Your Plate Tells Us The Health Of Your Hair

Your Plate Tells Us The Health Of Your Hair

If you had to define a regular week day, what would you say?

This is something we’ve commonly heard people say -
1) Wake up
2) Eat breakfast
3) Travel to work
4) Come back home
5) Sleep (THE BEST PART) 

But don’t you think that somewhere in the middle all of this... we’re missing out on a little bit of something? 

We could’ve easily defined our breakfast as “A  good breakfast” or our sleep as “A restful sleep.”

Why didn’t we?

Let’s help you gain an insight into this. 

According to Ayurveda says  a person’s “healthiness” can be gauged by these specific signs : 

  1. High energy Levels
  2. Healthy hunger levels
  3. Regularity in bowel movements.
  4. Uninterrupted REM sleep cycle 
  5. Good skin health 
  6. Type of odor released from one’s body and mouth
  7. BMI 

We know, that’s a lot of adulting to accomplish in just 24 hours with the work deadlines, the social commitments and “me” time. But there’s one small change which can help you maintain the above and reduce your hair loss. 


Beetroots that are good for hair loss prevention - Angrogenic Alopecia, Telogen Effluvium.

Here’s a little interesting fact about hair loss. It’s not an isolated condition. It is triggered by many factors and two of the most important ones are DIET and METABOLISM!  

Have you ever found yourself saying the following 

“Why am I showing signs of this vitamin deficiency?”

 “Why don’t I feel hungry” 


Food is one of the many factors that can determine overall health status and quite literally as it has been said before, you are what you eat (No, your hair won’t look like broccoli if you eat too much of it). 

Consuming the right foods (by right foods we mean, boiled/roasted vegetables, fruits, grains, meat, etc.) provides better nutrition to your body. Fresh fruits and vegetables in the most basic sense contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals as compared to deep fried foods. 

A recent study among school children suggests that 71% of children consumed the most common junk food being chips. 

This is why we’re concerned with oily food : When food is fried, it tends to lose all it’s nutritional value (protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc) and in place of that, contains higher fat and cholesterol levels.  

We understand, those chips may have been quite the fad then. 

We’ve all been there. 

But eating healthy isn’t a hard choice anymore (especially once adulthood sets in). By that I mean, you could just begin by simply incorporating part of it into your current eating habits. For example,Our Tatva team snacks on raw carrots, cucumbers and a mix of nuts during the day (AND IT’S OUR FAVOURITE SNACK OF THE DAY!).

Plus, it doesn’t really hurt to give it a twist or two sometimes.

Diet plan for hair fall solution important for male or female pattern baldness.

It all begins with you and how you choose to make this important lifestyle choice (after all giving up generic fried and spicy food can be a little challenging). Once you make that difference, your body will start showing it in the most subtle ways! 

The effect of it can be as simple as converting a challenging sleepy afternoon (don’t we all feel that?!) into an energetic brainstorming session sooner than you could expect. Plus, you’re saving yourself the effort of unnecessary expenditure on common health issues like cholesterol. Ofcourse you can’t expect your body to change drastically in a day (haven’t you heard? Good things come to those who wait ;D) but trust me, it’s positively affecting your inner health and with that, your hair. This is how our nutritionist formulates your diet plan as well. 

No need to start with an extensive diet, she quite understands the challenges that could crop up. So, your first month starts off with a simple list about your food intake and then we dive into the details after she gets an understanding of what you can and cannot do.

Since hair will receive all the nutrients it needs with your improved metabolic and digestive activity, you won’t ever want to go back to eating unhealthy.

Well if you’re wondering whether you’re really ready for this big step, YOU ARE. Go ahead, show yourself some love by putting in the extra effort for your body, you deserve it. 

A little bit of love, a little bit of health

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