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How To Reduce DHT Level In Scalp Naturally


Are you getting bothered with your hair? Many of you must be suffering from hair fall problems but are unaware of the cause of hair loss and are surfing to find out the real reason. Isn’t it? Well, DHT hormone can be a cause to worry and is hugely related to hair fall, as well as male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness or even alopecia areata. So,  besides knowing how to prevent balding and how to control hair fall, you need to know how to reduce the DHT level in the scalp naturally. Don’t fret! Traya is here with some unchallenging ways on how to reduce DHT level in the scalp naturally. 

Further moving you must be wondering, what is DHT hormone, and how to reduce DHT? Well, DHT is a sex hormone also known as Dihydrotestosterone and is imitative of the male sex hormones or the testosterone hormones. It is produced naturally in your body and has a vital role to play in the development of your muscles, voice modulations, and hair stereotypically in an adult male. The most enthralling fact is testosterone hormones are converted naturally to dihydrotestosterone through an enzyme named 5- alpha-reductase enzyme. While there is not much to worry about DHT production in your body, but an extreme expanse of DHT can lead to hair complications, and it is said that if you could block that enzyme by foods that block DHT or natural DHT blockers; you can reduce the excessive expansion of DHT in your scalp. So, to know about the ayurvedic ways, proper DHT blocker food, and also the DHT blocking supplements, DHT blocker, keep browsing.

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How Does DHT Affect Hair? 

DHT hormone or Dihydrotestosterone hormone can affect your hair and lead to hair loss. Here is how DHT can affect your hair:

  • DHT blocks the supply of blood to the cells of your hair follicles. This affects your hair follicles which later can lead to hair fall due to insufficient blood supply.
  • Due to the scarce supply of blood, the dermal papilla gets impassable from receiving vital nutrients that are required for the growth of your hair.
  • As your hair follicles lack the proper amount of blood and nutrients, it slowly gets into the growth cycle of your hair resulting in degradation, shrinking, shortening, and brittle look of your hair that eventually falls off. Thus, it is very important to know how to reduce DHT level in scalp naturally with the help of DHT blockers.

Reasons that Causes DHT to Increase in Scalp

Before knowing how to reduce DHT level in the scalp naturally, it is good to know the reason for its cause. Ayurveda says, besides many reasons for hair fall, imbalance in the tridosha harmony also can be termed as your body’s biological energies might be a cause for hair fall. Tridoshas are the Veda, Pitta and Kapha. You must be wondering how the tridoshas can relate to the reasons that cause DHT to increase in the scalp. Isn’t it? Hair loss caused due to the DHT’s increasing levels has a relation with the disparity of the tridosha or pitta dosha. 

A human body requires effective liver metabolism to incapacitate DHT hormone and excrete it out of the body through the process of urination. Only this process will ensure that the DHT level is in balance. Now your body metabolism can get affected due to unbalanced tridoshas which will enhance the accretion of DHT in the receptors of your hair follicles. That’s how DHT build-up will get increased in your scalp. You can try using a DHT blocker.

Here comes a very important point. Didn’t this come to your mind that besides knowing the ways on how to reduce DHT level in scalp naturally, the first thing you should be sure of is that you are suffering from excessive DHT? How do you understand that?  

Firstly, a higher DHT level is possible due to heredity or genetic problems as well as your family history if anyone has experienced the same type of hair loss. Secondly, DHT levels can be analyzed through a saliva panel test. The DHT level in a man of age 19 years or above varies from 112 pg/ml to 955 pg/ml; while in women of age 20 – 55 years, the DHT level is around 300pg/ml.

Ayurvedic Ways to Reduce DHT Levels in Scalp 

Ayurveda is a tradition and ayurvedic medicines give you the most safest and effective solutions. Here are some ways on how to decrease DHT level in scalp with the help of DHT blocker.

  • Poppy Seeds
  • Poppy seeds are natural DHT blockers with a high amount of nutrients present in poppy seeds. The presence of linoleic acid and palmitic acid is a good DHT blocker. Besides, the presence of protein helps to improve the health of your hair, micronutrients like niacin, thiamin, and pantothenic acid improve the skin texture of your scalp. Moreover, poppy seeds enhance collagen production that helps to strengthen your hair roots and imparts softness to your hair. The addition of poppy seeds to your hair oil and having a gentle hair massage is the perfect solution for how to reduce DHT level in scalp naturally.

  • Kalonji Seeds
  • Kalonji seeds are DHT blockers that are nothing but that readily available ingredient, black cumin found in all of your kitchens and can be one of the bests for how to reduce DHT level in scalp naturally. Just like poppy seeds kalonji seeds contain linoleic acid which is very effective for the treatment of hair loss and also has DHT blocking characteristics. It also contains oleic acid which reduces the production of DHT. Besides treating hair fall, it can also combat hair dryness because of its natural moisturizing properties. Ground the kalonji seeds into kalonji powder and mix with coconut oil or any oil that you use and use regularly to achieve the best results for how to control DHT hair loss naturally.

  • Grape Seeds
  • Grape seeds, (DHT blocker) the same as the black cumins, contain linoleic acid and oleic acid about 69.6% and 15.8% respectively. It is also rich in antioxidants like resveratrol and quercetin. It reduces the production of DHT on your scalp and also helps in dandruff treatment besides sealing the moisture content in your scalp. This is a way to reduce DHT naturally using natural DHT blockers.

  • Brahmi 
  • This wonder herb or a natural DHT blockers helps in the growth of hair and can be the best solution for how to reduce DHT level in scalp naturally. As this helps in loosening the blood vessels present in your scalp, hence it easily enhances the supply of blood to your scalp resulting in the growth of new hairs. It contains betulinic acid, beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, and wogonin which act as a DHT blocker. Also, the presence of luteolin and apigenin enhances hair growth. Brahmi also allows the free flow of nutrients on the scalp.

  • Licorice
  • Licorice is nothing but yashtimadhu or natural DHT blockers. It contains flavonoids like glabrine, liquiritin, and glabranine which helps in the reduction of DHT production levels. Yashtimadhu quickens the growth of your hair and is effective in treating dandruff, irritation in the scalp, and scabs. Add yashtimadhu powder in your hair oil as its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties protect your hair from ultraviolet rays, further effective on how to reduce DHT level in scalp naturally.

    Foods that Help Control DHT 

    How to reduce DHT level in scalp naturally? Well, what else can be more natural than consuming a diet that contains certain food which can easily block the DHT level or natural DHT blocker?  DHT blocker food like Zinc, Lycopene, and lysine-rich foods like spinach, tomato, green tea along with an adequate amount of vitamin intake can help control the DHT level. Here is a list of certain food items that are best on how to reduce DHT naturally.

  • Green Tea 
  • Green tea a natural DHT blocker is one of the most common drinks all over the world and naturally retains all its properties as it is steamed while it is produced, unlike black tea that follows the process of fermentation while production. The presence of a chemical named epigallocatechin gallate ( EGCG ) is responsible for various health benefits. It fights hair loss, blocks the DHT level, and also enhances the growth of your hair. This is the best answer for how to reduce DHT level in scalp naturally.

  • Turmeric
  • Turmeric also known as natural DHT blockers is a very common cooking ingredient that is available in every household. Both whole turmeric and its powdered form have extreme health benefits. Due to the high concentration of an active compound named curcuminoids, turmeric effectively blocks the DHT level. This is an easily available ingredient for how to reduce DHT level in scalp naturally. Use can also try Traya natural DHT blockers

  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • If you are searching on how to reduce DHT level in scalp naturally, here is pumpkin seeds, DHT blocker, with their best results for hair problems. Pumpkin seed is rich in zinc, iron, and magnesium. This is also beneficial as iron deficiency hair loss treatment. The presence of phytosterol beta-sitosterol compounds constrains the five alpha-reductase enzymes which convert testosterone to DHT. Thus it is one of the best DHT blockers. 

    There are numerous other food items like spinach, kale, white mushroom, mango, banana, beetroot, tomato, onion, soybeans, boiled eggs that you can include in your diet. These are some of the best food items for how to reduce DHT level in scalp naturally with DHT blocker.

    DHT Blocking Supplements 

    There are some DHT blocking supplements or DHT blocker for reducing the DHT level in your scalp. Some drugs like Finasteride, dutasteride, Minoxidil are some of the popular inhibitors of the five-alpha-reductase enzyme, useful in combating the DHT level of your scalp. Some studies suggest that ketoconazole is used as an antifungal medication and is also beneficial as a DHT blocker and enhances hair growth. Other than these, light therapy also promotes hair growth.

  • Minoxidil
  • This topical agent enhances hair growth, through its work, it increases the growth phase of the hair growth cycle and reduces the resting phase of the hair growth cycle. 

  • Finasteride
  • This is an oral prescribed medication process that inhibits the five-alpha-reductase enzyme. Though it might have some side effects, it works brilliantly for blocking DHT.

  • Light Therapy
  • This is a treatment that hasn’t been proven to work as a DHT blocking supplement or DHT blocker but this treatment largely enhances the growth of your hair and can be effective for men suffering from androgenic alopecia.

    Excessive DHT levels lead to hair fall problems in both men and women. As you need to follow certain things to combat DHT causing hair fall, there are certain hormonal side effects as well. Traya is here to serve you with an effective hair care routine. Do some exercises to have a stable DHT level and have nutritious food effective for how to reduce DHT level in the scalp naturally.

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