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How To Improve Blood Circulation In Scalp


Hair problems are plenty starting from excessive hair fall to slower rate of hair growth to drying up of your hair and many more. Different hair problems have different solutions. But excessive hair fall is a common delinquent to many but one can control hair fall with the right treatment. Hair growth occurs in three different stages where each hair strand grows in its phase and this cycle continues to form new hair strands. So, if you are noticing a disproportionate level of hair fall it might be you are suffering from lower blood circulation. Studies are proving that a connection remains between blood circulation and hair growth. Hair grows about half an inch every month and the growth rate is more in the summer season than in winter. Though considered a very underrated remedy for hair problems, improving blood circulation in your scalp is extremely essential just like the way it is important to maintain proper blood circulation in your body. Sometimes frequently occurring headaches are a sign of poor blood circulation in your hair. Besides all the hair care routine of deep conditioning, hair serums, hair masks you may follow, ensuring proper blood circulation in your scalp is an important step that you must consider. 

Wondering how to increase blood circulation in the scalp? Well, to your relief there are certain simple ways on how to increase blood circulation in the scalp. Keep reading to learn more in detail.

How does Blood Circulation Affect Scalp and Hair Health

Before looking at how to improve blood circulation in the scalp, let's understand the importance of blood circulation. Blood circulation is very important as this is responsible for providing life to every organ that is present in your body and your scalp is no different. If you wish to have long beautiful hair, the first step would be to take good care of layers of the scalp with a good scalp massage. This process of blood circulation is essential as it supplies nutrients and oxygen to your hair follicles which leads to hair growth and proper maintenance and maturation of hair follicles improving in the hair growth cycle. Blood flow in your body generally occurs in two directions. Blood flows towards the kidney taking off all the impurities and in other cases, blood flows towards the lungs which carry a mass of carbon dioxide that you exhale out of your body. But, blood that flows towards your vital organs, hair, and scalp massage is known to carry oxygen and nutrients.

Talking about how blood circulation is related to your hair health and healthy scalp, well, it can cause the most irritating problem of hair loss. But how? Like said, this is a necessary process for your hair follicles to receive nutrients so that the maturation process is well maintained. Otherwise, your hair roots lack nourishment leading to starvation of your hair follicles. So, when there is poor blood circulation in your scalp, it automatically affects your hair health. It is also studied that once an area of your scalp is having continuous hair fall and you can control hair fall by increasing blood circulation, in cases of hair fall, the blood circulation in that part automatically reduces. This affects your hair health. Similarly, where there is more hair, more is the blood circulation. It might also be that your hair fall is caused due to the stress and tension you are going through, but this will lead to a decrease in the level of blood flow leading to bad health of your hair. You must have seen that shampoo levels stating an increase in the level of blood flow in your scalp . There have been researches stating that an increase in blood circulation helps the vascularization of hair follicles which enhances the size of the hair follicles and thus encourages the growth of your hair. Hypo dermal blood circulation improves the anagen phase responsible for longer hair. That’s how to increase blood circulation in hair roots. Simply good blood circulation means good hair days. There are many ways to improve blood circulation in the scalp including a scalp massage. Keep scrolling!

How to Detect Poor Blood Circulation in Scalp 

Blood circulation happens from the chambers of your heart and the scalp is at the furthest part from your heart which is the reason for poor blood flow in the scalp. So, the first thing you need to do, to understand how to improve blood circulation in the scalp, is to detect that your scalp is suffering from poor blood circulation. These points might help you to detect poor blood circulation in the scalp.

  • The primary step to detect a lower level of blood circulation is hair fall. You losing about 100 strands a day is normal. But excessive hairfall means the cycle of hair growth has been disturbed and you must control hair fall.
  • Dull, Colourless hair, as well as the itchy scalp, is a basic way to detect poor blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Improper blood circulation means your hair follicles are not receiving enough nutrients required making them comatose and leading to hair shrinkage.
  • You will notice thinning of your hair and a decrease in the usual volume and density of your hair.
  • As there is no nourishment at the roots of your hair, the new hair follicles stop growing as it reaches the length of a baby hair. This reduces the growth of your hair.

Hence, it is really important to know how to increase blood circulation in the head for hair growth.

If not detected initially this might lead to alopecia areata or pattern baldness. So, you must be wondering how to improve blood circulation in scalp. Here are some tips for you. Read on.

Tips to Increase Blood Circulation 

How to increase blood circulation in scalp can be done in the following ways:-

  • Scalp Massage
  • How to improve blood circulation in your scalp? Well, scalp massaging is that go-to option for you.  Blood flow is very important for the hair follicles that are starving as it becomes lifeless very fast if nutrients are deficient for nourishment. Hair fall can happen from stress and anxiety as well. Besides relieving you from your stress, scalp massage also improves blood circulation and effective circulation of nutrients for the hair follicles thus strengthening them. This active blood flow becomes easy due to the pressure applied on your head because of the scalp massage enhancing proper metabolism and oxygenation of your scalp.

    While there are numerous scalp exercises, the most basic and easy way is to use your fingertips to make circular motions on your head with some generous pressure applied. This would be a good exercise for your hair growth and can be done daily with or without the use of any oils.

  • Scalp Cleansing
  • Humid condition and sweating is a common thing which leads to a buildup of hard crystal-like obstruction in your scalp which halts the blood circulation. You can’t stop sweating but you can cleanse your scalp using shampoo which will ensure a clean scalp. So, wash your hair regularly to remove all the dirt, excess sebum, excess oils, and skin cells that are present to hinder the blood flow to your hair roots. Choose a herbal product instead of a chemical-infused shampoo. While a chemical-infused shampoo can cleanse your scalp but it is a temporary solution. While herbal shampoo will help in the reduction of perspiration. That’s another easy way to improve blood circulation within the layers of scalp.

  • Essential Oils
  • Some studies state that the inclusion of essential oils like ayurvedic hair oil in your hair follicles is an easy remedy on how to improve blood circulation in scalp. Hair fall may start occurring due to stress and stress leads to tightened scalp muscles. Since the muscle becomes tight, a rock forms up restricting the feeding process of the hair follicles, preventing the flow of blood. The aroma of the natural infused ingredients in essential oils helps to come out of anxiety augmenting free movement of the blood vessels. Rosemary, peppermint, Lavender, Thyme are some of the best essential oils to be used as a remedy for how to improve blood circulation in scalp.

  • Inversion Technique
  • The technique of inversion is simple and popular for how to improve blood circulation in scalp. Though not rocket science, it can turn out to be tricky sometimes. Let us share some quick ways of this technique. It is as simple as the meaning of the word ‘ inversion ‘ is. In this treatment, you just need to invert your body posture opposite to how you sleep every day. In inversion treatment, your face will be facing the bed, then you have to slowly drop your body’s front part towards the ground, you will feel blood circulation towards your scalp. The trick is not to hold this posture for long as this can lead to dizziness later on. This is one remedy for how to improve blood circulation in scalp.

  • Yoga asanas
  • Some yoga asanas are a very good remedy for how to improve blood circulation in scalp. If you can make time and practice yoga daily, there will be an adequate amount of blood circulation to your hair and scalp. This process will activate the blood vessels providing food to the hair roots. Exercise helps to fight the everyday stress you endure and solve all the hair-related issues.

    Some other tips on how to improve blood circulation in scalp include:

    • Adequate intake of water daily.
    • Intake of a balanced diet.
    • Use of hair growth stimulating sebums.
    • Washing your hair with cold water.

    Foods that help in blood circulation

    How to improve blood circulation in your scalp? There are some very simple ways, you just need to add on these items to your diet.

  • Cayenne Pepper
  • The red pepper bright in color has more productive properties than just adding spice to your food. The spicy flavor of this pepper is extracted from the compound present in cayenne and is known as capsaicin. This photochemical compound helps to promote blood flow, expanding your blood vessels and enhancing blood circulation.

  • Beet
  • Beets have high nitrate content which when infused with your body gets converted to nitric acid which helps to relax your blood vessels and improve blood circulation. It has also been found out that intake of beet juice can lead to lower systolic blood pressure.

  • Pomegranate
  • This tiny little bright red-colored fruit is a storehouse of nutrients. This fruit is rich in antioxidants of polyphenol and nitrates. The inclusion of this fruit in your diet highly enhances the blood circulation throughout your body and scalp.

  • Fatty Fish
  • Fish is always good for your heart. Fatty fish include the types like salmon,mackerel, herring, halibut, and trout. These fish have high Omega -3 content which helps to improve blood circulation. It also leads to a reduction in blood pressure and keeping your arteries protected from getting clogged.

  • Garlic
  • Garlic can do so much to keep you healthy. It is also present in the list on how to improve blood circulation in scalp. It has so many benefits on circulation and the heart. The presence of a sulfur compound known as allicin is responsible for relaxing your muscles. A diet containing garlic enhances blood circulation and keeps a check on your blood pressure level.

    Many other foods help in blood circulation. Other than these onions, cinnamon, turmeric, walnuts, almonds,  berries, tomatoes, dark chocolates,  ginger decoction instead of morning tea, grapes, spinach, and citrus fruits are some excellent diet inclusion on how to improve blood circulation in scalp.

    Hair Products to Increase Blood Circulation

    It is always best to use herbal and ayurvedic products like ayurvedic hair oil for improving blood circulation and your remedy for how to regrow thinning hair.

    • Essential oils like lavender oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, cedarwood oil, and thyme oil along with olive oil, ayurvedic hair oil are the best hair products to increase blood circulation.
    • Other than oils, serums that have the potential to stimulate hair growth and stimulate blood circulation can be used.
    • There are certain shampoos available that have the label of enhancing blood circulation and can be very well an inclusion to your hair care routine.

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    All these tips and techniques are how to improve blood circulation in scalp.

    Same as the way we all require nutrients and oxygen, our scalp is no different.  If you can get in the right way on how to improve blood circulation in your scalp, it can work like magic for your hair health. There are several reasons for hair fall and improper blood circulation is one of them; so to keep this problem at bay you should intake a healthy diet and intake an appropriate amount of water and most importantly quit smoking and indulge yourself in some physical activities like exercise for hair growth.

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