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Hair conditioner benefits


For having strong, lustrous and impressive hair we all toil hard towards maintaining it. Where one of the rituals that we swear by is shampooing followed by applying a conditioner after hair wash. Where shampoo is used for the purpose of cleaning the dirt, dead skin cells, sweat and hair products to go off in the wash. While on the other hand, the conditioner functions to make the hair softer and manageable by protecting the hair shafts from damage. It is also a fact that most of the shampoos possess chemicals that are harsh on hair follicles and just simply washed hair pans out to be dry, dull, and difficult to style. Hence, conditioners come into the picture to make the hair soft through the presence of fatty alcohols, humectants and oils. The hair conditioner benefits in providing temporary protein in order to bind the split ends and make the hair appear fuller through its thickening agents. If you thought that these are the only handful hair conditioner benefits then you surely need to know it all, through this article. 

Hair conditioner benefits

Well, hair conditioner benefits in more than one way, as it encapsulates conditioning ingredients that have a positive charge thereby clinging to the hair while making it less static. As the dry and damaged hair can be static owing to a negative charge that they possess. 

Let’s know the hair conditioner benefits in detail:

  • Instant effect:

Unlike any other hair product which needs to be put on for a considerable time or hours, conditioner shows its effects almost instantly. Undoubtedly, it makes the hair softer, smoother and shinier. Hair conditioner benefits you to get results in a jiffy! Isn’t it amazing?

  • Protects against towel damage:

Are you re-reading it again? Yes! You read it right. This happens when the hair is wet and in the most vulnerable condition. And on top of it, if it is roughly towel dried then it leads to breakage and cuticle damage. This also stands to be one of the reasons for hair fall. However, having applied conditioner beforehand aids in the reduction of stress that the hair experiences.

  •  Acts as an indispensable hair care medium:

When you use conditioner after every shampoo, you will witness a positive change. As a good hair conditioner cares for the hair just after the wash and turns it soft and smooth aiding towards detangling the hair while making it shine all through. 

  • One choice fits all: 

It doesn’t matter even if you have fine hair or an oily one. As a conditioner is a necessary step to keep up healthy-looking hair and you can always make the choice of conditioner based on your hair type. You will truly value the hair conditioner benefits once you start implementing it regularly after every hair wash. 

  • Bid goodbye to dry hair: 

One of the benefits of using conditioner is that it consists of varied natural nutrients that are essential in keeping dry hair healthy. So, always make sure to use a good quality conditioner, which can help in the dryness reduction while leaving it smooth and shiny.  

Do keep these hair conditioner benefits in mind always, as it is a companion worthy for a lifetime. 

Myths About Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner benefits have already been entailed in this elaborative article today, however, some individuals hold inhibitions due to the wrong myths that hover them. 

Let's know what they are.

  • Conditioner makes hair fall out. 
  • Conditioner makes hair greasy.
  • Conditioner only works in the shower.
  • Conditioner only offers short term benefits.
  • Conditioner is not necessary for hair.
  • People who have oily hair should not use a conditioner. 

These myths are nowhere close to reality. As the hair conditioner benefits not just by nourishing the hair yet it also enhances the overall hair appearance. 

How To Apply Hair conditioner

By now you very well know the benefits of applying conditioner on hair so it's time to move ahead with its correct application method. Here, all we would like to mention is that "condition with care." If you really wish to experience the hair conditioner benefits to their optimum level then it's imperative to understand where all it should be applied and not all over. Hence, it is advisable not to condition the hair from roots to tips. As the hair ends are relatively older and need a bit more care to keep the hair's health good while making it appear shiny. Hence, always condition the hair only from the mid-sections to the ends. Trust us all you will experience is its deep conditioning benefits on the right application. This also boils down to applying the hair conditioner in long, fluid-type motions while ensuring that all the hair strands have been covered properly. Additionally, after shampooing the hair should be squeezed properly removing all the water soaked in it just before applying the hair conditioner. Wondering what’s the reason behind this? Well, the excessive amount of water dilutes the conditioner and prevents it from soaking into the hair follicles. Always remember that if you haven’t implemented hair conditioner in your earlier life then it’s good and high time to do that. As when it comes to availing the hair conditioner benefits, it’s never too late!

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair

The process of shampooing and conditioner go hand in hand, so if even one goes wrong then your entire effort will go in vain. So, it is always important to choose a sulphate free/mild or herbal shampoo that doesn’t leave any harsh effects on the hair. And coming to the conditioner part of it, you need to take into account the hair type (eg: curly hair, straight hair, etc.) that you possess along with the styling routine that you follow. As hair with different textures requires different ingredients in order to treat it in the best possible manner. This is an important consideration because if you have a habit of blow drying your hair on a daily basis or if the hair is coloured frequently then it will call for extra moisture. 

Is conditioning after shampoo really necessary?

Long, thick and lustrous hair is what every individual desires to have. Hair enhances the persona of an individual, gives a strong beauty statement and boosts confidence. So, to be in that space in the first place, one needs to have a proper hair care regime which definitely includes shampoo and conditioning of the hair. This is due to the external factors that expose the hair to sunlight, soil, dust and other related damages (wrong eating habits, medications, diseases/illness) that makes the hair quality dull and dry. So, under every circumstance, it is crucial to condition the hair after shampoo and hair wash. As shampoo cleanses the hair while conditioner nourishes it. 

There are mainly three categories of conditioners which includes traditional, leave-in and deep conditioners. You can always make a choice based on your hair type and requirement. Where you can see for yourself the benefits of leave in conditioner or keratin conditioner benefits and other available varieties from the choice bracket. Be clear on the hair conditioner used based on the type of hair that you possess, which will turn to be ultimately the best pick for you. 

How Often should you condition your hair?

Have you been dealing with issues of hair thinning and have been looking forward to the answer of how to deep condition hair? Then don’t give this a skim read rather know that it is an important factor that can help you possess healthy and desirable hair quality. While you already know by now that the benefits of conditioner include: smoothening, detangling, split ends reduction and hair breakage. So the answer rests with the fact that if you wish to possess the best benefits of using hair conditioner then every time and anytime you use a shampoo, you must apply a conditioner post hair wash. One of the best benefits of hair conditioner use is that the hair becomes manageable while making it easier to comb and style. So, next time if you find someone clueless and asking you when to use the conditioner, then take them through this detailed information that you've gathered from here. Hair conditioner benefits are numerous so it is important that every individual needs to understand its value in the hair care routine. 

In addition, if you need further clarity/assistance and are on the lookout for professional guidance in terms of hair loss treatment/dandruff/haircare or any other hair related issues then you can always visit us at Traya Health and seek consultation from our expert hair coach. Also, we will endeavour to guide you about the hair conditioner benefits in person too.

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