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The curative properties of the green cardamom


The world has been advancing with each passing day. People struggle to survive and compete to lead a better life. With all this, people have not been careful enough of what they are using for medication and beauty purposes. Nowadays, they are not even aware of the ingredients and items they include in their diet. 

Human beings are like machines. If you put orange juice in place of engine oil, your car will stop working. Like this, your body is also designed in a way that a wrong particular inside your body can be damaging to your entire system and organs. 

The effects that we are experiencing now are devastating; new diseases and even the pandemic is the result of the lifestyle we have adopted. So, what could be done to control the damage? One of the best ways to better our lifestyle is to replace chemically infused products with natural and organic ingredients in both products and diet plans. 

Amongst the different natural ingredients that are beneficial for health and hair, cardamom is one of the magical organic ingredients. 

Let us dive into the details of the benefits that can be reaped from green cardamom. 

Green cardamom (choti elaichi)

Cardamom is a spice that is commonly used in Southern Asia and the Middle Eastern region. It is used as an added flavor in both sweet dishes and main course. People use it by either grounding – cardamom powder, as a whole – cardamom pod, or the cardamom seeds. It is added to the dishes to make them more exquisite due to the flavor and sweet smell it adds to the food. 

There two types of cardamom: green and black. Both of them are used to flavor the dishes. But did you know the green cardamom has more properties that can do more than adding flavor to your food? Yes, you are reading it right. 

Green cardamom: nutrition facts

Cardamom is a rich pod spice that is often ignored by most people. Continue reading to learn the nutritional content of this magical super spice.

It contains healthy fat or brown fat that is necessary and important fat needed by a healthy body. Consuming this spice means you are not consuming any level of cholesterol. Wow! This means it is a safe space that patients with heart and blood pressure can safe consume without the fear of running at risk. 

Apart from the above nutrition, this super spice is rich in potassium, calcium, and magnesium. These minerals will certainly benefit your health. The spice is also uniquely rich in vitamins. It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin B-6. 

If you are searching for a supplement of iron and do not what to suffer from constipation, then green cardamom would be a great source of iron. This spice I rich in fiber that would not make your digestive system constipated. Green cardamom can be a supplement of protein as it is rich in protein.

We will take you through the journey of the green cardamom with all the necessary information. Keep reading to know more about this super spice – ‘green cardamom.’ 

Is green cardamom and choti elaichi same?

Cardamoms are of two types: black and green. In Southern Asia, the green cardamom is used in both deserts and normal dishes, whereas the black ones are neither nor used in the deserts but only in the main course dishes. 

Yes, the green cardamom, due to its small size, is also called Choti elaichi in Nepal, Bangladesh., India, and Pakistan. Choti is a Hindi or Urdu word for ‘small’. And ilaichi is the word used for ‘cardamom’. So, yes, green cardamom is the small eilaichi or Choti eilaichi. It is often called small cardamom.

The black cardamom is bigger hence often called – 'Badi ilaichi.’ Badi means big, and ilaichi means cardamom. 

After understanding the different names for green cardamom; let’s learn the benefits of green cardamom. 

Health Benefits of Green Cardamom

Now that you are aware of the nutritional content of green cardamom, it is logical to understand the benefits you can reap for your overall health. Now you know that green cardamom is more just a spice. It actually can help you spice up your life to help you live a healthy life. 

Cardamom benefits are numerous. And particularly the green ones are loaded with nutrients mentioned above. In this section, we will dive deep into the benefits green cardamom provides for the overall wellbeing of the human body.

  1. Green cardamom can help lower high blood pressure

There are researches conducted where green cardamom is given to patients with high blood pressure attributes. The green cardamom is also tested on rats where the rats are provided with spice. The blood pressure in rats was lowered, but the amount of urination increased. 

The lowering of blood pressure is due to the antioxidant content present in the organic green cardamom. The high amount of antioxidants in green cardamom helps the absorption of nutrients and also maintains blood pressure. And the diuretic properties of the elaichi, green color, also make it easier to control high blood pressure.

Pro tip: Reap the benefits of green cardamom seeds by adding your tea every morning or before you go to bet to maintain balanced blood pressure. 

  1. Small cardamom benefits to kill bacteria

Green cardamom, elaichi is loaded with anti-microbial properties. This helps to kill the cell membranes of bacteria. Cardamom essential oil that is extracted from the cardamom seeds helps kill bacteria and fungi. 

Cardamom seeds contain anti-microbial properties that can be pressed to extract the essence of green cardamom seeds. 

Pro tip: Replace the chewing of gum with cardamom that can work in killing bacteria and also work as a natural mouth freshener.

3.Green elaichi benefits for treating metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome includes several health issues that contribute to type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. If you are suffering from obesity, there is a high sugar level in your blood, you are a patient of hypertension, you have a high level of bad cholesterol level in your body, and low levels of good cholesterol; and then you are suffering from metabolic syndrome.

Why spend on medicines of the drugstore that makes you dependent on the medicines with adverse side effects? Replace with this super powerful spice – green cardamom!

Green cardamom has properties that help you lose weight and control your sugar levels in your blood. It also helps to balance the cholesterol level. It helps to get rid of the inflammations and also helps improve the insulin level which helps in treating type 2 diabetes. The rich iron content in green cardamom helps increase the level of hemoglobin. 

  1. Green cardamom for a good digestive health

Discomfort indigestion is one of the most common issues that you face in day to day to life. It may result due to overeating or consumption of food containing high amounts of acid. Instead of treating this common issue with drugs that may have adverse side effects; you should opt for green cardamom.  

Cardamom has been used for ages to treat digestive discomfort. The properties in green cardamom help relieve discomfort, nausea, and even the signs of vomiting. In certain cases, regular intake of green cardamom has helped treat the initial stages of ulcer. 

Pro tip: Eat cardamom after you have attended a party where the food was delicious. 

5.Green Cardamom for treating cavities

Too much sweet consumption and lack of oral hygiene result in cavities and terrible tooth-aches. Using products and medicines to treat the discomfort caused by cavities might not solve the problem forever. It only helps in soothing and relieving the discomfort for a temporary period. But in the long run, the problems might return. 

Green cardamom has properties that help in improving overall oral health. It also helps in solving the root problem of the cavities. Rather than providing immediate relief; it helps in solving the main issue of the cavities. 

Pro tip: Chewing cardamom helps in protecting cavities and also helps in keeping the bad breath at bay. 

These are green cardamom health benefits that you can reap from this inexpensive yet exotic spice. Include green cardamom in your daily diet and experience the difference it brings to your health. 

Benefits of green cardamom on hair 

Hair issues might seem like a never-ending problem. But not anymore! With this supernatural ingredient; you can not only boost hair health but also solve the hair woes you might have experienced. 

What causes deterioration of hair health? Apart from the stress and unhealthy lifestyles; dirt, pollution, and even UV rays emitted from the sun contribute to hair damage. Moreover, even stress causes hair to lose its quality. 

You might be wondering, how a simple spice in your kitchen can solve it all? Well, we are here to explain what green cardamom can do for your hair. 

Continue reading to understand how the properties of green cardamom inhibit enhancing hair health. 

  1. Cardamom cleanses the hair and scalp

You might be wondering that all the hair cleansers clean the scalp and scalp. No, it isn't true. Most of the time there are built-up products in your hair that do not go easily when you wash your hair. This remains stuck in your hair strands and results in tangled hair. And eventually, hair falls off your scalp when you try to get rid of the tangles. 

Cardamom has anti-bacterial properties that help in deep cleansing your scalp and also hair strands. The scalp infections are at bay when you use cardamom to cleanse your hair. The cleansing agents help get rid of all the foreign particulars from each of your hair strands, and you can have a healthy scalp and clean hair in no time. 

Pro tip: Check the ingredient list when you buy a shampoo and make sure the green cardamom is on the list. You can purchase the good herbal shampoo that has green cardamom in it from Traya’s website. 

2.Revive your damaged hair with the green cardamom

To enhance the health of your hair; the first step is to make sure that you have helped your hair to heal and revive to its original state. One of the measures you can rejuvenate by controlling the damage and preventing further risks is to use cardamom for your hair.

The anti-oxidative property and the number of antioxidants present in the green cardamom help the hair to become stronger. It is done so by supplying the adequate amount of nutrients to the hair follicles needed to grow healthy hair strands. The stronger the hair roots become, the more your hair will revive to the original state it was before the damage. 

Pro tip: Use cardamom essential oil to massage your scalp with your fingerprints so that it penetrates deep into the skin of your scalp.

3.Condition your hair with green cardamom

Hair becomes frizzy and tangled when it is not hydrated enough. The loss of moisture from the hair strands makes it weaker and more brittle. All of this contributes to hair breakage and eventually hair loss. To prevent such upsetting consequences; one of the best ways is to use a natural ingredient like the 'green cardamom'.

The nutrient contents present in the green cardamom help achieve silky and shiny hair. You will not be worried about frizzy and dryness if you use cardamom for your hair. the green cardamom has hydrating and moisturizing properties that not only prevent the hair from losing its moisture but also help retain the moisture in the hair strands. 

Pro tip: Look for hair shampoo that has cardamom in it. You can purchase it from

  1. The green cardamom helps regeneration of hair and controlling of hair fall

Cardamoms are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It is rich in vitamin D, vitamin A, and vitamin C. it also contains magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium. In addition to this, green cardamom is a rich source of protein and iron. 

The antioxidants help absorb the nutrients more effectively. The iron helps in the regular flow of blood to the scalp. The hair follicles get nourishment from the nutrients and help in generating new hair. This solves the problem of healthy hair and also eliminates baldness. 

  1. Green cardamom from treating dandruff

Dandruff is mostly caused due fungi or dry scalp. If you are suffering from dandruff, you must be cautious regarding the itchy scalp! You will never want to do it when you are in public for the sake of embarrassment. Not only is it embarrassing, but dandruff may also result in an itchy and flaky scalp, scalp infection, and rashes. 

So, how can green cardamom help? It is due to the moisturizing and ant-fungal properties of green cardamom; that makes it effective in keeping dandruff at bay. Green cardamom hydrates your scalp and eliminates dryness. Therefore if you are suffering from dandruff due to a dry scalp then green cardamom can help. Similarly, if you are suffering from dandruff issues due to fungi, green cardamom can be helpful here, too, because of its anti-fungal property. 

Green cardamom has active compounds, minerals, and vitamins that can enhance the health of your hair. Use this simple ingredient from your kitchen to boost the health of your scalp and hair. 

In the next section, you will learn some tips regarding – how to use green cardamom powder for your health and hair. Keep reading to learn more about the green cardamom powder. 

Green Cardamom Powder Uses

One of the forms to use the green cardamom for your medicinal and commercial purposes is to grind it to make a powder of the spice. It would not only season your desert and recopies, but it can work wonders for the overall wellbeing of your health. 

Here are some tips that are easy and handy so you can reap the benefits of the green cardamom at your convenience. Note that the cardamom powder can be used for topical application and edible purposes. 

  • Green Cardamom powder for hair

Make a hair mask using green cardamom powder and yogurt. You may add carrier oil, preferably olive oil. Apply this mask from root to tip, covering your entire scalp and the hair strands.

Wash it off with lukewarm water and use a herbal shampoo that is chemical-free for better and effective results. You can purchase herbal shampoo from This will result in healthy hair and a healthy scalp, and eventually, you will see a reduction in your hair fall. 

Pro tip: Repeat this at least twice a week for effective results. 

  • Green Cardamom powder for skin

You can use green cardamom powder for making a facial mask. The facial mask that is made using the green cardamom powder helps in hydrating the skin and lightening the complexion of the skin. It helps in removing the suntan and other pigmentation of the skin.

Green cardamom is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin A. all these properties are crucial or maintain the health of your skin. Make a mask using sandalwood powder, cardamom powder, and rose water if you have oily and acne-prone skin. You may replace the rose water with milk if your skin is dry. 

Pro tip: Use this mask and scrub when you wash it off. Also, make sure you are not harsh to your skin when scrubbing and use lukewarm water. 

  • Green Cardamom for health

Green Cardamom can help boost your overall health and also treat disease. Green cardamom helps in treating serious health issues. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. 

There are several ways you can use the power of this super spice. Let's learn the different ways. 

  • Make yourself a cup of tea with half a teaspoon of cardamom powder. 
  • You can also add half a teaspoon of cardamom powder to a warm glass of milk. Drink this every day before you sleep.
  • You can also add it to warm water and add lemon to lose weight.

These are some of the ways that you can use green cardamom powder for your enhancing the health of your hair, skin, and overall wellbeing. 

In the later section of this article, you will learn if using green cardamom topically or consuming it orally will lead to any potential side effects or not?

Green Cardamom Side Effects 

The medicine you buy from the local drugstore and the commercial products you purchase for your hair and skin is loaded with chemicals. These chemicals are harmful to your health and also have dangerous and adverse side effects. 

Although natural ingredients like green cardamom do not have adverse side effects when compared with the products and medicine sol in the market, there may be some potential side effects if you consume and apply these ingredients in excess amount. 

There are some preventive measures that you need to adopt while consuming green cardamom.

  • Make sure you do not exceed 400 to 500 mg of green cardamom
  • Consult your health care before using it for your commercial purposes
  • You may experience an allergic reaction while applying green cardamom topically; make sure you stop the usage immediately when you witness any rashes or side effects.

Green cardamom is an easily accessible ingredient that can be used for overall wellbeing. It is regarded as the queen of spices due to the added flavor. But make sure you do not exceed the above-mentioned daily limit.

The Bottom Line

Apart from seasoning your food, green cardamom is a super spice that can be used for nourishing your hair, attaining healthy-looking skin, and also for treating some serious diseases. 

This easily accessible spice in the kitchen can transform your hair, skin, and health altogether. Look for products that have green cardamom as their ingredient. You can buy some from, a website dedicated to natural products particularly developed to boost the health of your hair.

Use this magical ingredient and save yourself from the adverse side effects of the chemically infused medicines and products. Go organic and go natural. 

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