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How To Deep Condition Hair


Each one of us desires to have healthy and silky hair that can make our personality outshine the people we tend to meet. For this, deep conditioning for hair is a quintessential step for possessing flawless, shiny, silky and most importantly healthy hair. And yes it does require some effort to see positive results and one should swear by it in their hair care routine. So, without any further ado, let’s get closer to the topic and contemplate the wealth of benefits deep conditioning for hair gives to an individual. 

How To Deep Condition Hair

Step 1: 

Choose the Product based on your hair type

Deep conditioning for hair requires the right choice of product based on one’s hair type and what choice of product they make accordingly. As there are a variety of products available out there that make tall claims of restoring the hair moisture that had been lost. So, always pick what suits you and not in general. For eg: Deep conditioning for hair in the case of textured hair will require a heavier product than usual. Also, the scalp type needs to be considered. 

Step 2: 

Wash Your Hair & keep it clean

Always ensure that before considering deep conditioning for hair, your scalp should be free of dirt, excess oil and clean. Additionally, use a mild/sulphate free shampoo that doesn’t take away the essential oils from the hair.

Step 3: 

Applying the Deep-Conditioner

Deep conditioning for hair necessarily requires this step. For this apply the product to the hair shaft. Never apply conditioner close to the hair roots, and start from the lower ends of the hair while moving upwards slowly. Just ensure that the conditioner has been applied in a generous amount on the hair ends. As the hair ends are prone to much more dryness than any other part of the hair. 

Step 4: 

Allow the Product To Set In

The conditioner usually takes a jiffy in showing its effects however different products have a varying time duration or leave-on time. Hence, make sure to read the instructions carefully and accordingly leave in the mask so that it sets into the hair. Usually, the deep-conditioners are advised to stay in for about 30 minutes or even less.

Step 5: 

Use Heat in case required

One rule cannot be applied in general, as some products might suggest putting a blow-dryer in use or any other heat source. This is to expedite the conditioning process, which allows the absorption of the product. You should do this only when required and just ensure that the blow dryer isn’t too hot.

Step 6: 

Rinse with Cool Water

The last step is to wash the hair with cold water. As cold water locks the moisture and allows the cuticles to close. Post this let the hair dry naturally.

What is deep conditioning?

Before we reveal the benefits, how to deep condition curly hair or any other hair type. We will first briefly like to explain what exactly deep conditioning is. Deep conditioning for hair in a simple manner is referred to as the procedure in which the hair is coated and treated using nourishing products. This helps in restoring the hair’s moisture, strengthening and turning down the damage caused. These damages could have been caused due to the presence of chemicals present in hair related and styling products.

Benefits of deep conditioning

Hair conditioner does play a vital role in enhancing the look, texture and health status of the hair. If you held a question in mind, does conditioner cause hair fall? Then let us bust your myth that it instead nourishes the hair, makes it smoother for combing, hydrates and locks the moisture present in the hair. 

Read on to know more detailed benefits:

  • Hydrates the hair

As the skin needs to be hydrated for maintaining a soft and healthy state, likewise hair too needs nourishment. Deep conditioning for hair can be done in various ways to improvise the hair’s moisture levels along with making it hydrated. This also helps in reducing hair damage and breakage.

  •  Reduces damage 

When considering deep conditioning for hair, it should be done regularly to upkeep the hair’s health and hydration. As improved health provides the essential nutrients to the hair, thereby reducing damage. Not just this yet deep conditioning for hair is also meant for repairing, strengthening and moisturizing the hair. 

  • Makes the hair shinier

Another important impact of deep conditioning for hair is that it makes the hair appear shinier and softer. This is owing to the moisture and nutrients, which is supplied to the hair by a deep conditioner.

  • Strengthens the hair

Last but not the least, deep conditioning for hair is indispensable as it contains nutrients that back the hair in reducing hair breakage, repairing it from within and strengthening the follicles.

Hot Towel Therapy

This is one of the most effective steps in deep conditioning for hair. After applying the conditioner this step needs to be followed. For this, soak a towel in hot water and remove all the excess water. Now, wrap this towel on your hair. If you wish, you can also put the wet towel in a microwave for about 30 seconds. Just ensure that the towel is not too hot then wrap it around your hair. The heat generated from the towel helps in opening the hair shaft and allows the conditioner to deeply penetrate. Not just this yet it also opens up the cuticles. You can leave this wrapped towel along with the conditioner on for approximately 20-30 minutes. Just remember to refresh the towel so that it remains warm. Lastly, rinse the hair with cold water. This step will help in closing the cuticles as well as retaining the moisture. Just ensure to wash off the conditioner thoroughly. Post this you can dry the hair in natural air. At the end of the day, you will be left with shiny, healthy and hydrated hair. So don’t forget to share your experience of how to deep condition curly hair at home/normal hair type with your friends and loved ones. Make them believe that conditioning hair at home is an easy peasy process. 

DIY Homemade Deep Conditioners

Hair masks made at home are a true bliss as it doesn’t cause any harm to the hair and treats it naturally. So, if you are wondering how to deep condition hair at home then you should definitely give this a keen read. Deep conditioning for hair doesn’t necessarily require a person to make a hole in their pocket by spending on expensive and overhyped products available in the market. As the hair masks that we are going to talk about will answer your question about how to do deep conditioning at home. Just look around and you can gather ingredients that will be easily available at your home.

  • Honey and Coconut Oil for hair

Honey is a natural ingredient that helps in moisturizing and has been used in various beauty products. It is composed of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help in repairing damaged hair. If you want to know how to deep condition hair with coconut oil then let us tell you that this oil helps in strengthening the hair follicles and also acts as an amazing moisturizer.


Take 1 cup of warm coconut oil and mix it with 1 cup of honey. Now, apply it to your hair and wash it off after an hour.

  • Banana Hair Mask

Wondering how to deep condition hair using a banana? Well, banana is one such fruit that works as a great natural deep conditioner for the hair. As bananas are high on natural oils and vitamins. Hence, it helps in minimizing frizziness and breakage.


Take one banana and mash it well. Mix this paste with 2-3 tbsps of curd, 2 tbsps of olive oil and honey each. Now apply it to your hair and wash it off after 1 hour.

  • Olive Oil And Egg Hair Mask

Olive oil for hair is like bliss from nature. As it has great moisturizing properties, while on the other hand, eggs are a rich source of protein that benefits the hair in ways more than one. If you don’t have olive oil then you can also use almond oil for hair. 


Take an egg and mix it with 2-3 tbsps of olive oil. Now, add around 2 tbsps of water to this before applying. Apply it to your hair and wash it off after 1 hour.

Coming towards the end of the article today, we have tried our level best to solve all your possible queries related to deep conditioning for hair. However, if you still need further clarity/assistance and are on the lookout for professional guidance in terms of hair loss treatment/dandruff/haircare or any other hair related issues then you can always visit us at Traya Health and seek consultation from our expert hair coach. Also,

We will endeavour to guide you about how to do deep conditioning at home in person too.

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