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Hair Serum Benefits


Is your hair drying up, missing out on the usual bounce? Beautiful, long, smoothened hair is the trend all around. Wondering how to go with the trend? You need not wonder anymore; Here’s the end of the contest with your hairbrush. One go-to solution for all your hair problems is hair growth serum which has multitasking power. Hair Growth Serum should be a must-have essential in your daily hair care routine to improve hair regrowth. So, if you are thinking about the benefits of using hair serum, do give it a read to acquire more knowledge about the various benefits of hair serum and the correct way of applying it. In addition, you will also get to know how to select the best hair serum according to your hair needs along with some product endorsements.

How does Hair Growth Serum Work?

Often known as a styling product, hair serums aid in adding extra shine and smoothness to your hair besides setting up your hairstyle perfectly. Hair Serum is a liquid product formulated with active ingredients that are high in silicone content which helps in frizz control and also helps your hair from ecological plunderers. The strength and brightness of your hair generally come from the silicone content present in hair serums. Unlike hair oils that help in the nourishment of your scalp, hair serums work on the surface of your hair. The amino acid that is present in hair serums breaches deep into your hair minimizing hair breakage which further benefits in the reduction of hair loss and in improving hair regrowth. Other commonly used ingredients in various hair care products are dimethicone and polysiloxane which assist in protecting your hair from heat damage. Hair serums thus form a protective covering for the surface of your hair which can be considered as quick fixes or even as a replacement for your conditioners. Furthermore, hair serums will help you in managing your hair like a pro.

There are tons and tons of Hair Serum Benefits; which are listed in the next section below.



Benefits of Using Hair Growth Serum 

There are various advantages of hair serum for women. Let’s take a look at some hair serum benefits:

  • Controlling Frizz 

Most women suffer from frizzy hair, hair growth serums can help you come out of this misery and provide good nourishment to your frizzy hair before any of your other reliable hair care products like hair spray or hair cream. Besides having frizzy or dry hair which looks damaged and feeble, you may also have flyaways or stray hair that lies against the rest of your hair. To come out of this bane, hair growth serum for women have benefits that are the perfect resolution in controlling all these issues. The presence of silicon in hair serum helps in controlling the frizz and flyaways of your hair. The presence of hydrolyzed proteins in some of the hair serums helps to thwart the static charge which is the main reason for your frizzy hair.

  • Provides Smoothness

The action of silicone helps in coating the surface level of your hair thus providing an anti-frizz effect which further helps in creating an advent of sleek and polished strands This process supports in improving the smoothness of your coarse hair.


  • Develop Shiny Hair

Besides controlling frizz and flyaways, the smoothness of your hair automatically leads to a luxurious shining texture of your hair. Moreover, the types of silicone used in hair serums increase the overall shining appearance. Add on a shine-boosting hair growth serum in your everyday hair care routine and your hair is ready for a long-lasting shine throughout the day.

  • Boosts Straightness or Curls 

Hair can be classified into various types such as straight, curly, or wavy based on your hair follicle. There are various types of hair serums available for the various hair types. While the serum for curly hair boosts the bounciness of your hair, the hair growth serum used on straight hair enhances the shine.

  • Fights against Damage

Your hair goes through a lot of environmental aggressors daily in the form of heat damage caused due to exposure to the sun as well as by heated tools that are being used often these days for hair styling. Your hair can also get damaged by coloring, straightening, or perming. It can also get damaged when the right hair care regime is not followed and your hair goes through a lot of wear and tear daily. To put an end to all these troubles hair growth serum is the finest solution that supports your hair to fight these damages as well as provides deep nourishment to your hair while also improving hair growth. Nowadays hair serums with heat protectants are readily available in the market which is being used before your hair goes through any heat treatments or heat styling tools. That’s how a hair serum benefits.

  • Diminishes Tangles

Hair Serums are enriched with a detangling effect which helps your hair styling to be on point as well as serves you superbly for managing your hair with utmost ease.

  • Provides Nourishment for Dry Hair

Do not get exasperated with your coarse hair which tends to get drier with each passing day. Dryness in your hair often tends to look dull and dead sometimes resulting in an itchy scalp. You just need to enhance the use of hair serum in your daily hair care routine. Hair Serums are great in providing nourishment to your hair preventing it from drying up along with providing your hair with a soft, smooth, and shiny texture.

  • Moderating Strands

Don’t you feel bad running your hands through damaged hair? A little use of hair serum can put an end to all your difficulties. Hair Growth Serum is that secret ingredient in bringing extra moisture and nourishment to your hair which will result in softening of your hair strands. 

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How to Use Hair Serum? 

Now that you know all the benefits of using a hair growth serum, don’t wait for your hair to get dull and damaged, start using a hair serum right away. Using a hair serum just for the sake of use might not provide you with the results. There is a proper way of applying to get the most out of the hair serum benefits especially in terms of hair growth.

  • Hair Serums are always used on clean and washed hair usually while the hair is still damp but not exactly wet. Though it is used for styling purposes, its main purpose is to provide nourishment to your hair and protect your hair from all kinds of dirt and grime. Hence hair serum applied to shampooed hair yields maximum benefits.
  • Just a drop or two of the hair serum will do all the goodness. Rub the hair serum in between the warmth of your plum for about a few seconds before applying it to the surface of your hair. You might require a bit more serum depending on the length and volume of your hair.
  • Start applying the hair serum from the end part of your hair as it works well on the split ends gradually moving towards the middle section followed by the front of the hair. Do not forget that hair serum is always applied on the hair surface, unlike hair oils which are used on the scalp of your hair.
  • Softly apply the hair growth serum massaging your hair carefully. Over-applying hair serums may cause greasiness to your hair. Since serums are of a relatively thicker consistency, only a pea-sized amount is necessary.
  • Do comb your hair gently to evenly distribute the serum all over your hair and cautiously remove tangles if any.
  • In case you are in a hurry to go out make sure you blow-dry your damp hair as dust can easily get stuck onto your damp hair, thus eliminating the advantages of hair serum.
  • Hair serum can be used throughout the day for touch-up purposes of your hair. But be very careful again as silicone-based hair serums when used on completely dry hair can lead to loss of moisture resulting in dull and frizzy hair.
  • But before all this, you need to select the proper hair serum according to the type of your hair and solve your hair concern.

This might lead to experimenting with some products. But we have tried to cover that base so that the list of your experimenting products doesn’t go very long.

How to Select the Best Hair Serum According to Your Hair Needs 

Selecting your Hair Serum according to your hair requirement and optimal hair growth is very important. Here are some hair serum benefits and recommendations for different types of hair.

  • Hair Serum for Frizzy Hair 

Hair Serums with high content in rosewood, castor, marula, and lavender provide great moisture to your hair

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  • Hair Serum for Dry Hair

Cream-based hair serums are best suited for dry hair. Castor oils which fall under the thick oil category are very good for dry scalps and denser hair.

Oily hair often tends to look greasy. The selection of some light oil-based hair serums can be very well suited for oily hair types. Jojoba, Lemon, Geranium, Peppermint essential oils are light in texture and are best suited for oily hair.

  • Hair Serum for Enhancing Hair Straightness

The more smooth the hair, the straighter it will look. Hair Serums with smoothing properties will help enhance the straightness of the hair. Ingredients like aloe vera, marula oil are best for smooth hair.

  • Hair Serum for Enhancing Curl

Same as the oily hair types, lightweight hair serums with hydrating formula helps in maintaining the usual bounce off the hair. Hair Serums containing ingredients such as safflower oil and jojoba oil can be a perfect fit.

In case of a damaged hair, you must be looking for a repairing serum. Opt for serums that do not have any sulfate, parabens, and dye content in it. Serums made out of natural products like honey are best suited for damaged hair.

Does Applying Hair Serum Have Any Side Effects 

Like all products hair growth serum also has certain side effects. Overusing hair serums can often lead to hair breakage. Your hair might start getting dull and lifeless owing to the drying up of your mane. You need to remember always that hair growth serums are not hair oils and hence the regularity at which it is being applied should be maintained constantly. Proper application of hair serums keeping in mind your hair types and hair goals will always protect you from the side effects and help you in gaining proper hair serum benefits.

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A must-have styling essential is the hair serums. Many beauty trends come and go but hair serums are here to stay. With the increase in the use of heat-reactive beauty tools, the use of hair serums has also increased greatly. Hair serum benefits are several, from smoothening your hair to straightening it, removing frizz, and repairing the damage. But, a hair serum should always be chosen wisely for the best results of your hair along with proper usage. Click here to learn more about Traya Hair Serum.

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