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Super Benefits Of Ajwain Powder For Healthy Gut


A common spice found in every Indian household, we’re all quite familiar with Ajwain. Packed with nutrition and wholesome benefits read on to know more about the humble spice.

Ajwain is also called as Carom seed. This plant has originated in India and belongs to the Apiaceae family. Its seeds are small, oval-shaped and have a pungent and bitter odour and vary from brown to olive green in colour.

The pungent quality of Ajwain seeds makes them a popular ingredient in curries and pickles. It is often added to the dough before baking traditional Indian bread such as roti or parathas, it is also added to fruits. It can also be chewed raw, or added to water, tea or the traditional Kadha. You can also roast the seeds to enhance the aroma and flavour. You can either dry roast or roast the seeds in ghee or butter.

Ajwain seeds are rich in antioxidants, fiber, minerals and vitamins. It is one of those spices that not just impart flavour to your food but also promotes a healthy gut. They are useful in treating gut discomfort and indigestion. It is also useful for the hair and skin. Ajwain powder price may range from Rs 150 – Rs 250 for 100gm of powder. It is available online and can also be purchased at your local grocery store as it is a very common kitchen item.

Nowadays, most of us are careful about what we eat. Including healthy ingredients like Ajwain seeds not just makes the food spicy, it also lends nutritional benefits to your food.

How to Make Ajwain Powder

Ajwain seeds can either be used wholly or be added in the form of a powder. Making Ajwain powder at home is very easy by following the below steps -

  • Dry roast the Ajwain seeds on low heat for a few minutes.
  • Keep stirring continuously to prevent burning and make sure the seeds are roasted from all sides.
  • Cool the roasted seeds to room temperature.
  • Grind these seeds into a fine powder.
  • You can store the Ajwain powder in an airtight jar.

Benefits of Ajwain Powder for Gut & Digestion

Ajwain is one of the few household remedies that can calm your digestive system and aid in relaxing indigestion. Before we discuss some of the Ajwain powder benefits for digestion, let us understand indigestion first.

Indigestion is a very common problem nowadays. Overeating and eating excess oily and spicy food are some of the major causes of indigestion. Also eating too quickly can cause indigestion. Due to our fast-moving lifestyle, we are not very careful about the balance and the nature of our diet and often opt for spicy food due to oversight. Eating quickly and overeating are also an indirect result of our lifestyles. Indigestion is characterized by stomach discomfort after you’ve had your meal. Heartburn, nausea and bloating are also some other symptoms of indigestion. You might experience belching sometimes accompanied by a foul-tasting liquid.

Usage of Ajwain in cooking helps maintain your digestive health. It comforts the abdominal uneasiness that happens due to indigestion. These properties are due to an active enzyme found in Ajwain called thymol, which facilitates the secretion of gastric juices that improve digestion. Ajwain seed extract is also useful in healing peptic ulcers in the oesophagus, stomach and intestines.

Here are a few preparations with carom seed powder that can benefit your gut and digestive health.

  1. Instant relief from acidity and indigestion
  • Take an equal amount of Ajwain powder and cumin powder and mix with half the amount of ginger powder.
  • Consume this with water daily to relieve acidity arising from indigestion.


  1. Oma Water and its uses
  • Ajwain water or oma water is an ayurvedic boon for women. For pregnant ladies, oma water clears the uterus and stomach and helps during irregular periods.
  • Traditionally, oma water is given to babies to cure indigestion.
  • To prepare Oma water, boil two teaspoons of roasted Ajwain in water, strain this mixture.
  • Consuming oma water daily enhances your metabolic rate. It can help in burning fat and in this way, you can utilize the benefit of Ajwain powder for weight loss.


  1. Ajwain powder usage for constipation
  • Roast four tablespoons of Methi seeds, one tablespoon of Ajwain seeds and grind them into a powder.
  • Add to this half a teaspoon of hing (also called asafoetida).
  • Consume a spoonful of this mixture with warm water after dinner to cure constipation and have a comfortable morning bowel movement.


  1. Jeera, Ajwain, Saunf powder for weight loss
  • Saunf (or fennel) seeds are considered good for improving digestion. It helps keep your stomach full. You can opt for jeera, ajwain, saunf powder for weight loss.
  • Dry roast the saunf, jeera and Ajwain seeds.
  • Grind them after it cools into a mixture. Store in a jar.
  • On an empty stomach every morning, consume half a tablespoon of this mixture with lukewarm water to improve metabolism and aid in weight loss.

Side Effects of Ajwain Powder

If you are consuming ajwain in moderate amounts, you will generally not have any side effects. However, if there is overconsumption, there could be a few side effects -

  • Overuse may cause mouth ulcers and heartburns,
  • can cause nausea and vomiting.

For people with underlying medical conditions, the following pointers should be able to guide regarding Ajwain powder consumption -

  • Ajwain enhances the secretions in the gut and may lead to stomach ulcers and bleeding and should be avoided if you are suffering from liver diseases and diverticulitis.
  • Ajwain powder can lower blood pressure and heart rate, thus should be avoided by pregnant women. If you are taking medication to lower your blood pressure you can avoid Ajwain powder usage.
  • Ajwain consumption may slow blood clotting. If you are having surgery you should avoid Ajwain before and after surgery.
  • Ajwain powder causes the body temperature to rise and may lead to issues during pregnancy.

If you are observing any of the side effects, you must consult your doctor before further consumption.

Ajwain powder has multiple benefits for your body. Apart from having immense benefits for the digestive system, it also benefits the skin and hair. It is also helpful in relieving cough, congestion, and arthritis pain. We recommend that you include Ajwain in your daily diet. If you want instant or targeted digestive relief, you can take one of the home remedies discussed above. In case you observe any of the side effects or have an underlying condition, be careful with your consumption pattern.

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