Can Ayurveda Reverse Grey Hair?

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Are you also struggling with premature hair greying? Read the blog to know it's causes and how you can treat the same with ayurveda.
Can Ayurveda Reverse Grey Hair?

Are you concerned about your grey hair? Can Ayurveda reverse grey hair? Your interests are certainly great if you are still extremely youthful for grey hair.

We know how it feels that you are trying to hide your grey hair by soaking it with impermanent colouring agents made of dangerous chemicals. Or, when you want to trim down those 3-4 strands of grey hair when they grow again.

Usually, the melanin production in the follicles diminishes with rising age and the hair begins turning grey from the mid-thirties. So, the early event of greying hair is due to the hereditary qualities of an individual. In some cases, it is nearly impossible to reverse the hair greying process.

But when the production of melanin is developed at a young age through interim pitta imbalance in the body, then you can easily reverse the grey hair using natural techniques and some lifestyle changes. It will pacify an excess amount of pitta and turn your body into a balanced level. 

Cause of premature greying

Ayurveda says the three doshas - Pitta, Vata, and Kapha stimulate the activity in your body.

Because of nature, geology, climate, and hereditary qualities, every individual has an extraordinary blend of the three doshas, whose equilibrium is known as the innate (Prakriti). Any discrepancy in three dosha levels results in some diseases.

Premature hair greying, which is known as Akala Palitya, is the consequence of imbalance in Pitta dosha. It is also characterized as Kshudra Rogas.

The Bhrajaka pitta, which is a sub-sort of Pitta, is liable for the tone and appearance of your hair. It is accredited to melanocytes that generate melanin shade. It is also answerable for the natural shade of the hair. Irregularity in Bhrajaka Pitta can cause lacking melanin creation that results in greying of hair.

What is sulfate-free shampoo? 

Sulfate-free shampoo is the best solution that can cure premature greying. Traya Offers the best quality shampoo that can prevent hair fall and boost hair growth. 

Factors Liable For Premature Hair Greying

  1. Nutritional (Aharaja)

A fair eating routine is critical to healthy hair. Ayurveda suggests making your meals an appropriate equilibrium of the multitude of six preferences. Spices and salts ought to be taken with some restraint.

Food sources like linseed, mustard, fish, sheep, sheep, and curds are wealthy in supplements. But abundance use will lead to vitiation of Pitta. Ayurveda exhorts control. Likewise, the absence of satisfactory measures of calcium, iron deficiency hair loss, vitamins B12 deficiency hair loss, and vitamin D3 in your eating routine may result in premature hair greying.

  1. Environmental And Behavior (Viharaja)

At the point when you put yourself in outrageous conditions like overexertion (ativyayama) or unnecessary actual exercise, awakening amid evenings at Pitta Kala (11.00 pm - 2.00 am, raatrijagarana), intake of contaminated air (dushitvayusevan), overexposure to sunbeams (atiatapasevan), unreasonable smoking (dhumasevan), and fasting (Upavasa), and so forth an unusual spike in your Pitta-Vata dosha levels happens, which leads to Akala Palitya or untimely greying.

  1. Psychological (Mansik)

Pitta administers certain mental factors like anger (Krodha), mental pressure (maansika shrama), grief (shoka), and fear (bhaya) in the body. Conditions like stress, anger, and so forth can easily incite Pitta dosha to irritate, resulting in untimely greying of hair. Indeed, even scientific researches propose that both acute and chronic pressure can conceivably induce Achromotrichia in the hair.

  1. Basic Prakriti / Genetics

The essential Prakriti of an individual is hereditary. If you have Pitta-dominant innate Prakriti, you have a default propensity of overabundance heat aggregation and are bound to go through untimely greying of hairs than others. To forestall hair greying, you should know about the dominant doshas. If you’re Pitta dominant, you have to avoid the food varieties and lifestyle propensities that exasperate Pitta.

  1. Hormones

Some hormonal changes in females during menopause and pregnancy can also lead to hair greying. Additionally, the insanity of all the doshas causes upset thyroid organs that can cause Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism. The progressions in thyroid levels can decrease melanin creation in your body and make your hair grey.

How to treat premature greying at home

If you don't have an ordinary hair care solution, get the best ayurvedic treatment for hair fall. It's time to pay some attention to your beauty instead of reserving it for unique events. You will possibly get results when you properly deal with your hair routinely and perseveringly. You can also take vitamin e for hair growth. 

Here is a portion of home remedies to reverse grey hair -

  1. Amla Powder
  • Take 1 cup of amla powder in a vessel.
  • Heat it until it transforms into ash.
  • Include 500ml coconut oil and stew on a low flame for at least 20 minutes.
  • Allow it to cool and leave it for 24 hours.
  • Afterwards, strain the contents the next day into an impermeable container.
  • Now, massage your hair with this hair oil two times in a week.
  1. Curry Leaves
  • Take some curry leaves
  • Then, mix them with two tablespoons of Brahmi powder
  • After that, add two tablespoons of amla powder to it
  • Apply this paste all over your hair mask and ensure to cover your hair roots
  • Leave it for one hour and then wash it with cleanses or herbal shampoo.
  1. Indigo And Henna

Neel or Indigo is a natural colorant utilized since the old-time to color your hair.It builds a bluish dark color. Also, it can be easily mixed alongside henna to cover your grey portions. This will make a darker color of your hair.

  1. Coconut Oil 
Lemon juice and coconut oil can be mixed and turn your hair dark color. The mixture of these two herbs may lead to a chemical reaction that can make your hair dark naturally.
  1. Black Tea

Black tea is also an efficient supplement that prevents premature greying. You can use it after taking a shampoo. Also, you can use it as a hair mask.

  • Take 200ml tea brew and use it as a conditioner.
  • Also, you may soak black tea leaves for at least two hours in warm water.
  • Now, mix it to a simple paste.
  • Then, blend it with lemon juice and use it as a hair mask for at least 40 minutes prior to washing your hair.

Black sesame seeds (Sesamum indicum)

This is one of the most amazing herbs for greying hair. You can eat one tsp of black sesame seeds to reverse premature greying and slow down the greying of your hair. You can take it two to three times a week.


This herb is outstanding and can work great for premature greying. You can massage your scalp and hair with clarified butter (pure ghee). You can take it two times a week. With the help of ghee, you can reverse grey hair naturally. 

Ayurvedic herbs to treat premature greying

Other than creations for and lifestyle rituals and topical application, Ayurveda stipulates powerhouse of herb for the oral drug to diminish hair greying as follows:

  • Bhringarajsava
  • Amalaki Rasayana
  • Lauha Rasayana
  • Prawal Panchamrit
  • Mahabhringaraj Taila
  • Tapyadi Lauh
  • Saptamrit Lauh

Natural oils to reverse premature greying

Ayurveda, the comprehensive and natural health study of India, exhorts treatments ranging from internal meds, outer application, lifestyle, and diet controls to keep your Pitta dosha levels up, consequently helping you forestall and reverse greying of hair.

Ayurvedic Hair Oils

1. Bringamalakadi Taila

Bringamalakadi Taila works as a powerful coolant for the scalp of your hair, alleviating it from extreme warmth. Massaging the scalp routinely with Bringamalakadi Taila feeds the roots of your hair and upgrades blood flow to the nerves. Thus, this forestalls the development of hair greying while maintaining the strength of your hair. Also, you can take vitamins for grey hair reversal. 

2. Brahmi Bringaraj Taila

Brahmi Bringaraj Taila is a perfect herb that deals with huge stress. This homegrown oil cures the dryness in the scalp and keeps your hair from greying. Likewise, it decreases hair fall by offering extensive sustenance to your hair roots.

3. Sahadevi Hair Oil (Purple Fleabane/ Veronica Cineria)

Sahadevi is the spice, which is utilized in Ayurvedic exclusive medicines for curing hair greying, hair fall, and going bald. Other than treating premature greying, the hair oil created from the Sahadevi herb is likewise extremely helpful in managing dandruff. Even though Sahadevi isn’t an essential spice, it tends to be found in the weed form.

4. Dasapushpam Oil

Dasapushpam, an Ayurvedic medication of ten different spices, is notable for its characteristics to control hormones and emotions. While alleviating stress in your mind, massaging the scalp with the help of Dasapushpam oil forestalls greying of hair.

5. Curry Leaves With Coconut Oil

Curry leaves work amazingly in stimulating the roots of your hair and help to reverse grey hair to black naturally. Vitamin B exists in curry leaves helps the follicles of your hair in repairing the natural color and subsequently, forestalls greying of hair. Coconut oil, which is the characteristic coolant for the scalp, turns into the ideal mixture with curry leaves to soothe exorbitant Pitta and control premature greying of hairs. 

6. Amla Oil (Indian Gooseberry)

Amla is also called a unique Ayurvedic spice to cure premature greying of the hairs. You can make Amla oil by boiling dried Amla herbs alongside a lot of curry leaves in coconut oil. Ensure you store the oil in a bottle. Now, let the oil cool and massage your scalp two times a week for better outcomes.


You can't keep away from the cycle of greying with age. Also, you can save your childhood from premature hair greying through the specified natural solutions. At Traya, we provide a customized Ayurvedic hair care solution that treats all of your hair issues by making the balance in your regular innate Prakriti. So, if you want to reverse grey hair permanently, get Traya product today.

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