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The goodness of grape seed extracts


An Overview

There is an increase in awareness nowadays about living a healthy lifestyle. People are becoming more aware day by day as there are new diseases both experienced and seen in abundance. Serious health issues are faced which were not seen in the past decade. Studies and researches have highlighted one of the main causes of the deterioration in health due to an unhealthy lifestyle. 

With the pacing advancement, people are too hard on themselves. Little do they know that this carelessness would result in such a hazardous health situation? But now that information is just a click away, people have access to the causes of these diseases. In addition to diseases, it also has impacted external appearances that include the skin and the hair.

Hair Care has been in limelight for the past decade when people started experiencing various hair problems like hair fall, hair breakage, weaker hair roots, frizzy and tangled hair, dullness, and dandruff. Even when they invest in high-end hair products the results seem very temporary. Some of the products even damage the hair further. All of these have led to awareness regarding the usage of organic products that include natural ingredients. 

Grape seed extract

Now that we know that your hair can be restored to a healthy state, you must be wondering what could be the natural ingredients to look for in a hair care product. Do not worry; we are here to guide you so you can deal with your hair and health problems. 

Nature has gifted us with sources that can be used in several ways to benefit from. Still, we are dependent on chemicals that we pay huge amounts to get. The natural products are free of harmful side effects and can be purchased by paying fewer amounts. You must have heard the names of herbs like Aswagandha and Bhringraj that are useful in achieving healthier and gorgeous hair. 

Besides these medicinal herbs, there are simpler natural products that can be divine for your hair. One of those simpler yet effective natural sources that have been proved to be a holy grail for your hair and health is – Grape Seed Extract.

What is grape seed extract?

The grapes-vine – its fruits, leaves, and sap; have been used as a medicine to treat health issues and also as in commercial purposes. Besides these parts of the grape plant, the seed extracts of the grape plant are considered more useful as per recent researches and studies. The grape seed extracts are the extracts of the red wine grapevine. 

Nutrients content

The extracts of the grape seeds are rich in the active compound named – ‘proanthocyanidins'. This is considered being very helpful in treating numerous health issues. Besides the active compound, grape seed is also rich in antioxidants. It contains anthocyanins, flavonoids, and oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs); all of which make it a powerhouse of nutrients for your health and hair. It is a rich source of biotin; that helps nourish the cells of your hair tissue.

Health benefits of grape seed extracts

The nutrition content of the grape seed extract makes it a holy grail for medicinal purposes. The grape seed extract has been used as a supplement to replace the unhealthy diet pattern. Scientific studies show that grape seed extract can be beneficial for treating several health conditions. 

  • Reduction of blood pressure level

  • Numerous scientific studies have been conducted that show that grape seed extract can lower the blood pressure level in both genders. Mostly it is effective to treat people, who are under the age of 50 and suffering from obesity.

     It is useful in treating both systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels. It is advised that you consume at least 800 mg of grape seed extract daily for effective results.

  • Enhance a better blood circulation

  • The grape seed extracts are useful in thinning blood cells that result from clotting. It experiments in studies where 400 mg of grape seed extract was given to middle-aged patients who suffered from edema and leg swelling. 

    These patients were observed for 14 days where the grape seed extracts showed the reduction of the leg swelling by improving the blood flow. These patients complaint about leg swelling after 6 hours of continuous sitting. 

  • Reduction in the oxidative injury

  • The oxidation of the bad cholesterol leads to the blockage in arteries that is responsible for most the serious heart disease. The fatty plaque that causes blockage in the arteries acts as an obstacle that flows blood to and from the heart. 

    The grape seed extracts are effective in realizing the fatty plaques and therefore can reduce the damage caused due to the oxidation of the bad cholesterol.

  • Improves collagen level and bone strengthens bone

  • Grape seed extract helps to improve the level of collagen and also helps strengthen bones. This is due to the high content of flavonoids present in the grape seed extract. And the bone strength also depends on the density of the bone. 

    The grape seed extracts help also a reduction in pain in bones and help repair damages in joints. It also helps in the treatment of arthritis that is a condition of deterioration of bones.  

  • Other health benefits 

  • There are other additional benefits of grape-seed fruit extracts. Some of which are pointed out in the followings: 

    • It aids in supporting your brain as you age
    • Aid in the proper functioning of the kidney
    • Helps heal wounds and cuts
    • Helps in protecting your liver
    • Grape seed extracts for skin - Flawless and younger-looking skin

    Use of grape seed extracts consumption therefore can help benefit the proper functioning of the heart, liver, brain, and kidney. It also helps in commercial purpose which you will learn in the later sections of this article.

    Is grape seed extract good for hair growth?

    Grape seeds are the residues that are left after the extraction of vine and juices from the grapefruit. It becomes useless after the extraction. But not until you know the benefits you can reap of these magical seeds!

    Grape seed extracts for hair are another benefit besides the other health benefits which you can reap from this super fruit. The oil when pressed produces oil that is beneficial in the re-growth of your hair. When compared to other essential and carrier oils, the grapeseed oil is relatively lightweight and lighter consistency.

    Let us learn how beneficial and curative is the oil extracted from grape seed for your hair other than promoting re-growth.

    Benefits of grape seed extract for hair

    Now you must have learned the numerous benefits of grape seed extract you must be curious how it can benefit your hair. Your hair is a dead tissue that comes out of your hair follicles present on your scalp. The strength of your hair depends on how much nourishment your hair follicles get. 

    Let's understand how grape seed extracts serve the needs of your hair. the use of grape seed for hair is numerous.

  • The nutrient content in grape seed extract

  • The grape extract or grape seed extract is rich in an acid called linoleic acid. The lack of this particular acid in the human body results in hair fall, dry scalp, and dry skin. This acid can only be consumed orally. 

    So, when you know that the grape seed extracts are rich in this particular acid, why not include it in your daily diet. Get control over your hair fall and get rid of dry scalp with this elixir.

    Pro tip: You can also consume grape seed extracts tablets to get the linoleic acid in your body. This tablet can be purchased from

  • Make your hair lively with grape seed extract

  • The dull hair might offset your whole look and personality. But not anymore! The light consistency and lightweight of the grape seed extract oil can make your hair vibrant and shiny. You must be wondering what makes this oil so magical.

    It is because of the nourishment it provides to your scalp. The grape seed extract oil nourishes your scalp in a way that the sebum production is balanced. This helps your hair look lively and dullness disappears with the application.

    Pro tip: Make sure you apply the oil before you wash your hair. Grapeseed oil can be purchased from in pure form.

  • Dandruff free hair with grape seed extract 

  • Most of the time, your hair scalp has dandruff due to dry and flaky scalp. So you need to nourish your scalp in a way that it stays moisturized regardless of the weather. 

    The grape seed extract can help you fight dandruff due to dry scalp. The extract nourishes the hair follicles and moisturizes the scalp by balancing the sebum production. It maintains the moisture even in extreme weather. 

    Pro tip: You can make a mask with grape seed powder and yogurt. The grape seed powder can be purchased online from

  • Grape seed extract for longer hair 

  • Yes, you read it right! The grape seed extract is useful for hair growth. The antioxidants and the nutrients in the grape seed make it a super potion for your hair follicles. It helps in improving blood circulation under your scalp.

    This helps your hair follicles to generate new hair and push the old ones out. Therefore with the application of the grape seed extract, you can help your hair grow long and strong in no time. 

    Pro tip: You can also consume grape seed extract orally. Enhance the flavor with salt and black pepper. 

    The grape seed extract is an inexpensive method to nourish your hair and scalp. You can help your hair with this Holy Grail ingredient. Add it to your hair masks or oil to reap the benefits of getting a livelier and healthier hair.

    Side effects of using grape seed extract for hair

    Grape seed extract like all other natural ingredients is relatively safer and has no possible adverse side effects. But it may demonstrate few impacts that may cause discomfort particularly when you use it for your hair.

    • It may cause an allergic reaction to your scalp. Make sure you do a patch test before you apply it directly to your scalp
    • Too much consumption of grape seed extract orally can cause diarrhea due to the rich fiber content in the grape seeds; make sure you consume it in moderate
    • People who suffer from anemia should avoid the oral consumption of grape seed extract
    • People who are under medication for blood thinning like aspirin; must not consume the grape seed extract orally
    • If you are going for surgery; avoid the oral consumption of grape seed extract
    • Too much consumption of the grape seed tablets or supplements might result in nausea and dizziness
    • You may experience a little headache with the consumption of grape seed extract
    • Your scalp might be itchy with the application of the grape seed extract but it will soothe once you wash it off and wait for few hours

    These are some of the few side effects of grape seed extracts when you use them for your hair. Consult your doctor before you start using grape seed extract for reaping the benefits for your hair. 

    Some FAQ’s regarding grape seed extract

    1. What is the dosage of Grape seed extracts to be taken by an average adult?

    The human body can cope with from 100 to 300 mg of grape seed extract. Beyond this, you might experience discomfort in the form of side effects discussed above.

    1. Are there any other sources of nutrients to replace grape seed extract?

    No, grape seed extracts are rich in nutrients that cannot be derived from any other individual food source. However, you can consume many foods to fulfill all the nutrients grape seed has.

    1. Can you consume grape seed extract every day?

    Yes, if you are following the dosage of between 100 to 300 mg of grape seed extract, consuming it every day is safe.

    1. Is grape seed extract responsible for lowering estrogen levels?

    Yes, the grape seed can lower the plasma estrogen levels in healthy women post-menopause. 

    1. Is grape seed responsible for increasing the male hormone? (testosterone)

    No, grape seed extracts cannot lower or increase the level of male hormones, that is – testosterone.

    1. Can you benefit your hair from the use of grape seed extract?

    Yes, you can make your hair healthier, shinier, longer, and also protect it from styling using heating tools.

    1. Can grape seed oil make your skin glow?

    Yes, the antioxidants present in grape seed make it a natural ingredient to lighten and brighten your pigmented skin. It contains vitamin C; this also makes it a useful ingredient to lighten up your darkened skin. 

    The bottom line 

    Grape seed extracts are an inexpensive yet powerful way to nourish your hair, skin, and stay healthy. It is free of harmful chemicals and this makes it a powerful natural product to be used to replace the products available in the drugstore. 

    Reap the benefits from the grape seed extracts. Take the first step to live a healthy life replacing the chemically infused products. Use organic products to stay healthy. make use of this power-house of nutrients for enhancing the overall well-being and particularly the health of you your hair. 

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