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Can Ayurveda Reverse Grey Hair?


Are you worried about grey hair in your 30s? Wondering if Ayurveda can reverse grey hair? Here’s everything from the why’s and how’s of grey hair to the natural remedies that can help to manage it. 

Why does hair turn grey?

According to dermatology, the pigment cells in the hair follicles decrease with rising age and no more contain as much melanin which is why the hair slowly begins turning grey. But, the early event of hair greying is caused due to the hereditary qualities of an individual and in most cases, it is nearly impossible to reverse the hair greying process. 
As for Ayurveda, an interim pitta imbalance in the body causes premature greying of hair which can be reversed to only a certain extent using natural techniques and some consistent lifestyle changes which will pacify any excess amount of pitta and help create a balance in the body.

What gives color to your hair?

Just like your skin and eyes, your hair color comes from something called melanin. The more melanin your body contains, the darker is the color of your hair. However, when you begin to age, the amount of melanin your body makes becomes lesser and so your hair begins to lose its texture and color and tends to appear grey. 

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What is hair greying?

Grey Hair is very thin and dry in comparison to your regular hair because as we get older, the scalp produces less oil. Another reason could be if you pull out your first few strands of grey hair it causes distortion of your hair follicles resulting in more crinkly hair. Grey hair can sometimes also be quite stubborn and resistant to color so using a Hair dye would simply just coat your hair and is therefore not a permanent solution. 
While researchers are still finding out a way to reverse grey hair, Ayurveda says the three doshas - Pitta, Vata, and Kapha stimulate the activity in your body. This means because of nature, geology, climate, and hereditary qualities, every individual has an extraordinary blend of the three doshas making every individual’s hair unique. Any discrepancy in three dosha levels especially in Pitta-Vitta doshas leads to premature greying of hair. 

Factors Liable For Premature Hair Greying

Dermatology says the “50-50-50” rule which is Fifty percent of the population has about 50% grey hair by the age of 50. Apart from Age being the main culprit for grey hair, as per Ayurveda, other factors do play an important role in the Premature greying of hair. 

    • Nutritional Causes: Ayurveda recommends Moderation! To make meals of an appropriate quantity while avoiding spices and salts. Any absence of calcium, iron, vitamin B12, and vitamin D3 in routine eating habits may result in premature greying of hair. (Get to know more about nutritional roles for hair health only at Traya!) 
    • Environmental & Behavioral: Putting yourself in outrageous conditions like excessive physical activity, overexposure to sunlight, chronic smoking, pulling an “all-nighter” and fasting causes an unusual spike in Pitta-Vata dosha levels ultimately causing premature grey hair. 
    • Psychological: Certain mental factors like anger, fear, grief, stress can easily aggravate Pitta dosha resulting in early grey hair.
    • Genetics: If your parents or close relatives have prematurely grey hair, then the possible culprit is in your genes since premature greying is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait and you are bound to go through untimely grey hair.
    • Hormones: Premature greying of hair is common in those that have autoimmune disorders like pernicious anemia and hypo or hyperthyroidism. Some hormonal changes in females during pregnancy and menopause can also lead to premature grey hair 
    • Chemicals:  The use of harmful coloring agents may contribute to untimely grey hair since it contains hydrogen peroxide and can bleach out the hair follicles and turn white on excessive usage. 

How can Ayurveda treat premature grey hair?

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian health science advises the use of ayurvedic herbs that are quite useful when dealing with balancing the doshas. Here are the top 5 herbs for delaying premature greying of hair. 
  • Bhringraj, also known as “King of the Hair”, is an effective and one of the most popular remedies for treating premature grey hair. It can be easily used in combination with coconut oil and applied to the scalp. 
  • Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry which is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and nutrients not only eliminates greying but also makes it healthy and shiny. One can also drink 30ml of amla juice daily to keep premature grey hair at bay.
  • Tapyadi Lauh Ayurveda specifies the use of this herb as an oral medication to reduce premature grey hair as it also helps to balance the three doshas. 

Traya’s Hair Ras Natural Supplement contains an ayurvedic herb mix that nourishes hair internally. Made with proven, safe, and natural ingredients this Ayurvedic multivitamin tablet help improve dosha imbalance and delay premature grey hair.


  • Brahmi This herb treats the dryness of the scalp and not only prevents hair from untimely greying but also reduces hair fall by nourishing the roots. 
  • Curry leaves are an impeccable choice for revitalizing the hair roots. Rich in Vitamin B which aids the follicles to restore their color pigment while also preventing premature grey hair. 

    Traya’s Herbal Hair oil made with a combination of essential oils, herbs and carrier oils help to reduce dandruff, improve scalp health and keep premature grey hair at bay.



    While you can’t avoid the process of hair greying with age, you can save your youth from premature greying. At Traya, we offer products by first identifying the root cause of the hair condition. For premature grey hair, we provide a customized Ayurvedic hair care solution that is made with natural ingredients, this not only balances the doshas but also manages premature grey hair. Check out our products or contact our hair expert today. 

    Dr. Shailendra Chaubey, BAMS

    Ayurveda Practioner

    A modern-day Vaidya with 11 years of experience. He is the founder of Dr. Shailendra Healing School that helps patients recover from chronic conditions through the Ayurvedic way of life.

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