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Sleeping with Wet Hair


We are sure that you must be acquainted with the popular saying that one should never eat before exercising. Similarly, our mothers/grandmothers had a strong conviction towards not sleeping with hair in a wet state. As wet hair may most likely make one fall ill and can also lead to catching a cold. However, let’s admit it, how many times it so happens that we feel so exhausted to attempt a hair dry before dozing off in our comfort zone. Most of us do, don't we? Especially when it is summertime and it feels good to have a refreshing feel after a head bath. 

Sleeping With Wet Hair

Well to move ahead in this article, we will like to bust your myth about sleeping with wet hair. As there is much more to it than you thought. We will walk you through the effects of sleeping with wet hair. With this comes along many questions like is it bad to sleep with wet hair? Or probably it will trigger the curiosity in your mind that what happens if you sleep with wet hair? You may also link it with sleeping with wet hair headache and whatnot. All these questions are very relatable and we are here to answer them all. 

Health Risks Of Sleeping With Wet Hair

The mothers were not wrong when they said beta I don’t recommend going to bed with wet hair. Reason being that they majorly cared about your health, which is in every respect true. Wondering what happens if you sleep with wet hair? Then read on to know the negative effects of it, primarily your health:

  • Cold & Sore Throat:

  • Most of us have a habit of making our room cool by turning on the air conditioner, especially during the summers. This is fine but sleeping with wet hair is not, as it tends to give chills. So, it is advisable not to sleep after washing off the hair as you may catch a cold and suffer from a sore throat too. 

  • Immune System gets affected:

  • For a moment you might think that getting cold doesn’t create any grim situation. However, for a reality check let us tell you that going to sleep with wet hair affects the immune system. Are you wondering what is the logic behind it? Well, the body temperature that we possess is usually low during the night, and sleeping with wet hair leads the body temperature to drop further. So, it is not good for the body’s immune system. 

  • Scalp Ringworm:

  • Sounds very serious right? Indeed it is. We are sure that you must be inquisitive about how it occurs? It’s when you sleep with wet or damp hair, the scalp ringworm infection finds moist and warm conditions most suitable for the inhabitant. It is highly contagious in nature, hence, it is highly advisable to keep the scalp clean and dry before hitting the sack. 

  • Causes Acne: 

  •  Next time when you ask yourself, can I sleep with wet hair? Then just remember, that this habit will give room to the bacteria which may be found crawling on your pillow. This will in no time lead you to experience acne. So say a big no to such practice even once!

    Does Sleeping with wet hair damage hair

    Yes, certainly there are adverse effects of going to sleep with wet hair. 

    Let us know, how: 

  • Might cause Hair loss & Dandruff:

  • You might be religiously following a hair care routine, however, did you know that going to bed with wet hair can make you face hair loss? Not just this yet you can also suffer from dandruff as damp hair is a house of bacteria and fungi, which multiply on the scalp. So, the combination of bacteria and natural oil loss make the scalp much more prone to dandruff. 

  • You’ll end up having more Expenditure on Hair Styling Tools & Products:

  • No one likes to have a bad hair day and sleeping with wet hair causes it to dry making it into a messy look the very next morning. This clearly shows at the end and at the crown of the head. To get it back in shape you will need to style the hair with styling products and tools, which are not just expensive yet further damage the hair. 

    How to sleep with wet hair

    After reading everything all this while if you wish to upkeep a good hair care routine for any type of hair you possess. Be it dry hair, frizzy hair, curly hair, etc. Then do keep these undermentioned points in mind as, if you still don’t have a choice but to sleep with wet hair. Where we understand that it could be owing to your hectic routine/lack of time or any other reason. 

  • Make changes in your shower hours

  • Sleeping with wet hair once won’t cause hair to fall on an upcoming day, however, it’s not even a good practice to do it on a frequent basis. So, try tweaking around the timings of your shower so that it’s not around your sleeping time at night. Once in a blue moon is still fine but let it not become a routine. 

  • Use natural & mild hair products: 

  • We know that it is very much possible that amongst the products flooded in the market, online platforms and television advertisements one is likely to get carried away. However, clear the clutter and look for something herbal, natural and mild. For eg: Go for Ayurvedic hair products that are not just gentle on your scalp/hair yet also help in treating hair fall naturally while leaving them soft and smooth. Not just this yet it also possesses moisturizing and nourishing properties. You may look for products that have Ayurvedic herbs like Shatavari, Amla, Guduchi, Brahmi, Bhringraj, Methi, Jatamansi, Panikoorka, Kalmegh, etc. 

  • Ensure that the hair is not wet:

  • Before sleeping just ensure that your hair isn’t that wet that it makes your pillow moist. Let your hair first dry in a natural manner to prevent the damage and dandruff risk. 

  • Put silk/muslin hair wraps or pillowcases into use: 

  • These materials are skin and hair-friendly, made up of natural fabrics that prevent any sort of friction. Also, they are soft and smooth in comparison to the usual cotton pillowcases, hence, the hair movement doesn’t experience any hard or aggressive touch. 

  • Avoid tying the hair:

  • Sleeping with wet or damp hair, which is tied into a tight ponytail or bun leads to hair breakage/hair loss. This stands true for most hair types. However, if you are blessed with curly hair and wondering how to sleep with wet curly hair then read on. You tie the hair loose as tying it tight will cause a lot of pressure on the hair. Also, it pulls the hair follicles that causes further damage. 

    We are in high hopes that when someone asks you in the future, “is it okay to sleep with wet hair?” Then you will have a lot to share to enlighten them. Besides this, if you are on the lookout for professional guidance in terms of hair loss treatment/dandruff/haircare or any other hair related issues then you can always visit us at Traya Health and seek consultation from our expert hair coach.

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