Tips For Healthy Hair

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This article provides tips for healthy hair, and the science behind thick and healthy hair growth. Also it will give you an understanding of how your lifestyle affects your hair, and the hygiene practices you should maintain for healthy hair. We have also discussed why choosing the right hair products is important to keep your hair healthy and shiny.
Tips For Healthy Hair

A good hair day is everything that women wish for. Don’t you believe healthy hair is equal to beautiful looks? You surely do. Isn't it? While you see your friends and colleagues flaunting their beautiful locks every day in front of your eyes, it is natural for you to wish the same. It is said that 74% of women feel low on confidence if their hair game is not on point. No matter how much work pressure you have, your hair thoughts are right there running in your minds.  But how to get healthy hair overcoming all the environmental invaders that constantly damage your hair and your hair becomes dry, dull, frizzy, and thin. Moreover, it is pretty confusing to choose among the variety of hair care products that are available online and in all local stores. Never mind, to keep all your woes away Traya has come up with some useful tips for healthy hair following which can make your hair care routine effortlessly beautiful. Also don’t miss a chance to try out to choose from Traya haircare products. Trust us! Traya always looks forward to make your attractive hair even more beautiful.

There are no secret tips for healthy hair overnight. You should be committed to your hair just like you are to your career. Varying hair textures have different solutions. The first basic tip for healthy hair is you need to be patient and consistent with your weekly hair care routine; only then you can achieve strong and healthy-looking, stunning and shining hair.

‘‘Treat your hair like royalty, it’s the crown you never take off’’

Science Behind Thick Healthy Hair 

Here are some interesting science facts for thick healthy hair. 

Hair starts growing from the roots present in your scalp. The tiny pocket-sized living organisms or the hair follicles present in your scalp nurtures your immature hair within them.  The hair strand has a bulb-like structure above the hair papilla and towards the end part of the epidermis that divides to influence the growth of multiple hair follicles. The more nutritive the hair follicles, the more healthy your hair is. The hair follicle is present under the sebaceous gland and as the follicles come pushing out of the glands, it takes the shape of the hair shaft. These shafts are made out of keratin proteins and receive natural oils coming out from the glands. How thick your hair is is evident from the number of hair strands coming out of your scalp. As soon as the strand grows longer, it moves far away from the scalp and is well-thought-out to be dead. That’s the reason why deep conditioning is essential for your long-grown hair shafts. This is the reason why you don’t feel any pain while you cut or trim your hair. But the hair growth cycle keeps on rolling and your hair follicle continues to grow.

There are three stages through which your hair grows:

The Anagen Phase: This phase is also known as the growth phase when the hair roots receive oxygen and nutrients through proper blood circulation. This phase lasts for a maximum of 8 years and a minimum of 2 years.

The Catagen Phase: This phase is also known as the transition phase. In this phase, the hair follicles have stopped receiving nutrients and hence have stopped growing. A stage that stays up to six months.

The Telogen Phase: This phase is known as the resting phase or waiting when the hair is ready to come out from your scalp. This can last while holding the scalp till 3 months. Meanwhile in-between the hair follicles again starts generating new hair and the cycle goes on.

How Does Your Lifestyle Affect Your Hair 

How to take care of your hair and how to maintain healthy hair is all that concerns you the most. Hair in all is way too interlinked with the lifestyle you lead. Where you live and how you live can all but affect your hair. Well, the place you live in cannot be changed but how you are living can be modified a little. Leave aside the genetic problems and hormonal disorders but these factors can significantly hinder your hair and you might go short in the tips for healthy hair. 

  • Over Stressing 
  • You might flaunt being fit and fine outside but your hair is an integral part of your body and can understand all that you are feeling inside. Hair loss due to stress is a no myth. Do your work on time and stay relaxed. If you are getting stressed, similarly your body and hair are also getting stressed. There are no better tips for healthy hair than staying away from stress.

  • Smoking
  • What thing is most commonly seen in everybody's hands? Cigarettes. Right? Smoking is painstakingly harmful to your health, and there is a super common link between smoking and hair. Smoking forms a barrier in the blood vessels and when there is no proper blood circulation, there are no healthy hair follicles. You just need to quit smoking from your everyday lifestyle routine.

  • Hydration and Diet
  • Tips for healthy hair growth, just stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water daily and avoid consuming alcohol. Without proper consumption of water, your hair becomes dry and frizzy. 

    Another factor to keep in mind is your diet. Avoid too much street food and include nutrient-rich foods in your diet. Vitamins for hair growth are one of the most wonderful tips for healthy hair.

    Hygiene Practices For Healthy Hair

    How to keep hair healthy, follow these hygienic tips for healthy hair. 

    • Just like you need food and water, your hair is no different. Follow a balanced diet. Food for hair growth is important.
    • Keep your scalp clean by washing them habitually.
    • Protect your hair with a cap while you go out in the sun and while swimming.
    • Restrict the use of heat infusion through hair styling products, and even if you use, protect your hair first by trying hair serum by Traya.
    • Using cold water to rinse your hair can lock the moisture within.
    • Choose a sulfate-free shampoo for your hair wash, avoid hair products containing chemicals.
    • Plan a schedule so that you get trimmed regularly.
    • Never limit the use of conditioners.
    • Never scratch your hair with your fingernails instead use your fingertips and gently pat massage your hair. 
    • Over-styling or tight hairstyles can cause damage, so avoid doing tight ponytails or hair buns.
    • Use satin or silk fabrics for your pillow covers instead of cotton ones.
    • Choose the right comb for your hair. Wooden combs generally lessen the hair fall.

    Why Choosing the Right Hair Products is Important?

    Hair problems are aplenty starting from hair fall to dry and itchy scalp, flyaways, or even dull texture. Pattern baldness or alopecia areata split ends. There are uncountable hair problems that can occur. Add on to this there are various types of hair like straight hair, curly hair, frizzy hair in common. Since there are so many problems, naturally there are a variety of hair care products available. So, don’t you think choosing the right products is necessary even before you look onto tips for healthy hair? What would happen if you are using a product that is specially made for colored hair and you are using it on your naturally grown hair. It will have the opposite effect and will not solve your woes either. Try to identify the problems your hair is facing and only then you can understand your hair. Unless you tick the right box in understanding your hair problem, you cannot choose the right product.

    Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Shiny

    Here are some tips for healthy hair:

    • Make sure you have protein and vitamins included in your diet. Hair is made up of proteins and hence protein is necessary to keep the health of your scalp under check.
    • Zinc deficiency can lead to hair breakage. Eat lots of nuts like cashew nuts, almonds along with an intake of green vegetables. This is another tip for healthy hair.
    • Consumption of omega -3 fatty acids is good for your hair health. These polyunsaturated fatty acids are found in fish and nuts and help to rejuvenate your hair.
    • Do not quit using essential oils and hair masks. Essential oils like coconut oil, almond oil, tea tree oil are good for your hair. 

    Some masks that are good for healthy hair care are – 

    Egg Mask – Eggs are rich in proteins that provide moisture and nourishment to your hair along with a natural shine. Make a mixture with egg and olive oil, yogurt added would make it even better as yogurt can get back the strength that your hair might be missing from.

    Aloe Vera Hair Mask – Aloe vera has wonderful properties and is an excellent conditioner. Mix aloe vera along with honey to apply to your hair. Honey gives shine to your hair.

    These are some basic tips for healthy hair you should follow.

    Crazy to style your hair like a pro? Thinking about how to strengthen hair? Dreaming of thick, shiny hair? There is only one secret behind every question.  A healthy scalp is the key to keep your hair healthy. For you to maintain a healthy scalp follow these tips provided above for healthy hair. Have a proper hair care routine according to your hair type, work, and hair problems. There is no better alternative for gently taking care of your hair.

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