Top 10 Reasons for Losing Hair

Top 10 Reasons for Losing Hair

It is natural to find a few hairs tangled in the comb as you groom yourself every morning. This does not warrant a second glance, however. Indeed doctors say that losing 100 hairs per day is normal, so you should not be anxious about it. Unfortunately, hair loss soon overtakes the normal parameters and can affect your peace of mind and health. Sure, you will find a number of quick-fix solutions available over the counter, but finding an appropriate ayurvedic treatment for hair fall can go a long way in arresting your problem.

Reasons For Losing Hair

It is also important to know the root cause of hair fall before you actively set out to find a solution. There are multiple reasons for shedding hair at an abnormal speed, though. You would be aghast on seeing hair on your pillow and bedsheets, clothes, and shoulders as you go through the day. No worries! Some of the tried and tested causes for copious hair loss include the following:-

  • Thyroid Hormone Imbalance

    – Thyroxine, the hormone secreted by the Thyroid gland, is essential for normal human functions. When the amount of hormone gets reduced or enhanced in the body, it can cause a severe imbalance that gets manifested in a number of ways. Hair fall is an indication of both hypothyroidism as well as hyperthyroidism. It is essential to address the problem of enjoying a full head of hair once again.
  • Pregnancy-

    You are likely to be overjoyed at the prospect of giving birth to a baby. Unfortunately, pregnancy causes a number of changes that affect your body and mind. One of the prominent symptoms associated with this joyous event is acute loss of hair that may give rise to bald areas on parts of your head. No worries! Your bodily functions will be restored gradually after the birth of your baby. Your hair will grow back too.


  • Medications-

    There are a number of medications that affect hair follicles, causing the strands to fall out. Chemicals within the drug are responsible for this outcome. You can thus expect drugs that arrest depression or are used to treat acne to cause hair fall. It is also a side effect of blood thinners as well as drugs that reduce cholesterol levels. It is thus advisable to consider ayurvedic treatment for hair fall that has no particular side effect.


  • Birth Control Pills-

    Hair loss may become evident when you try to plan your family with the aid of birth control pills. The drugs are hormonal in nature and likely to alter the secretion of certain hormones related to the reproductive system. You will be surprised to find yourself losing huge amounts of hair even after you cease taking them. It will help check the composition and learn about the facts by discussing it with your doctor. Request him/her to prescribe medications with low androgen for avoiding hair loss.

Birth control pills

  • Nutrition –

    Maintain proper health by following a balanced diet. You need to consume an adequate amount of all nutrients. You are likely to shed hair regularly if you follow poor nutrition lacking in proteins, iron, and vitamins.
    • Ringworm-

      A fungal infection is not considered to be a big deal. However, you may be subject to hair loss when ringworm infects your scalp, causing acute hair loss and bald patches’ appearance. It is best to visit a dermatologist in such circumstances in order to get rid of the infection completely. However, you may continue to suffer from the problem when you take antibiotics for healing the area.
    • Alopecia-

      Well, this is the specific term for hair loss that can be of different types. You may find yourself losing hair at the crown and along the sides, revealing a typical male baldness pattern. Known as androgenic alopecia, you will have to be content to live with it as your genes cause it. The causes of alopecia areata are more complex, though. This is a form of baldness with no explanations. It is believed to be an autoimmune disorder where your own immune system attacks the follicles of hair, causing it to come out in clumps. Unfortunately, it cannot be reversed completely, but an experienced dermatologist may offer varied treatments and reduce baldness to a degree.
    • Physical Injury

      Toying with the hair and pulling at it excessively for fashioning it can wreak havoc. You will be saddened to find the thin, hair strands break in the process. Weaving hair or braiding them too tightly may result in loss of hair as well. Beware of visiting suspect hair salons for chemical treatments that involve colors and bleaches. All of the causes mentioned above could result in hair loss. Try to avoid fancy hairstyles for a while and let nature take over. This will enable you to save your hair from damage, with the follicles growing unhindered.
    • Emotional Distress-

      Stress & anxiety can be at the root of hair fall as well. Worrying about an impending divorce or having money problems can make you emotionally distraught. You tend to worry endlessly with no solution in sight. This is sure to take a toll on your health, too, with your hair falling more than usual. Do try to address the concern as effectively as possible. You may also consider ayurvedic treatment for hair fall to minimize side effects.
    Emotional Distress
    • Anagen effluvium-

      Hair growth follows a specific cycle that includes a growing and resting phase. This particular condition causes hair to fall during the growth phase and may be triggered by internal or external factors. You do not have to worry about it as much as finding specific causes of alopecia areata. This condition is sure to be corrected after the reason is removed or by topical application of hair growing medication.
    Remember that it is quite normal to lose around 100 hairs per day. Do not get unduly upset with excessive hair fall, though. Visit a medical practitioner for treatment. You may also check out the miraculous products from Traya Health for long-standing success.

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