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How To Maintain Curly Hair


There is something distinctive about curly hair, isn’t it? These individuals stand out in the crowd flaunting their unique locks and catching attention from so many eyes. Undoubtedly, it must be making you think about how they maintain it so well! There is no magic wand that they are blessed with. And taking this topic ahead, our motive today is to address the common question of “how to maintain curly hair.” So let's deep dive into the world of curly hair looks and its maintenance. 

An obvious question that pops in anyone's mind is how to maintain curly hair naturally. So, to answer this appropriately we have a list of things you should consider under this topic of how to maintain curly hair.

  • Use a shower cap:

Whenever you step into the bathroom to take shower without the intent to wash your hair then just wear a shower cap before that. As the water that will fall on the hair randomly will add more frizz. 

  • Use an oil before shampooing your hair:

Massage your hair properly before washing your hair, which will help in preventing frizzy hair and the curls will last for more days than usual. You can use coconut hair oil for this purpose, as it has a wealth of benefits for the hair. 

  • Don't make too tight hairstyles:

Tight hairstyles will cause hair breakage instead leave your hair open or make a hairstyle that doesn’t cause any pressure on the hair.

  • Wear a scarf before wearing a helmet while you ride:

Both men and women have curly hair, however, this question arises more than how to maintain curly hair men tend to ask that often. So, before wearing a helmet, wear a scarf to avoid extra frizziness. 

Hair Washing Tips For Curly Hair

  • Washing it with a sulphate free/mild shampoo: 

Considering washing curly hair like the other hair types is not the right way to do it. Use only sulphate free shampoo as the ones that contain sulphate makes the hair dry by taking away all the natural oils. This ultimately not just makes the hair dull and dry but also causes breakage.

  • Use a shampoo rich in proteins with natural cleansing ingredients: 

A shampoo that contains natural ingredients like amla, bhringraj, neem, shikakai, etc. is the best pick to prevent dry hair. 

  • Don’t wash the hair too often:

Doubtlessly, washing the hair is an important step in any hair care routine irrespective of the hair texture i.e. frizzy hair, oily hair or any other hair type. As washing ensures that unwanted elements stuck onto the hair like dust, excess oil, dead skin cells and product buildup on the scalp get washed away. However, for curly hair, it is advisable not to wash the hair more than twice a week. The reason is that the hair is able to retain natural moisture and adds definition to your fabulous curls. 

  • Wash the hair with lukewarm water:

Wash your hair with lukewarm water while massaging your scalp gently. This will help in removing the excessive dirt, built up, etc from the hair. Use a gentle cleanser just on the scalp, this step will ensure to prevent dry hair ends. 

  • Conditioning your hair is imperative:

This step is very important to ensure that the hair is well hydrated giving your hair a lustrous look while making them healthy and soft. Always remember to squeeze out excess water before conditioning the hair to ensure that the product doesn’t get diluted on application. 

  • Deep conditioning is the key:

Wondering how to deep condition hair? Then here’s the answer to your question. Collect a considerable amount of conditioner on your palm and start its application on the lower ends of the hair. Later move in the upward direction reaching the middle length of your hair. Remember to never apply the conditioner to the scalp.

  • Detangle the hair post conditioner application:

To detangle the hair, always use a wide-toothed hair brush to avoid hair breakage and smooth combing. This step will also ensure to prevent any sort of knot formation while evenly disturbing the conditioner in the hair. 

  • Start combing from the lower ends of the hair:

Always comb from the hair ends then reach upwards, which will prevent any sort of breakage/pulling. Then you can rinse the hair using cold water for a minute.

Post this one of the most common queries that we come across is how to maintain curly hair after shower? If that’s even your question then do read on to know more trips and tricks entailed in this article. Then even if you have a question about how to maintain long curly hair or how to maintain short curly hair or how to maintain bangs with wavy hair or how to maintain curly weave, etc. Trust us everything will get answered eventually. 

How To Manage Frizzy Curly After Wash

This question is a cause of concern for many and they ask how to maintain frizzy curly hair? Then here’s what can rescue you: 

  • Avoid touching your hair:

Touching the hair often causes the transfer of germs/dirt present on the hands. Also, it makes the hair lose its natural curls while making it frizzy. 

  • Refresh your hair:

So instead of applying a leave-in conditioner, you can instead use some oil on the hair and scrunch it to gain natural curls while making it moisturized.

  • Style it on wet hair instead of doing it on damp hair:

This step helps in leaving the hair more moisturized though it will not add a high volume to the hair as it gives in damp hair styling. Yet it will not make the hair too frizzy and lasts relatively longer. 

While reading through the article, we are sure that we are ticking off most of the questions that were under the bracket of how to maintain curly hair. Stay gripped to get more insights ahead. 

How To Sleep With Curly Hair

Being blessed with curly hair is a gift from God, however, how to maintain curly hair is always a repetitive concern especially while sleeping. So, if this is what is hovering in your mind too about “how to maintain curls overnight” then here’s an easy solution:

  • Use a silk/satin bonnet or a silk scarf:

The hair bonnet helps in preventing frizzy/dry hair, retains the natural moisture in the hair, etc. You can either use a bonnet or tie your hair gently with a silk scarf. If you don’t wish to tie your hair with a silk scarf then you can also lay it on your pillow and sleep. All in all, a hair bonnet is the best answer to your question of how to maintain curly hair overnight.

  • Use a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one :

In case you don’t have either the hair bonnet or a silk scarf then you can use a silk pillow to experience the same positive effects on your hair as it causes less friction than the cotton material. However, a bonnet or scarf is much more effective in retaining the hair moisture and preventing frizziness. Owing to the reason that it holds the hair properly in place instead of leaving it open and all over.

We are sure that these two simple steps must have answered how to maintain curls while sleeping but wait we have a lot more to share with you. So, keep reading. By the end of this article, you will master the answer to the query from anyone who will ask how to maintain curly hair. 

Home Remedies For Curly Hair

How to maintain curly hair is indeed a challenge. So one should always seek natural ways to take care of the hair. Here are some packs that can back you up. 

  • DIY hair mask made with natural ingredients:

You can create your own DIY hair mask from easily available ingredients at home. You can put the mask overnight and wash it the next morning. Ingredients that you can use: honey, coconut oil, banana, aloe vera, avocado, eggs, etc. It will add much-needed moisture to your hair. Use this mask once or twice a week if you have dry curls. 

  • Other Masks that you can make: 
  1. This mask will very well answer your question of how to maintain curls naturally. For this, you can use olive oil, eggs, vinegar, fenugreek seeds, milk, and mayonnaise. Apply it to your hair. After 30 minutes, rinse with a mild shampoo. Eggs will give protein to the hair and mayonnaise will add moisture and lustre to the dry curls.
  2. Mash a ripe avocado and add a tbsp of honey and two tbsp of olive oil. Apply this mask to the curly hair and leave it for a duration of 30 minutes. Post that wash off with a mild gentle shampoo. Avocado is a gem fruit, which is rich in vitamin B, E, etc that will make your hair healthy and hydrated. 

Best Products For Curly Hair

A person blessed with curly hair is indeed a blessed soul, however, needs extra care to maintain it. So here’s a list of products that you should always possess. This list will also by and large cover the question of how to maintain curly hair.

  • For detoxing the hair: One mild/natural ingredient based clarifying shampoo. 
  • For regular use: One sulphate free shampoo.
  • For deep conditioning: One moisturising conditioner.
  • A conditioner in mist/spray form: One mousse or a leave-in conditioner 
  • A DIY natural gel that can be made at home: One gel that can be made from flaxseeds or any other natural ingredients. 

Hairstyles For Curly Hair

People with curly hair do have an added advantage of looking fabulous while slaying their open hair. However, if you have a question in mind that how to maintain natural curls and how to maintain curly hair while having an interesting hairstyle addition then here is what we have for you:

Hairstyles for curly hair:

  • A bun or loose ponytail.
  • Loose braid.
  • Half up/Half down.
  • By wearing it down. It is that hairstyle where you need to let the curls dry naturally. All you can do is to apply a hair mask, which you can leave overnight and can even try a leave-in conditioner for this purpose. Now you must be wondering how to maintain curls after washing hair? For this, you can seek professional assistance from a stylist and request them to cut your hair in long layers. This will help in the removal of bulkiness and will add a proper shape to your hair. Another question that arises is how to maintain curls post that, isn’t it? Well, the long layers will ensure that the curls still weigh down slightly, while still keeping them in place.

Still, looking for some interesting ones? Then here you go:

  • Braided Top Knot
  • Basic Braid
  • Side Braid
  • The classic updo
  • Messy half bun
  • Braided hairband
  • Slicked back ponytail
  • Victory curls, etc.

Avoid making any hairstyle that tends to be tight on the hair as this also will lead to loss of curls formation. Not just this yet it will also cause hair breakage. 

Well even after going through this exhaustive information if you still have questions that need to be addressed. Or if you need further clarity/assistance and are on the lookout for professional guidance in terms of hair loss treatment/dandruff/haircare or any other hair related issues then you can always visit us at Traya Health and seek consultation from our expert hair coach. Also, we will endeavour to guide you about how to maintain curly hair while meeting you in person too.

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