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Yoga: A way to accelerate hair growth


Hair enhances a person’s personality and overall appearance. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Who doesn’t want to have a positive impact on others, particularly with their looks? All of us do! People often indulge in various hair treatments to improve their hair health. In the process of grooming, people tend to go through hair styling and coloring that is done using products containing harmful chemicals. 

In addition to the harmful chemicals, people are exposed to dirt and pollution that deteriorates the quality of the hair. They opt for hair treatments that are marketed using scientific names, but in reality, they only provide temporary benefits. Even if these treatments may provide you with immediate results, in the long-run, your hair might face problems. 

Hair fall, hair breakage, dandruff, and you name it! People today have tens of hair problems to complain about. The lifestyle and unhealthy diet worsen the health of the hair. It all contributes to a stressful life. And stress is another major issue that might cause hair loss. You may have tried products that are organic and chemical-free. But the results might not be seen in the long-run. One of the ways that you can improve the condition of your hair is through yoga. 

Yoga for hair growth

You probably have heard that yoga helps in maintaining a healthy life, attain a balanced weight and even improve your skin. Yoga is a spiritual ascetic discipline, particularly in Hinduism but often adopted by everyone who wishes to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It includes controlling the breath, meditation, and specific body postures performed to attain a relaxed state. It demands consistency and effort. 

Among a hundred benefits of yoga postures, improving hair is one of them. Say goodbye to your hair woes without spending a cent through this beautiful practice. It will not only solve your hair problems, but you can achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

Why spend money and waste time on hair products when you can practice yoga at your convenience and fight all your health issues? Yoga practice can aid in promoting and stimulating hair growth in both men and women. Consistent yoga posture practices can help improve the state of your hair. There are postures in yoga for hair fall control.

Benefits of yoga for hair growth

There is an exercise for hair fall control in yoga. There are specific yoga poses for hair growth. Yoga asanas for hair growth are mostly forward-bending. The forward-bending asanas help in increasing blood flow towards your head. The blood circulation increases, and this helps in nourishing the scalp and hair follicles. 

No wonder yoga is getting popular with passing days. People devote their time learning yoga postures. There are postures in yoga for hair growth and thickness. In this section, you will learn how yoga can be beneficial for promoting and stimulating hair growth. 

  1. Yoga Posture helps to reduce stress.

With the development and advancement, people face challenges to keep up with the world. It leads to change in lifestyle, unhealthy diet patterns, and an increase in stress levels. Stress results in various health issues, including gastritis, weakness, headache, low immune level, weak cognitive skills, lack of sleep, and even hair loss. 

A journal published in 2017 by a group of authors show how stress impacts hair growth. The research clearly showed that the students who were stressed out due to their examination had disrupted the hair growth cycle when compared to relaxed students. The increased stress causes inflammation, and the hair follicle cannot receive enough nutrients necessary for pushing the hair tissue out of your scalp.

Yoga practices and postures can help to reduce stress levels, which have been proved by researchers. Regular yoga practices can help you calm yourself in stressful situations. The more you are relaxed, the more your hair growth cycle will remain balanced. 

2.Yoga practices help in reducing fatigue and tiredness.

Your quality of life depends on your physical and mental health. Poor postures, disrupted biological clock, excessive work pattern, unhealthy diet, and mental stress contribute to fatigue in your body. Overall wellbeing is necessary for your hair growth. 

The research article published in 2016 shows how physical fatigue and tiredness causes' hair fall and disruption in hair growth. The tiered bodies do not function in a normal way; this causes uneven blood circulation. The blood circulated to the scalp does not have enough nutrients necessary for the hair nourishment of the hair follicles. 

Certain yoga postures can help relax the physical tension of your body. It helps in relieving aches that lead to sole the issue of scalp pulling due to physical stress. The relaxed body can function properly, and the blood circulation gets normalized eventually. This helps in nourishing the hair follicles and leads to hair growth.

2.Yoga helps in increasing blood flow towards the scalp.

You must be aware that hair growth is depended on the health of the hair follicles. The nourished hair follicles push the hair tissue out of the scalp. If the hair follicles do not get nutrients, the hair growth gets stagnant. 

The nourishment of the follicles is provided through the blood supply. The blood flow towards your scalp ensures healthy and nourished follicles. The forward bending yoga postures help nourishment of the hair follicles as the blood circulates towards your scalp. Practicing learning postures of yoga for hair re-growth is an easy alternative way. 

Yoga enhances the ability of your body to generate hair out of your scalp. Practicing yoga for hair fall control and hair growth is an excellent way that is free of side effects. Moreover, it helps you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga Asanas for Hair Growth

Now that you are aware of the benefits yoga can provide for hair growth, you must be curious about how to practice yoga for that purpose. Here in this section, you will learn the best postures of yoga for hair growth. 

You can visit this link of YouTube - to learn the postures for hair growth. This video demonstrates some of the postures that you can easily practice at home for stimulating hair growth. Also, in the following section of this article, you will learn the benefits of yoga postures for promoting hair growth and also learn how to perform it at home. 

  1. Pada-hastana Yoga (Standing-forward-bend)

Pada-hastana is a yoga posture where you bend completely towards your feet. You hold your calf for the support. This posture helps your body to flow blood in the direction of your head. The circulation of the blood, when it reaches your head, provides oxygen and essential nutrient supplies to your hair follicles. This nourishes hair follicles then leads to pushing out the dead hair tissue out of the scalp, and the growth of your hair promotes. 

How to perform pada-hastana posture?

  • Stand straight and make sure your legs are close to each other
  • Inhale for few seconds
  • While you exhale, start bending forward until your hand touches the heel of your feet
  • You can touch the floor if you are comfortable
  • Breathe normally and let the blood flow towards your head
  • Inhale and stand back again
  • Repeat this asana 5-6 times in the beginning; when you get an expert, you may increase the number of times you can perform this asana.

Take note: This asana stretches your muscles and the connective tissues if your back injury or any problem with your muscles, avoid performing this asana.

  1. Parvat-Asana (Mountain pose or downward-facing dog)

This asana is also named 'Adho Mukha savasana.' This is also a leaning forward bend posture. This posture is specific to yoga for hair growth on a bald head. It is a relatively easier posture. This posture, in addition to increasing the blood flow towards the head, also helps strengthen the abdomen muscles if practiced regularly.

A strengthened abdomen ensures proper functioning of the liver, kidney, and digestive system. The proper functioning of the body organs ensures a healthy body. A healthy body ensures a good amount of nutrient content and oxygen in the blood. The blood, therefore, supplied to your head and scalp will ensure nourished follicles, which will eventually help in hair growth. 

How to perform Parvat-Asana?

  • Stand on all the limbs like a dog
  • Bend forward by lifting your hip until your forelimb is stretched to the maximum
  • Make sure your body forms a 'V' shape
  • Stretch your neck forward in the direction of your hand and point your toes in the same direction
  • Your face should be directed towards your navel, and your ears should touch your inner arms
  • Hold for a few seconds depending upon your feasibility and flexibility of your body
  • Stand upright and repeat it 5-6 times daily

Take note: This asana relatively doesn't pull your back muscles. But if you are suffering from serious backaches, hamstring tear, or sciatica; refrain yourself from performing this posture.

  1. Vajrasana (Diamond Posture)

This posture is a very simple technique in yoga to relax your body. A relaxed mind ensures a relaxed body. This pose will help you relieve stress. Once your stress hormones are reduced, hair loss will not be seen if it was induced from stress. Many studies show how stress causes hair loss and baldness in human beings. 

A relaxed body helps in the proper functioning of the body. This ensures that your organs are receiving enough nutrients that need for hair regeneration. You can practice this easy, simple yoga for hair fall control and hair growth. 

How to perform Vajrasana?

  • First of all, keep your tensions at bay. Devote five to ten minutes to this exercise, and do not think of anything that causes you to stress
  • Sit on the floor with your legs stretched forward. Make sure your heels and legs are together
  • Fold your knees and sit on your legs placed together
  • Rest your hands and palms on your thighs
  • Inhale and exhale and try to keep your mind relaxed
  • This is a meditation posture that will help you relieve stress

Take note: This is a very safe posture that anyone can perform regardless of age. If you have knee issues, just make sure you sit in a posture for some time that does not cause any discomfort.

  1. Balayam Yoga (Nails-rubbing)

This yoga practice is one of the simplest exercises that can be performed by anyone regardless of age. This posture is just about rubbing your nails together for few minutes or as long as you desire. This can be done even one sits idle. 

The nails are the nerve endings in the human body. If you rub them against each other, your brain remains active. This ensures the proper functioning of the active brain that signals the proper functioning of your body. All of this contributes to healthier blood flow, those results in nourished hair follicles. It also rejuvenates the dead hair cells and revives the hair follicles. Your hair can grow long in just practicing this simple balayam yoga.

How to perform Balayam Yoga:

  • Curl your fingers in a way that you close your palm but do not close it
  • Make sure that your nails are brought together except for your thumbnails
  • Rub your nails against each other for five to 10 minutes in a gentle yet rapid manner
  • Repeat this whenever you are idle

Take note: Devote five to ten minutes of your time doing balayam yoga. You can know more about the benefits of this posture at

  1. Shashank Asana (Rabbit Posture)

Practicing this yoga posture ensures stronger and healthier hair. This posture is also helpful in relieving back pain. Imbalance in hormones, unregulated blood flow, and imbalanced thyroid gland contribute to hair loss and obstruction to hair growth. Practicing this posture ensures hormonal balance, adequate regulation of blood flow, and balanced thyroid. 

This posture might seem very hard to obtain but actually, it is pretty easy. It also helps relieve backaches and strengths muscles. The rabbit pose aids digestion. 

How to perform Shashank Asana?

  • Sit on your hands and legs (four limbs)
  • Bend your head so that it touches your knees
  • Now slowly touch the floor with your crown 
  • Try to hold your heels, keeping your arms straight
  • Inhale and exhale and hold for few minutes as per your feasibility

Take note: This posture requires practice and consistency. Try to be patient until you achieve the perfect correct posture.

4.Ustar Asana (Camel posture)

Ustar Asana is a yoga posture where one has to lean backward. This posture helps in maintaining good posture, aids digestion, and also strengthens the back muscles. In addition to these, it also stimulates blood flow towards the scalp and enhances hair growth. The increased blood flow in the head ensures stronger roots and helps in reduction in hair breakage. 

How to perform Ustar Asana?

  • Sit on your knees and make sure your back is straight and knees are apart
  • Bend backward and touch the sole of your feet with your palm
  • Make sure your face backward in a way that your chest is lifted upwards
  • Inhale and exhale deeply and bend forward to release the posture
  • Repeat a few times in a day for effective results

Take note: This posture might not be attainable by beginners. Once you achieve a flexible body, you may try it. Take precautionary measures and avoid if you experience discomfort.

These are some of the yoga postures that can stimulate and promote hair growth. But you must be consistent in these practices. Devote a certain time of the day and practice it for effective results.

Precautionary Measures

Yoga is a simple and safe method to exercise and meditate that can help you attain a healthy life. It can help in achieving a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being. But you must be careful to keep following things in mind before you attempt practicing yoga for hair growth.

  1. You should understand the limitation of your body and try to work on flexibility slowly and steadily.
  2. It is advised you follow someone either through yoga classes or online videos. is a very good platform where you can learn yoga postures that aid hair growth
  3. If the posture might seem difficult to attain, make sure you discuss it with your therapist.
  4. If you have joint and bone aches, avoid extreme yoga postures and opt for simpler ones

It is always advised to take yoga training for effective learning of the postures. However, simpler postures can be practiced by learning through videos by yourself at home.

The Key Takeaway

Yoga is a healthy way to stay away from stress where you can attain a healthy mind and healthy body. One of the benefits you can achieve through yoga is to accelerate and stimulate hair growth. Yoga can solve problems with your hair woes to a great extent. Your hair will become voluminous and lustrous. You can hair roots will become stronger, and hair follicles nourished. All you need to do is to devote time to yoga postures for achieving stronger hair roots and healthier hair strands. 

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