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What to expect on your Traya hair loss treatment journey each month?


Hi There! So you’ve recently started using the Traya hair fall treatment or you have filled out our diagnosis form and are planning to get on the treatment. But you have some questions. Don’t worry we are way ahead of you, we know exactly what your questions are, now let us address them. 

What is the Traya Hair Fall Treatment?

Traya provides online doctor-prescribed holistic hair fall treatment for pattern hair loss between stages 1-4 and telogen effluvium. Traya’s hair fall treatment are tailored for your individual concerns such as health history, previous hair loss treatment, stage and type of hair loss condition. Traya combines the best of Ayurveda, Dermatology and Nutrition to treat the internal triggers that aggravate hair loss such as gut health, sleep, stress and dosha imbalance. Along with clinically proven prescription medication and a personalised diet plan which ensures sustainable results by transitioning into a healthier lifestyle. 

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Not only that, unlike a product company that is purely transactional. At Traya we know from extensive research and our interactions with doctors that most people fail to manage their hair loss because they don't complete the hair treatment for the recommended duration. So, we have vowed to do things differently. So we have a hair coach system, these hair coaches are trained by our doctors to act as your personal guides throughout the Traya hair fall treatment.

What will my Traya hair fall treatment contain?

Your Traya hair fall treatment will be divided into three components. The Ayurvedic component will contain the herb mixes (hair ras, gut shuddhi, health tatva) that are prescribed to you along with the scalp oil which will be customised for you based on your scalp issues. The dermatological component will include the hair serum (chosen based on your stage and type of hair loss - hair root serum and minoxidil 2, 5%), shampoo and scalp lotions (anti-dandruff shampoo, scalp controller, Kevon lotion or hair strengthening shampoo). The nutrition component will have a personalised diet plan, to ensure that you stay away from food groups that can aggravate your hair loss and start consuming foods that will help improve your hair health.

Traya treatment components

Will my prescription be created just on the basis of the information I filled in on the Traya Dx diagnosis test? 

No. You will be assigned a hair coach who will call you to take comprehensive details from you about your hair history, health history, current and past medication, history of allergies, diet and lifestyle to create your profile which will be used by the doctors to write your prescription and create your diet plan.


How long does the Traya hair fall treatment course last?

Depending on your hair loss condition, stage and age, the hair fall treatment as also hair fall control will take anywhere between 5 months to 1 year. 

Why will it take so long? 

Your hair has a lifecycle. It goes through four distinct phases. Anagen or growth phase lasts for 2-6 years. The catagen (when hair detaches from follicles) phase which lasts for 2-4 weeks. The telogen phase (when your follicle prepares for the next cycle and your hair is resting near-surface to shed) lasts for 3-5 months. Finally, the exogen phase is when your hair finally falls and the new hair starts its anagen phase. 

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In the hair fall treatment, we have to work with these hair phases and therefore hair fall treatment and hair fall control takes time. 

Month 1: The internal triggers that are increasing your hair loss will improve. Such as constipation, poor digestion, low energy (poor metabolism), and dandruff (including itching and irritation caused by dandruff). If you have started using minoxidil, it will trigger the telogen or shedding phase so that your thin and unhealthy hair starts falling. But don’t worry, that is completely normal and will subside in a few weeks and there will be hair fall control. This is also the month when the hair coaches will try to encourage you to start healthy habits such as a healthier diet, increased hydration and 30 minutes of exercise. 

Month 2: We will start you on Traya Ghrit (nasal drops), this is part of the Ayurvedic Nasya therapy that will improve your sleep quality and relieve stress, both of which are major triggers of hair loss. This is the time when hair loss shedding that started after using minoxidil will stop for most of you. If you have been following the dietary restrictions and suggestions you will also start feeling healthier overall. 

Month 3: This is the transition month when your hair follicles are getting healthier from the nourishment provided by the herb mixes and the Nasya therapy. So, they have stopped shrinking and are now preparing for the anagen phase of new healthy hair

Month 4: This is the time your serum is finally starting to show results, so you will start seeing baby hair sprout from areas where you had hair thinning and scalp visibility. 

Month 5: Your baby hair will start maturing and your hair shedding will be normal. 

Month 6 onwards: You will start seeing a visible difference in your hair volume. Your scalp visibility will have reduced enough for people to notice. This is the time for compliments. Whenever you have reached the end of your hair treatment course the hair coach will guide you about the maintenance plan to ensure you can sustain the long term results. 

So, now that you have the answers to all your questions about the traya hair treatment. All the best, time to take hair fall control and fix your hair loss condition with the right hair fall treatment and hair fall control solution before it is not too late for your free diagnosis today. If you are already on the hair treatment and want to connect with your hair coach today.

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