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Botox Hair Treatment


What comes to your mind when you hear the term botox hair treatment? It is quite likely that you must be imagining the painful needles that are used in the medical procedure. However, you are sure to give a sigh of relief when we will tell you that in botox hair treatment there are no needles involved! Sounds doable now, right? 

Botox Hair Treatment

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, let us first understand what botox is in the first place. So, botox which is also known as botulinum toxin has been trending and catching popularity in the influencer and beauty space. It is a very much talked about topic that has been mostly related to skin botox. However, today our motive is to enlighten you about botox hair treatment. Where botox hair treatment is very different in comparison to the skin botox treatment you might have been acquainted with. Like to start with, the hair botox procedure does not contain the botulinum toxin compound. Also, it is not an injectable procedure instead it just lends the name botox. As the term botox relates to deep conditioning treatment that aids in the time-reversal of your tresses. Sounds confusing? Then let’s dig deeper and know everything about this trendy hair treatment with more clarity.

What is botox?

You must be knowing that hair botox and keratin treatment are two of the most common hair treatment procedures used in beauty salons and spas. It is meant for those who are seeking to get rid of hair breakage/hair thinning and wish to experience smoother, shiny, and healthier hair. Specifically talking about the botox hair treatment, hair botox is known as an anti-ageing hair treatment. Where it has the ability to transform even the most damaged hair while turning it into smooth and lustrous locks. So, if you had been asking yourself “how can I thicken my hair?” Then this is surely the most appropriate answer. 

How does botox treatment work for hair?

To your surprise, let us tell you that there is no standard formula set for botox hair treatment. However, some of the most popular known compounds put into usage include proteins, peptides, amino acids, vitamins, collagen complex and lipids, etc. These are the key ingredients, which are blended with various other conditioning agents. This leads to the transformation of your hair. The amalgamation of such ingredients and involved process functions as a filler for thinning hair fibres, therefore it got the name 'botox'. You can witness a drastic change between hair botox before and after. As a single session makes the hair silkier, smoother, shinier and more youthful. You will experience all this with a less damaged version than before, thus making it one of the most desirable hair treatments in today’s time.

Botox or Keratin, which is better for hair?

In order to understand the botox keratin tussle, let's dive in to know about the differences. So, keratin treatments are basically chemical-based, which mostly contain formaldehyde. Where formaldehyde is used to lock/freeze hair strands turning them into a straight position. This helps in keeping the hair smooth. However, the presence of formaldehyde in these treatments sometimes causes concern. Like various keratin treatments can cause irritation to those individuals who have a sensitive scalp as it contains chemicals. Also, formaldehyde is a carcinogen and it has not been successful in producing long-lasting results. 

Keratin hair treatment is suitable for those that have very thick and curly hair as it is prone to more frizz. Further, it supports in making everyday styling easier and relatively manageable. Its treatment is typically easy on the pocket when you purchase it on your own. On the other hand, if you are considering botox for hair growth then you will be glad to know that it is chemical-free. It is a deep-conditioning treatment that makes the hair more smooth and hydrated. This type of treatment doesn’t straighten the hair like keratin treatment, however, it makes it easy to style the hair and maintain the look. If you are seeking a reality check then you will definitely witness a botox hair treatment before and after, difference to a great extent. Additionally, this type of treatment is suitable for every hair type and majorly for those who possess thinner and finer hair. Here we won’t recommend keratin treatment in such a case as it weighs down the hair. Price per se botox hair treatment is higher in cost in comparison to the keratin hair treatment. 

You must surely be having a question in your mind that how long do these treatments last? Well, both hair botox and keratin treatments give semi-permanent results. Where, the hair botox treatment effects last typically between 2-4 months. Whereas the keratin treatment lasts for an average of 3 months. Hence, to make it last longer (irrespective of whichever treatment you go for) it is recommended that you use a mild/low/sulphate-free shampoo as it will help in maintaining the treatment’s benefits for a longer duration. 

Is it safe to use botox for hair?

Wondering if botox hair treatment is even safe? It is mostly safe yet with any hair treatment tags along with the chances of skin irritation and allergic reactions. Hence, ensure that you prevent the side effects by not letting the botox hair treatment procedure come in contact with your skin and eyes.

How much does hair botox treatment cost?

Wish to know the botox hair treatment price? The cost of botox hair treatment varies from salon to salon. As it depends on two factors, one of which is that you are buying hair botox products for getting the treatment done at the salon or need hair botox treatment at home. As the salon will charge their professional fees for their service and if you are doing hair botox at home then it will be relatively lesser. Additionally, it also relies upon the fact that whether you want to get an organic botox hair treatment done or a keratin botox hair treatment. So, the price can be determined based on the following factors depending on the geographical location. 

If you need further clarity and are on the lookout for professional guidance in terms of hair loss treatment/dandruff/haircare or any other hair related issues then you can always visit us at Traya Health and seek consultation from our expert hair coach.

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