your hair type can lead to hair fall. Chemical-rich hair products also cause sufficient damage to your hair.

    Tips for getting longer hair fast will not let your hair grow longer overnight. You need to be extremely patient with the growth of your hair. While you cannot completely control your hair growth but can control your hair loss. So, do not take stress by thinking anything negative about the growth of your hair. Just give importance to your hair care routine by including the best hair care products Traya has in offer for you.  If you can keep your hair healthy it will automatically grow longer. Though a long process till you achieve long hair with silky traces and smooth texture, it is not that far even. There might be many factors restricting your hair growth but proper hair care is the solution for all your hair concerns. Eat healthy food, drink plenty of water and follow our tips for getting longer hair fast.

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