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How to maintain long hair men


Gone are the days when only women had their heart set on possessing long hair. With the influence of western culture, Bollywood trends, and the millennial generation being carefree, long hair has become a fashion statement. And if you thought that all this was a cakewalk then oops! You’re highly mistaken! It takes a lot to slay those long, shiny and healthy strands. Did we increase your curiosity levels? We are sure to have triggered that already and you must be willing to discover how to maintain long hair men category. Isn’t it? Then stay gripped as this might end up making you motivated to possess it too! And if you already have them then you should give this piece a read. This elaborate article will entail hair fall solutions for men and hair care tips for men, etc. 

How to maintain long hair men

Whether you are looking for information about how to maintain long curly hair guys/how to maintain long curly hair men or how to maintain long hair men in general. These essential steps will benefit your hair with time. 

  • Hot oil massage

One needs to invest his time in giving the scalp a nice hot oil massage. As the hot oil opens the hair cuticles and lets the oil penetrate. This will help you in stimulating the growth when you apply the oil to the roots. Not just this yet it also conditions the hair by aiding hair growth when applied appropriately. For this, you can choose any good oil of your choice viz. olive oil, coconut oil or argan oil, etc. Just make sure to heat the oil before massaging it on the scalp. Be very gentle when you massage the scalp with oil and do it for a minimum of 10 minutes before washing the oil with warm water. If you don’t wish to wash it off, rather let it be there so that the oils soak in the hair, then let it stay for around 30 minutes.

  • Use a deep conditioner

Does conditioner cause hair fall? If you had this in your mind too. Then let us tell you that, to prevent hair damage, use a deep conditioner. As, if your hair has been damaged previously or even if you have healthy hair then a normal conditioner won’t work well concerning hair growth. Instead, if you bring a deep conditioner into use, it will repair your hair follicles to ramp up the hair growth rate. Always remember to first find your hair type, as according to the guidelines of how to maintain long hair men, knowing the hair type is a basic step. Once you know that, choose the shampoo and conditioner accordingly. Rinse your hair only with cold or normal water so that the oil gets locked.  

  • Brushing your hair

Excess of anything is harmful but if you do it in moderation it is good for your hair. Wondering what we mean? Seeking how to maintain long hair men into perspective, it is advisable to brush your hair in moderation. Brushing helps in hair stimulation of the scalp and it is also one of the great means for increasing hair growth. Additionally, brushing spreads the natural oils evenly all through the shaft of each hair strand. So, make it a habit of brushing your hair twice a day. Where you can brush your hair once in the morning and then before dozing off in the night. However, as mentioned in the steps of how to maintain long hair men, don’t overdo it as too much brushing may pull the hair. Lastly, never brush the hair when it is in a wet state as it will cause hair breakage.

  • Drink enough water & eat healthily

Besides whatever you do on the outside or may follow every step of how to maintain long hair men tips, irrespective of that it is key to first feed your body with enough water. As water is imperative and plays a vital role in maintaining good health. Water ultimately helps in giving the scalp and hair follicles adequate moisture, which it requires for hair growth. Nevertheless, if your hair and scalp are dry then it will cause more hair breakage. Besides water, one must also eat healthy food and restrict packed, junk, low in fibre, sugary foods, etc. 

  • Use satin pillowcases

We all generally use cotton pillowcases but this fabric causes hair friction thereby leading to hair loss. However, satin fabric causes less friction and lets the hair slide onto the surface.

Tips To Grow Long Healthy Hair For Men

These tips are for how to maintain long hair for guys and how to take care of long hair men both. 

How to maintain long hair men Tip 1

  • Dry the hair in a correct manner

Have you been following a habit of rubbing your hair vigorously just after stepping out of the shower? Especially when you have washed or conditioned your hair? Wait! It’s a big no-no! By doing this you are causing not just damage yet also it leads to split ends and frizziness. Instead, the correct way is to pat dry the hair after taking off the excess water and gently stroking it in the direction in which it grows. Additionally, blow drying should be avoided (use it only in terms of urgency that too on the lowest heat mode). The best way is to let it naturally air dry. 

How to maintain long hair men Tip 2

  • Keep the hats/headgears restricted

When considering how to maintain long hair, do remember this key point. As it may make you look super cool and you may be flaunting the best fashion sense however it is not cool for your hair’s health. Headgears, especially the tight ones cause hair damage and loss. Wondering how? The headgears tend to pull too hard on the hair roots. So, if you still wish to wear it, try the loose ones. 

How to maintain long hair men Tip 3

  • Take it easy & stay as far as possible from the heat

As we already mentioned the downside of using blow drying and only option for the low heat option during urgent usage. Generally, it is advisable when considering how to grow and maintain long hair for guys to curb using heat-based styling and hair drying products in the first place. The idea of a hot shower is a myth! As when the temperatures outside dip below the freezing point, using hot water creates havoc on the hair. Owing to the fact the hot water takes away the essential oils from the hair and scalp causing it to dry. 

How to maintain long hair men Tip 4

  • Say no to double wash

When it comes to how to maintain long hair men, it isn’t a cakewalk for sure. In addition, another myth is that people believe washing the hair means necessarily shampooing it and they top it by repeating the process one more time. This double wash isn’t required, so stop doing it. As it will make your hair turn dull and dry. 

How to maintain long hair men Tip 5

  • Don't do over combing

Do you wish to know how to maintain healthy long hair? Then read this point carefully. Let us explain how it works. So, sometimes it happens that the hair thinning occurs on top while you might still have a decent amount on the sides. This makes an individual conscious about his looks due to which he tries to cover the bare spots on the head top with a comb-over. Instead, this makes you look overaged. It is rather a good idea to get a haircut that suits your thinning style.

Hair Washing Tips For Long Hair

Talking further on how to maintain long hair men, it is essential to understand the hair wash related tips to dig deeper into the routine of hair maintenance. 

  • Choose the right shampoo and conditioner based on your hair type.
  • Make sure that you detangle the hair before shampooing.
  • Shampoo the hair as usual, however, keep in mind that it should take longer, reaching every strand. 
  • After applying the conditioner, avoid using hot water to wash it. As hot water will take away all the beneficial oils from the hair and scalp.
  • Long hair does require you to use more shampoo, hair & styling products due to the length but try keeping a balance as the more you do it, will not be good for the hair’s health. So, just normally rinse it every day instead of using the products day in and day out.
  • When considering diving in a pool, use a leave-in conditioner and clarifying shampoo post-swim since the chlorine would have affected the hair. 
  • Leave the towel drying method as it only leads to damage and nothing else. Let it naturally air dry instead.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to prevent hair pulling while leaving the hair slightly damp. 
  • Get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Make sure to mention to the stylist that you just want enough hair removed to eliminate the split ends. This will help in preventing the earlier hair damages while it will also cost you less. 

Styling Tips For Long Hair Men

Whether you are looking at how to maintain long curly hair, how to maintain long hair without hair fall or how to maintain long thick hair or how to maintain long hair men in general. Then this will help you in more ways than one. 

  • Overdoing the products is a big no!

Seeking all the above points into consideration, this one stands imperative when talking about how to maintain long hair for boys. We understand that using a hair gel, hair wax, hairspray, etc is a necessary tool to give a perfect style and look. However, making the hair appear heavy in an unnatural way requires a considerable amount of damage to the hair’s health.  

So, to guide you correctly here’s a quick list to make the right pick according to your hair type: 

  • Gel: it gives an individual a wet look making the hair stay in place. Additionally, it is high on shine and hold.
  • Putties: are not stiff as a gel, however, have high hold and low shine.
  • Wax: it makes the hair stay in place very effectively but it is a task to get it out of the hair as it is oil-based. 
  • Pomade: if you are seeking a retro look with high shine then you can go for this product. However, it has a lesser hold in comparison to the other products. 
  • Paste: it is best suitable for people with medium to long hair. Talking about its result, it gives a medium hold and shine.
  • Muds & Clays: this is quite a dry product as opposed to the other products, so it gives low shine. Though there is a range of these products that give from low to high hold.
  • Sea Salt Spray: it is an amazing option to attain a textured, matte hair look that moves naturally while it is quite touchable too.

How To Maintain Your Long Hair

At the end of the day, everything boils down to the fact that the condition of your hair is a reflection of your body’s condition. The erratic working hours, poor lifestyle, stress/anxiety, improper diet, medications, illness/diseases, smoking, consuming alcohol and lack of sleep work together in turning the hair lifeless, dull and unhealthy. Though there are always products available and very much accessible in the market that make tall claims to upkeep the hair’s health, however, very few of them turn out to be genuine. Rest what you see is not exactly what you get as mostly all the products are high on chemicals/sulphate based, etc. It is as good as saying that it isn’t a quick fix yet requires consistency and everyday dedication. So, if you wish to dodge the wrong and do the correct, then eat healthily, drink a lot of water, reduce your stress with yoga/meditation, etc. This way not just the hair but the body will also thank you. 

Coming towards the end of the article today, we have tried our level best to solve all your possible queries. However, if you still need further clarity/assistance and are on the lookout for professional guidance in terms of hair loss treatment/dandruff/haircare or any other hair related issues then you can always visit us at Traya Health and seek consultation from our expert hair coach.

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