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Why does Traya combine three sciences?


A lot of people wonder why at Traya we combine Ayurveda, Dermatology and Nutrition, instead of focusing on just one of the sciences. To answer this question we need to go back to our origin story.

About three years ago Altaf started experiencing a series of health issues, it started with a thyroid diagnosis, which then led to weight gain and hair loss. High stress, family history, and hustle culture lifestyle seemed to have triggered these issues for him. As a couple in their early thirties, they were dispirited when the only solution their doctors offered them was to get on medication, which he would have to take for the rest of his life. Being a research-oriented couple that didn’t want to accept this fate, they plunged themselves into the analysis of his diagnosis. Only to realise that this condition was linked to multiple internal health functions, most importantly gut health. Now that they had their analysis, they wanted a treatment that would allow them to simultaneously fix all these issues.

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The obvious answer was changing diet and lifestyle habits but they also needed medication. So, choosing to take prescription medication required for thyroid and hair loss would offer a solution but not a guarantee that these issues would not recur. So they went back to research mode and studied alternative sciences and realised the Ayurveda and nutrition allowed them to create a preventive approach. So Altaf would not have to live in the apprehension of experiencing these conditions again. They fine-tuned a perfect treatment for Altaf that suited his individual concerns and allowed him to become a healthier person in the long run. And this personal tryst with lifestyle conditions and hair loss was Saloni’s Eureka moment. She was amazed to learn that hair loss conditions can have their triggers in internal health. And more so that people were trying to treat with only topical products or worse yet with hair care products. 

On speaking to friends and family, she realised that most people they spoke with were dissatisfied with their treatments. Having figured out the secret sauce she set out to conduct a pilot experiment with a group of friends and family. On realising that they have a revelation of their hands. They founded Traya.

Hair loss is often thought of as a one-dimensional problem and this belief allows the hair care industry to peddle shampoos and oils as a treatment for hair loss treatment. Here is the data that we have collected from having diagnosed 75000 customers. About the internal triggers that are often overlooked as root causes of hair loss alongside genes.

hair loss root causes

While prescription solutions such as minoxidil, finasteride and DHT blockers work well to resolve the androgen-related implications on hair cycle, follicle health and hair thickness. They are not capable of tackling the internal health triggers listed above in a manner that ensures a long term solution. 

This is where our ancient tradition of Ayurveda comes into play, allowing us to not only fix present-day health issues that are aggravating your hair loss but also improving these systems to boost your overall health. 

hair loss treatment

Our herb mixes (hair ras, gut shuddhi and health tatva) boost digestion, metabolism and absorption to allow for better utilization of the nutrition that you consume by your body. Our scalp oil and Shatavari ghrit help maintain your scalp health which alongside doctor prescribed anti-dandruff solutions, improve scalp health, prevent recurrence of dandruff and strengthen hair roots. Whereas, our personalised diet plans allow your system to cleanse and get healthy in restricting foods that can inhibit this transition and aggravate your hair loss. 

This is why Traya combines the three sciences. Because hair is a litmus test for your internal health and only fixing it on the surface is a temporary solution at best.

Have you taken your free hair diagnosis test yet? Take the test to get your very own customised Traya treatment. If you are only on the treatment connect with your hair coach for any queries here.

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