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Haircare tips for men


All men wish to have the best look while spending the least time in the shower and hair care. They generally tend to leave the hassle of managing a great hair experience to the salon. Also, they might prefer to have short hair so that it requires less maintenance. However, these days with the changing lifestyle, eating habits, health ailments, exposure to chemicals and treatments makes the hair dull than ever before. So today we have come up with a guide with hair care tips for men, which will help in attaining a great hair day along with some of the most useful tips. 

Hair Care tips for men

  • Know your hair type

This first step is to consider while seeking hair care tips for men is to know your hair type. Then whether you have straight, thin, curly or dry hair, you should buy the shampoo accordingly. And believe us that it is significant when you seek the best hair care routine for men. 

  • Shampoo type does matter

Men usually adjust to any product unlike women, which is a very wrong practice. Some also use bathing soap to wash their hair that leads to hair becoming dull, unhealthy and frizzy. So, next time when you step out to purchase a shampoo for yourself then don’t look for the cheap varieties instead hunt for a sulphate free/mild shampoo or natural ingredients variant. As these shampoos will not snatch away the natural oils present in the hair and will instead hydrate them. 

  • Over shampooing should be stopped 

It is said that the scalp should be kept clean and for this purpose, one should shampoo it regularly. However, washing the hair every day isn't good at all. According to the hair care routine men tend to develop itchy, dandruff prone and dry scalp. Instead, the hair routine for men suggests that you avoid over-shampooing so that you don’t lose the oils present on your scalp. As the natural oils keep the scalp hydrated. The recommended male hair routine advises washing the hair a maximum of 3-4 times a week. 

  • Always condition your hair after shampooing

This is one of the most pertinent steps when looking at hair care tips for men. We know that men usually spend less time in the shower and just wash their hair with shampoo and believe that they are good to go. However, without conditioning after shampooing causes serious damage to the hair. As conditioners play a vital role in replenishing moisture and essential oils. You should definitely do this if you have dull, dry, frizzy hair by following these healthy hair tips for men. 

  • Don't use two-in-one products

It is quite likely that the two-in-one products might seem to be an all-rounder, however, they are not good at all. While knowing more about the men's hair routine, it is imperative to understand that every product has a specific purpose and not all in one product can suffice the individual needs each product caters to. So, as a shampoo’s function is to cleanse likewise a conditioner’s purpose is to nourish and moisturize. When one product tries to overstep the other product’s core purpose then the whole idea of men's hair tips gets defeated. Let individual products do their respective job, it is as simple as that. 

10 Expert Hair care Tips For Men

If you still wish to discover further about hair care tips for men from the expert’s point of view then stay gripped and read ahead. 

  • Egg Wash works like a charm

If you always had a question in mind i.e. how to deep condition hair then trust us that this tip works like magic! So, if you wish to make your hair healthy, super shiny and frizz-free then this is the key. All you need to do is to wash your hair with eggs once a month to nourish the hair with much-needed protein.

  • The right timing for the haircut is important

It is essential to get undivided attention from the barber/stylist, as he will understand your exact requirement. So when the salon is relatively less crowded then you can consider it the right timing.

  • Less is often More

This point is often not understood when considering men's hair care tips. Where one of the biggest hair mistakes in hair care tips for boys or men is using too many styling products. 

  • Remove the wax by this method

Hair care tips for men emphasize removing the wax properly. So, the best way to do it is by applying shampoo to the dry hair and rinse, repeat the shampoo application. This will help in breaking down the product and making the hair clean properly.

  • Ease out

Long hair maintenance tips advice to de-stress and boost the scalp's circulation so that you can be blessed with healthy hair. For this indulge in regular and stimulating head massages. 

If you possess greasy hair then as per the daily hair care routine for men, refrain from using hot water. Also, don't scrub and rub it too much as it will further activate oil-producing sebaceous glands, which are already overactive.

  • Protect your hair while diving in the pool

You must be aware that chlorine is extremely harmful to the hair. As chlorine chemically bonds with the proteins present in the hair and leads to lifting the cuticle, which is the hair’s protective outer layer. This makes the hair dry, brittle and dull. Hence, ensure to wet your hair thoroughly with clean water before swimming to minimize the side effects. Or you can even apply a small amount of conditioner before getting in the pool.

  • Let it be natural

We know it always seems easy to do things quickly and get done with them. Therefore, we tend to use hair dryers to let it all dry in a jiffy. However, this is not good for the hair’s health, instead, it makes it all the more dull and dry. So, next time when you have to dry your hair then let it dry naturally. Or if you have to step out urgently and have no other choice then use the least heat available in the dryer settings. This will prevent frizzy, damaged and dull thereby keeping the hair condition good. Stay rest assured that by following this step you will be making the most of the hair care tips for men.

  • Ditch the cold showers

It feels good to often take a bath in a cold shower, however, under the hair care tips for men section it is highly recommended to ditch that. As cold water rinses and constricts the blood capillaries in the scalp. To your knowledge, these are those tiny blood vessels, which carry nutrients and pick up waste products from the skin’s surface. So, they need to be active for optimal effect.

  • Spray to play

If you wish to style your hair one notch higher, then all you need to do is just pop one or two spatters of a traditional dry hairspray into your palms, rub them together and turn it into a finished texture. As per the experts among the others, these hair care tips for men works like a charm and adds a little more hold and texture to your existing style.

  • Always carry a comb

There are times when you might not have access to styling products especially when you have stepped out of home, on the go or travelling. So, in the hair care tips for men, this method comes very handy. As most styling products get reactivated by just wetting a comb and running it through. 

Hair Care Tips For Long Hair

Follow these tips to know about how to maintain long hair men section:

  • Oiling is necessary

Usually, everyone needs to oil their hair 2-3 times a week, however, people with long hair do need extra care and nourishment. Heat the oil before applying as it will penetrate the pores of your scalp and massage in circular motions to increase blood circulation. 

  • Use a conditioner

Condition your hair after every time you shampoo to maintain the moisture in the locks while maintaining its good health.

Hair Care Tips For Thinning Hair

  • Switch to matte products 

To make the hair look thicker and more manageable it is advised to use a matte styling paste or clay. As matte products absorb light and make the hair appear a little thicker instantly.

  • Forget the comb-over

Among all the tips, hair care tips for men suggest keeping the hair shorter at the sides and longer on the top. This is especially helpful for people who have thinning problems. This kind of haircut will help in drawing the attention away from the thinning areas.

  • Don’t be harsh on your hair

One of the most mistaken hair care tips for men includes rubbing the hair harder in the notion that it will dry the hair quicker. However, this way the towel drying technique causes nothing but hair breakage. And if you have been sourcing information about hair fall solutions for men then leave this habit with immediate effect. As long hair care tips include not rubbing the hair too hard instead you can pat dry gently without causing any stress on the hair. 

  • Loosen up

Rubbing tends to cause friction to the hair leading to breakage. And this stands at paramount importance especially if you suffer from hair thinning. So, to prevent this, be extra cautious and use a soft cotton cloth/t-shirt to reduce the effects and dodge friction. Don’t wear any headgears, hats or accessories that are tight, which is another reason for hair breakage and damage caused to the cuticles. 

Hair Care Tips For Curly Hair

  • Hydration is the key 

Whether it is about curly hair routine men or long hair care routine hydration is the key or the foundation to possess great hair. According to the hair care tips for men in general too, it is recommended to use a gentle cleansing conditioner in place of a shampoo. And if you are looking for an answer for how to maintain curly hair then conditioner is your best companion. This is owing to the fact that the coarser and curlier the hair texture, the more moisture it needs. 

  • Use a wide-toothed hairbrush

Using fashionable combs does seem to be classy and a style statement but it is not as useful. As only the wide-toothed hairbrush helps in detangling the hair. Especially, if you are seeking hair care tips for men with curly hair then this type of brush is the best bet. Along with it do use a conditioner once or twice a week to upkeep the hair moisture. 

Hair Care Tips For Dry Hair

  • Avoid over washing

Washing the hair every day makes it dry and dull eventually. Hence, reducing hair washing and using a conditioner will aid in getting smoother and healthier looking hair.

  • Look for a solution accessible in your kitchen

Most often the markets are brimmed with professional shampoos, conditioners, styling products and whatnot, to lure the customers. However, they use the most harmful ingredients which take away the natural oil from the hair thereby making it dull and unhealthy. So, next time when you wish to pamper yourself then look for natural ingredients available in your kitchen which are not just pocket friendly, easily accessible yet very rich in proteins and other nutrients too. As the hair care tips for men suggest, you can apply vinegar and wash it later. This will help in restoring the Ph balance thereby making the hair shiny, clean and healthy.

Natural Hair Styling Products

  • Use a serum

It will help in making the hair look thicker, glossy and shinier. Also, to a certain extent, it will prevent the hair from excessive dirt and humidity. Apply it when the hair is slightly wet post-shower. You can play with your hands and style it naturally. 

  • Go the organic way

Always pick and choose organic or natural ingredients based styling products instead of chemical-based ones. 

Coming towards the end of the article today, we have tried our level best to solve all your possible queries. However, if you still need further clarity/assistance and are on the lookout for professional guidance in terms of hair loss treatment/dandruff/haircare or any other hair related issues then you can always visit us at Traya Health and seek consultation from our expert hair coach. 

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