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Ayurveda, the Doshas & You

The science of….life
It’s the world’s oldest medical field with over 5000 years of experience. It originated around the time of the vedic culture. Many of the fields of medicine have developed or borrowed some of it’s concepts from Ayurveda like that of Chinese medicine. 
It uses the most natural way to solve illness and health related issues. Treatments often focus on different parts of human life like physical, mental and emotional well-being and that's why it’s often also referred as the Science (veda) of Life (ayur). 
This philosophy states that the universe maintains it’s balance based on three energies or doshas namely vata, pitta & kapha. 
Do the doshas make me moody?
Pretty much! 
Doshas are part of a life force called prakriti, which in the most basic sense is your body’s nature. So just as life moves along, your doshas will constantly change too. A change in climate, diet, lifestyle, etc. would definitely influence these three energies. 
And you know what else gets affected by the doshas? 
Your hair. 
Since each dosha is responsible for a particular body system, excessive hair fall takes place when your doshas can’t match up. 
Now that you know that your hair fall is because of dosha imbalance, lets see which one affects your hair the most and why. 
Before we get there let’s understand these doshas. 
There are three particular doshas responsible for shaping your health and your persona. 
Vata dosha is the energy responsible for movement and the nerves of the body
Ayurveda dosha called vata is part of the understanding of hair loss reasons.
So if you’re an excellent dancer or sportsperson, now, you know why! 
It is connected to the element of air and controls the functions of circulation, breathing, etc. in the body. It means that the overactive friend of yours has quite the dominant vata in them! When vata goes wrong it shows in the dryness of the hair, dandruff, split ends, etc. and since it affects your nature - anxiety, sluggishness, etc may occur. 
Pitta dosha is the digestive fire within you. 
Pitta is one of the main hair loss reasons. If you understand it, you will understand how to stop hair fall.
To all those people who live & love to eat - pitta dosha is definitely keeping your game strong! 
Here’s what it does for you : It controls your metabolism and digestive action. An imbalance in this dosha can cause indigestion, excess hair fall and most importantly, hair loss. On the emotional front, you may experience anger, annoyance, irritation, etc. if pitta is triggered. 
Kapha dosha relates to the water and earth elements of nature.
    Kapha is one of the Ayurveda Doshas you can understand for hair loss prevention. Learn how to stop hair fall here.
It is usually associated with a calming energy for those who have a dominant kapha.
It takes care of the body and minds lubrication. An imbalance would show in the form of excessive oily secretion on any part of the body, excessive sleep, obesity and might affect your scalp in the form of dandruff and oily scalp.   
Did you know that your hair is majorly affected by excess pitta?

The three doshas are all connected to help keep your body in balance. Different people may have a particular dosha that’s dominant within them impacting their personality, behavior and most importantly, their health. So look out for any of the previously specified signs of imbalances. 
A general imbalance in the doshas could lead to excessive hair fall and could impact your once healthy scalp making it not so healthy any more. 
Try to identify which dosha isn’t balanced. Pitta dosha is the main one that influences hair health. So if you’re losing more than 150 strands daily, now you know why. Make sure you get it under control by pacifying your pitta dosha. 
These few tips and herbs can help you do so with complete ease so you don’t have to run around all confused.
  • Exercise daily for 45 minutes.

  • Eat healthier foods like fruits, vegetables and avoid too much spice.

  • Rest well for at least 7 hours.

  • Calm your excess pitta with herbs like Avipattikar, Amalaki & Yashtimadhu.(commonly prescribed for our customers)
  • Avoid fermented food like dosa, dhokla etc. 
You’re probably wondering what these herbs do. Here’s an example - Avipattikar helps with any of the digestive problems you’ve been experiencing, Yashtimadhu pacifies elevated pitta levels in your tummy.
Now imagine this, if pitta is solved, your hair loss gets fixed. Not just that, you will see an improvement in your metabolism, fatigue, sleep, digestion, and mood. 
Looking to solve hair loss the Ayurveda way? Head over here! At Traya, we often say; Health first, hair second and happiness always :).

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A modern-day Vaidya with 11 years of experience. He is the founder of Dr. Shailendra Healing School that helps patients recover from chronic conditions through the Ayurvedic way of life.

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