How Can I Thicken My Hair, Help it Grow Long?

How Can I Thicken My Hair, Help it Grow Long?

A complete women’s guide to thick and healthy hair

Who doesn't like to shine with their smooth and thick hair strands? The head does feel light with fewer hairs, and it also makes your shower easy. You won’t have a clogged shower drain, and it will also make blowing your hair smooth. But won’t you be ready to give up all of these benefits for long and thick hairs?

You would have tried various home remedies for thicker hair growth like trimming your hair as short as possible and then let them grow back to length quickly. Sometimes these hacks don't give you the thick results you want. It happens with many, so we are here to help you out with this article. We are stating some of the thick hair growth remedies that will help you grow thicker and longer hairs that you would love to keep and show off.

Thick hair growth remedies

1.     Get Help From Ingredients

You might have heard that applying some ingredients on your scalp and hair will improve their health. You can apply some fruits or other ingredients like coconut milk, shikakai, apple cider vinegar, gooseberries, aloe gel, orange puree, and other approved ingredient remedies. These ingredients can prove to be vital hair thickener for women. Massaging such ingredients on your scalp will provide nourished nutrition to your whole hair and scalp. It will contribute to your hair’s overall health, and you would find your hair stronger than before.

2.     Eat a Healthy Diet

For your hairs to have thickness and longevity, you not only have to pour the ingredients on your scalp but ensure you include them in your daily diet. Your plate can tell your hair health. It is said that some types of foods help in growing the strength and length of the hairs. Food and products rich in biotin or Vitamin H are advised to consume for the growth of healthy hairs. Foods rich in biotin help in the metabolism of fats, amino acids, and carbohydrates, helping to grow the body’s protein level. Altogether, the growth in protein levels helps the hair grow to a greater extent as hairs are made of protein. Foods like cheese, milk, egg, salmon, avocado, cauliflower, and all kinds of nuts are rich in biotin.

3.     Care for Your Hair

What else can be the best remedy for thicker hair than taking their care. Now we are stuck at home and don’t go outside much due to the novel coronavirus, but we have to keep our hairs tied while performing daily house chores. While working, we are forced to have several things on our hair. To have long hairs, try not to tie your hair back too tight, as it will lead to unrequired pulling, which would cause splits and breakage in the hair. The hair might catch some microbial infections and can affect growth. So you would need to get frequent antimicrobial treatment for healthy hair growth. The sun’s heat can also damage your hair as it causes damage to your skin, so always cover your hair when going out in the sun. You can cover it with a hat, or you can apply hair sunscreen.

4.     Don’t Wash Hairs Often

It is believed that clean hair is one of the thick hair growth remedies, so you might be washing it more often than required to get off the dirt. Clean hairs are good, but washing them more often will make them dry, and the hair will lose its natural essential oils. So avoiding more often hair wash will be a good thing for thicker and longer hairs. Also not forget to nourish and massage your hair and scalp with oil and comb them properly.

5.     Regular Oil Nourishment

Nourish and massage your hair with oil

Nourishing your hair is one of the best home remedies for thicker hair growth. It is important to massage your scalp and hair once every week with oil or a hair mask. Nourishing with oil is essential as it helps hairs to retain their essential fats, which keeps it healthier, and boosts their growth. You can nourish your hair by visiting a spa, or you can do it at home by yourself. You can also make hair masks at home. Some of the ingredients you can use to make hair masks are olive oil, honey, lemon, avocado, and onion juice.

  1. Ayurveda Secrets

As you would have read that a human body is affected by the energies which surround us in our day to day life. And if you don’t know then Ayurveda is filled with remedies for the best hair thickener for women. So, the Ayurveda is dependent on three types of energy to deal with hair loss and other health problems, Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

  1. Vatta

The Vatta energy is responsible for the movement in and of your body, and it is associated with the elements of air and space. Dryness, high activity rate, etc are the qualities of this energy. If you feel the movement of and in your body is lacking, then you should exercise, or indulge in activities like brisk walking or playing sports.

  1. Pitta

Pitta energy is the one associated with digestive heat in your body which converts the food into proper nutrition and the Vatta energy helps Pitta to distribute this in the body. Pitta is what determines your food nourishment and hair loss. So if your hairs are not getting the nutrition it needs, then you can come to us. Our medical experts will take care of it, as they provide the best remedy for thicker hair.

   3. Kapha

The Kapha energy is associated with the elements of Earth and Water, and it takes care of all the lubrication in the body. The energy is sticky and moist which can be found in your lungs, lymph or mucus. Sinus or cold is the sign of imbalance in Kapha, so you would need to balance your diet and sleeping cycle to keep the energy balanced.

That’s how you can grow long hair and thicken them. But when the situation is not in your hands, and you don’t want to take the toll of stress on your shoulders, head over to Traya.  Traya combines home remedies for thicker hair growth with Ayurveda to ensure the best hair treatment across the world. Here you will get nourished and professional treatment for your hair.

At Traya, we have a team of expert doctors to provide you with both treatment and detailed tips for healthier hair.

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