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Side Effects Of Onion Juice On Hair


Are there any side effects of onion juice on hair? Of course, there are. Onion juice as a hair treatment has caused waves recently in the beauty industry. Innumerable brands and companies claim that their products contain the goodness of onion, which helps promote hair growth and arrest hair and scalp problems. 

Whether you are looking for strengthening hair or increasing hair volume, onion juice can help. The science of onion juice and its effects on the hair and scalp may be new to the world, but Indians have been practicing it for ages. Even though onion juice has specific side effects on hair, this miraculous juice is a known remedy for hair health, especially if you are looking at how to regrow thinning hair. 

But then, what is the effect of onion juice, or how onion juice for hair promotes hair growth? Onion juice has essential sulfur in it that facilitates strong, lustrous, and thick hair. Onion juice for hair growth side effects is also present when you use the juice. The liquid can be irritating to many, and before using the juice, it is essential to conduct a patch test to know your compatibility with the juice. 

While onion juice is a preventive measure for those suffering from hair-related problems, they must understand the side effects of onion juice on hair. This blog will discuss if onion juice can help in hair regrowth and the different side effects of it you should be aware of. Read on to learn more. 

Does Onion Juice for Hair Really Work

Facts and science back up several answers on strengthening hair using onion juice and that onion juice for hair works. Onions are high on dietary sulfur, essential nutrients for our body. Sulfur is a nonmetallic chemical element that you find in amino acids, which are again components of protein. Proteins together with keratin are essential for hair growth. 

The sulfur present in the onion juice can also promote collagen production. The collagen helps in the production of healthy skin cells and hair growth. When you use onion juice on hair and scalp, the juice can provide extra sulfur to promote strong and thick hair and prevent hair loss and support hair growth, besides the side effects of onion juice on the hair. 

Onion juice is also beneficial for boosting blood circulation of the scalp. Blood circulation helps in promoting hair growth. Applying onion juice on hair can increase blood circulation and supply blood to the hair follicles, promoting hair growth. Several studies are conducted to test the authenticity of the claim as if onion juice works on hair. 


Can Drinking Onion Juice Regrow Hair?

Onion juice itself is a proven remedy for hair growth, and drinking onion juice can help in hair regrowth. Drinking onion juice has several health benefits, but mostly it is suitable for hair regrowth. Onion juice is a sure-shot formula to boost hair regrowth. It is one of the safest ways to deal with hair issues. It nourishes the hair follicles with the goodness of its rich sulfur content. If you ask how to regrow thinning hair, onion juice is something you should try.

Onion juice not just benefits the hair, it also helps in improving your skin health. As we know now, onion juice has sulfur content; it can help lower blood sugar. It is also effective in improving bone density and reducing acne and pimples as well. Onion juice is usually natural and safe to drink, but the side effects of onion juice on hair is apparent.

You can also mix onion juice with honey to cure common fever, coughs and colds. That said, you must be careful with the amount of onion juice to consume. Never drink more than 3.4 ounces of onion juice daily. Whether you drink or directly use it on hair, side effects of onion juice on hair or overall onion juice side effects on the skin and body. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Onion Juice On Hair?

Onion juice is indeed known to restore the health of your hair and is often recommended as one of the most effective hair care remedies. But there are also some side effects of onion juice on the hair. Below are a few of the side effects of onion juice on hair you should know before using onion juice:

  • Burning sensation
  • One of the side effects of onion juice on hair is the burning sensation which sometimes can be reddening. 

  • Scalp eczema
  • Side effects of onion juice on hair are adverse as onion contains sulfur which can dry up the natural oils in your hair and can cause scalp eczema.

  • Cause hair loss
  • One of the side effects of onion juice on hair is that it can cause shocking hair loss. Naturally weak hair or sensitive scalp should avoid onion juice as it can damage the hair instead of helping it.

  • Onion oil side effects
  • There are side effects of onion oil on hair as well. For some onions, oil can cause dryness and inflammation on the scalp. At the same time, others may experience allergic reactions and rashes.

  • Irritates scalp
  • One of the side effects of onion on hair is that it can irritate the scalp, especially if you have a sensitive scalp. If you do not wash your hair properly after onion application, it can irritate the scalp.

  • Strains eyes
  • Applying onion juice on hair can irritate the eyes as well. If accidentally a drop or two happens to contact the eyes, you will experience a burning sensation on the eyes, and it will leave your eyes all red.

  • Leftover residues on the hair
  • If you are using onion juice for dandruff, you may experience onion juice for dandruff side effects. If you are allergic to onion, totally avoid onion juice for your hair. There are chances that one of the side effects of onion juice on hair is that it may aggravate the condition if you are sensitive to it.

  • Over shampooing can dry hair
  • Since onion juice has an overpowering smell, you’ll need several rounds of shampooing to get rid of the nasty smell. But in the process, you will end up having super dry hair, one of the adverse side effects of onion juice on hair.

  • Digestive issues
  • If you are considering drinking onion juice for hair growth, you may experience a burning sensation inside and have digestive issues as well.

  • It leaves a foul odour
  • Another side effect of onion juice on hair is the smell of the onion juice that not many can stand. Even after shampooing your hair several times, the scent lingers for a long time.

    How Do You Get Rid of The Smell of Onion Juice Out of Your Hair?

    One of the significant side effects of onion juice on hair is the pungent smell. However, nothing really can eradicate the foul smell of onion from your hair; you can use some quick tricks to make the scent less powerful. You can infuse lemon with water for the last rinse of your hair. It will help in removing the lingering smell of onion to an extent. After washing your hair, you can also spray some rose water on your hair to remove the scent. 

    Hair loss and hair thinning are apparent problems, and if you fear side effects of onion juice on hair, you can use other natural products such as hair root serumhair ras, and minoxidil to help you curb hair loss issues. Traya, as a unique and natural hair care brand, offers an extensive range of hair elixirs that can boost your hair health.

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