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Is Too Much Biotin Dangerous for Your Health?


Suddenly everyone is talking about biotin gummies these days. Those vibrant, colorful, chewable supplements have gained popularity due to their ‘miraculous ability to improve skin and hair health’. For someone who hates swallowing pills, these gummy variants might seem like the most suitable option. But before getting on the bandwagon, let us understand this super vitamin called biotin.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is one of the essential vitamins, also known as B7. It is a vital  nutrient that helps the body break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This water-soluble vitamin plays a key role in digestion and energy level. Biotin is beneficial for your hair, skin, nail, eyes, liver and nervous system. There are also certain claims that say biotin is beneficial for pregnant women, those suffering with diabetes, for your hair, skin and nail health, but more evidence is required to assert these benefits.

Overall, biotin in adequate quantities is necessary for a regular functioning of your body. Biotin along with other vitamins and minerals is required for your hair growth. No one single compound can trigger hair growth. 

How Excess Biotin Can Affect Health?

Although biotin is a water soluble vitamin, meaning any excess amount  can be flushed out through urine. There are chances of overdose resulting from prolonged consumption of biotin supplementation. Always remember, speak to a doctor before ingesting high doses of biotin, only take it if you are suffering from a deficiency and not because your favourite celeb is promoting it.

Look out for the possible side effects of a biotin overdose:

  • Can lead to cystic acne

Excessive biotin consumption can result in sudden breakout around the jaw line and on the chin. Biotin levels impact sebum production, thereby increasing the occurrence of acne.

  • Could cause complications during pregnancy

It is advised to consume biotin supplements suring pregnacy as high dosages can increase the risk of miscarriage. There are no studies available to back this claim so consult a doctor and keep a watch on your biotin intake during pregnancy.

  • Could result in thyroid like symptoms

Too much biotin consumption triggers thyroid symptoms, and can generate false positives while testing for the thyroid disease.

  • Can lead to prolonged nausea

Mild nausea is common as you begin your biotin course. It is supposed to gradually decrease over time. But if not, there are chances you’re consuming too much.

  • Can impact the efficiency of drugs

You should take utmost precaution while adding a biotin supplement to your regular medication. For example- diabetes medicines work less efficiently and result in serious side-effects. 

Symptoms of Biotin Overdose

These common indicators will help you understand whether or not you’re consuming too much biotin. Always speak to your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms.

  • Skin allergy

The easiest way to find out if you are suffering from biotin overdose is if you develop skin allergy. You might notice red rashes all over your body that are blotchy and itchy. See a doctor before it develops to a more serious condition.

  • Raised blood sugar levels

Excess biotin consumption increases the amount of fatty acids in your body and is converted to glucose. Be very careful before supplementing biotin, especially if you have diabetes as increasing your sugar levels this way could be dangerous.

  • Increased thirst, urination & insomnia

Other less life threatening but equally disturbing signs of biotin overdose include increased thirst, suffering from sleep disturbances such as difficulty in sleeping or insomnia, and an increased need to use the bathroom. This could take the form of either excessive urination or chronic diarrhea.

What is The Recommended Daily Intake?

This brings us to the question of how much biotin is actually required for our body. A daily recommended amount of 25-30 mg is sufficient for healthy adults (refer to the chart above for a detailed break up). Biotin deficiencies are rare as most of our common food sources contain biotin. Here’s a list of natural sources of biotin available through foods such as:

  • Almonds - These pod shaped munchies are loaded with vitamin B7, E, protein and healthy fats promote weight loss and boost brain health.
  • Cauliflower - This cruciferous veggie contains immense amounts of vitamin B7, K and C. It is potent in enhancing collagen production and detoxifying the system.
  • Cheese - Fresh cheese is a great source of vitamin B7, A, protein and calcium. It is said to promote bone health and improve skin tone.
  • Mushrooms - This superfood is a powerhouse of vitamin B7, protein and antioxidants. They boost the immune system and slow down the ageing process. 
  • Sweet potato - The sweet twin of potato contains the goodness of vitamin B7, A, C and antioxidants owing to its color. This promotes hair growth and supports healthy vision.

Concluding Remarks

Supplementation is only advised in case of deficiency or the body's inability to absorb biotin.  If you’re unable to get enough biotin naturally, a supplement may be suggested by your doctor. A prescription from a doctor is ideal, especially if you are consuming biotin gummies. Other than the obvious risk of overdose, biotin gummies are not always safe. There is no regulation of vitamins and anyone with access to gelatin capsules can put whatever they want into them and churn it in a gummy- shocking, right?

Point being, any vitamin gummy you consume is less effective than the traditional tablet, so might as well go ahead and purchase our Hair Vitamin. We provide a doctor prescription with every purchase you make, and it is made from completely natural ingredients. Rest be assured that there are no side effects from consuming our herbal vitamin mix.

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