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Natural Hair Dyes


There might be times when dying your hair becomes unavoidable due to graying. Or just for a change in your appearance, you might want to use homemade hair dye. There are multiple ways to dye your hair using over-the-counter products and natural hair dyes. Traditional over-the-counter products contain harmful chemicals such as ammonia or parabens which can potentially damage your hair. On the other hand, natural hair dyes help you to maintain healthy hair and dyes your hair naturally. Preparing these natural hair dye at home is easy, homemade hair colors are most often available at your kitchen.

Risks of Using Chemical Dyes 

Natural hair dyes are a safer alternative as they possess plant-based elements instead of harsh chemicals. If you experience Inflamed, red skin after using chemical-based dyes, you may use honey or aloe vera for hair dye allergy treatment at home. Aloe vera has wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties. This will help to reduce redness and may expedite the wound-healing process 

Allergies due to hair dye could be both mild or severe. You may experience redness and itching to anaphylaxis in rare cases. Conducting a patch test is always a good alternative to test the product before you apply hair dye to your hair. The ingredient that has a reputation for causing these reactions is Paraphenylenediamine or PPD. To avoid allergies from hair dyes use natural hair dye, you could opt for hair colors like coffee or henna.

Para-phenylenediamine, or PPD, has to potential to cause everything from skin and eye irritation, asthma – also more serious impacts like vertigo, convulsions, and coma (thankfully, the latter is extremely rare).

Whenever you dye your hair, your immune system registers a foreign particle on the scalp. Which may eventually cause various health problems even after years of application. Ammonia is another ingredient you must avoid, as it is another chemical damaging your hair because it has an ingredient called resorcinol, an ingredient that may affect thyroid function.

Natural hair dyes to color your hair at home 

1. Beetroot for Hair Dye -

You can use beetroot to dye your hair a deep burgundy color. You would require one or two whole beetroots and you would require carrier oil such as coconut oil or almond oil.  

  • Take the beetroot and grind it in a mixer to extract the juice out of it.
  • Mix the juice with a carrier oil
  • Apply the mixture thoroughly to your hair
  • You need to cover your hair with a plastic cap to prevent it from dripping and making your clothes dirty.

You need to keep this mixture on your hair for about an hour and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. This is also a great home remedy for dry and frizzy hair.

2. Carrot Dye – 

You may try carrot juice as natural hair dye if you want to give your hair a reddish-orange shade. 

The process is quite similar to beetroot dye, you would need carrots in place of beetroot.

  • Grind the carrot to extract juice out of it
  • Then mix it well with the carrier oil
  • Apply the mixture thoroughly to your hair and let it sit for at least an hour
  • For hair wash, using a mild shampoo

Depending on the present hair color and texture of your hair, the shade can last for a few weeks.

3. Lemon Dye – 

This is one of the natural ways to color hair in a lighter shade. Lemon juice will strip your hair of its pigment slowly, lightening it over time. It’s best used to achieve sun-kissed highlights naturally.

  • Just squeeze a lemon and extract the juice.
  • Add some water to it
  • Pour it into a spray bottle
  • Spray it on your hair where you want to have a lighter tint. 
  • Dry your hair by sitting outside in the sunlight or use a blow-dryer.

All the other methods described here can give you temporary results but the results of using lemon juice are permanent. The pigment on the portion of hair you apply lemon juice to will vanish. You can get rid of this lightened hair only by cutting it off.

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4. Homemade hair dye with coffee - 

Looking for natural hair colour at home? Try homemade hair dye with coffee to dye your hair brown color. This is a great homemade hair dye for grey hair. A cup of brewed coffee can do more than just boosting your mood. 

To dye your hair with coffee - 

  • You would need two spoon full of coffee powder and mix it well with 3-4 cups of water
  • Boil it until it becomes 1/3 of the original mixture
  • Let it cool, then apply it to your hair 
  • Wash your hair with shampoo after 30 mins
5. Henna for hair dye – 

Heena power is one of the most used natural hair dyes in India and around the world. People have been using henna for hair care and to repair dry hair for ages. Henna usually comes in powder form and is the longest-lasting on the list. The color may last as long as four to six weeks.

  • You would require ½ cup of henna and soak it in ½ cup of water overnight, 
  • On the next day add more water if required and make a paste thick enough to apply on your hair and don’t make it too watery.
  • Cover yourself with an old cloth so that your clothes don’t get spoiled with henna stains.  
  • Apply thoroughly to your hair and leave it for 45 mins.
  • Wash your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo.

To prepare homemade black henna for hair dye you can mix the indigo powder with the henna pack and dilute the paste with black tea to give it a darker shade. 

Benefits of Using Natural Hair Dyes

Natural hair dyes are always better for your hair because they are free from harmful chemicals which may cause damage to your hair and scalp. The above-mentioned homemade hair dyes are not only safe, but they also protect your hair in the long run. However, you can also buy natural hair dyes from the shop, just make sure to check the label for chemicals like parabens, sulphates and ammonia, it can also be mentioned as para-phenylenediamine, 4-aminoaniline, p-diaminobenzene, 1,4-benzediamine, and 1,4-phenyl diamine which can cause harm to your hair.

How To Make the Natural Dyes Last Longer 

After dyeing your hair with natural hair dyes it will look perfect for a few days, but what makes you worried is the color fading. There are a few ways to protect your naturally dyed hair:

  • Hot styling tools like hairdryers, straightening irons, and curling irons should be avoided.
  • If you do want to use styling tools then apply a thermal protectant to your hair.
  • You should avoid taking hot showers and skip washing your hair too often.
  • Installing a water filter in your shower will help you filter color-draining chemicals like chlorine and fading agents.

If you are willing to maintain the good health of your hair in the long term, you should start investing in the right products for your hair care routine. In this article, we’ve guided you about dyeing your hair naturally and talking about the top natural hair dyes that we recommend for you. 


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You should be a fan of using a conditioning treatment once or twice a week, as it adds moisture back into the hair. Dry hair may become one of the biggest culprits of faded color. You can opt for an at-home conditioning treatment that can help you keep your hair healthy without heading to the salon. You should try our hair care treatment which is doctor prescribed and carefully formulated to help you get rid of hair problems.

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