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Lavender Oil For Hair


Lavender oil for hair is one of the widely used essential oils in the beauty industry. It is also one of the most sought-after oils for aromatherapy. Lavender oil has a soothing, aromatic scent that rejuvenates the senses and can be used to relieve stress. This sweet-smelling oil is not just limited to the beauty industry. It has been proven to cure several ailments such as headaches, migraines, scalp infections, and, most notably for beautiful hair.

But what exactly is lavender oil for hair? Lavender oil is an essential oil extracted directly from the lavender plant using a special distillation process. The end product, the lavender oil for hair, is loaded with benefits for hair and overall beauty. For a beauty regime, you can use lavender essential oil for hair for head massage, hair mask, conditioning, and another skincare routine. Besides, you can use lavender oil to relieve stress and anxiety and calm the senses; just add four to five drops of lavender oil on the diffuser, it will do the trick. 

If you are looking to reap the lavender oil benefits for hair, this blog is for you. The different benefits of lavender oil for hair growth to lavender oil uses for hair have been discussed here. We also have shared some tips as to how to use lavender oil for your beauty routine. Read on to discover more.

Benefits of Lavender Oil for Hair Health  

Lavender oil for hair benefits your hair health in so many ways. Below we have shared some of the benefits of this magical oil:

  • Strong and healthy hair
  • Using lavender oil for hair growth is one of the best ways to incorporate the oil into your hair care routine. Using lavender oil for head massage can increase blood circulation on the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles. It in turn, will help you grow stronger and thicker hair.

  • It nourishes hair
  • One of the lavender essential oil benefits for hair is that it makes your hair silky and smooth. If you are looking for overall nourishment for your hair and bid goodbye to frizz, lavender oil is what you are looking for. Its moisturizing property makes hair smooth and manageable. 

  • Promotes healthy scalp
  • If you are suffering from scalp issues like itchiness, rashes, dandruff, or scalp infections, lavender oil for hair can help. The antimicrobial properties in lavender oil help prevent bacterial infections and fungi from growing on your scalp. It calms the scalp and relaxes the mind.

  • Removes head lice
  • Lavender oil for hair is proven to remove head lice. A study conducted in 2011 has found that lavender essential oil for hair can remove lice or even kill them. You can also use peppermint oil for hair along with lavender oil for a good head massage. 

  • Reduces skin inflammation
  • If you are experiencing dry scalp or inflammation, use lavender oil to massage the scalp. Applying lavender oil topically to the affected area can relieve the skin of inflammation and speed up the healing process. 

    How to Use Lavender Oil for Hair?

    Lavender oil has so many benefits. Using the oil the correct way can provide you with quick results. 

  • Lavender oil for hair growth
  • Hot oil for hair has been a boon for beautiful locks. Take some coconut oil and warm it and then add a few drops of lavender oil to it. You may also add a few drops of ylang ylang oil along with the lavender oil and then massage it gently on your scalp. Leave it for about forty minutes or overnight, and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. Hot oil for grey hair is also equally beneficial.

  • Lavender for dry scalp
  • A dry scalp can be irritating to deal with. To get relief of dry scalp or dandruff, prepare a hair mask.

    1. Take two heaped teaspoons of oatmeal.
    2. Add seven to eight drops of lavender oil and five drops of rosemary oil and water to make a smooth paste.
    3. Apply this paste on your scalp and massage.
    4. Allow it to stay for an hour, and then wash it off with warm water. 
  • Lavender for dandruff
  • Lavender oil for hair can also remove dandruff. Using lavender oil with lemon juice can help in keeping dandruff under control. Warm two tablespoons of olive oil, add two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and five drops of lavender oil and then apply the oil to the scalp. Massage for about five minutes and leave. Using vegan shampoo for washing your hair

    How to Use Lavender Oil for Face & Skin?

    Besides hair care, lavender can work wonders for your skin as well. From treating acne to sunburn, the lavender essential oil has many skin benefits.

    • Lavender oil for acne

    Take about three to four drops of lavender oil, two drops of tea tree oil, and five drops of almond oil and mix them well. Use your finger or an ear bud and apply the oil to the affected area and leave overnight. Do this regularly until the acne and scar disappear.

    • Lavender oil for sunburn

    Lavender oil has a cooling property that helps in reducing redness or sunburn. To soothe your sunburnt skin, mix four teaspoons of aloe vera gel and about five to six drops of lavender oil and apply the mixture to the affected area. Do this every day until the skin heals. 

    You can also add lavender oil to any of your skincare and then apply to the skin. It will keep your skin protected from impurities and keep the skin healthy and supple. 

    Are there any side effects of Lavender Oil for Hair?

    Although lavender is safe on the skin, some individuals may experience particular skin irritation or allergic reactions. At best, it is recommended that you do a patch test before using the oil on your skin and hair. Some may even experience headaches, vomiting, or nausea. If, while using lavender oil, you experience any of these symptoms, discontinue use immediately.

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