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Brahmi Leaf and its bountiful benefits


Brahmi Leaf

Brahmi Leaf is a creeper used in Ayurveda. It is a perennial plant that has no fragrance. The scientific name for Brahmi Leaf is Bacopa Monnieri leaf. It is called Bacopa Leaf as it is a plant that falls under Bacopa Species. In the west Brahmi Leaf is named as 'water hyssop'. This plant mostly grows in marshy land. The plant bears a small five-petal flower which is white or light purple. The taste of this plant is bitter-sweet.

Did you know Brahmi leaf is used for medicinal purposes due to its rich medicinal properties that can treat various health conditions? Yes, you have read it correctly! This plant is rich in Alkaloids and also Triterpene saponins. These properties are useful in sharpening your memory and brain.

This therapeutic medicinal herb is rich in antioxidants. It can be consumed raw, in powdered, or even in dried form. You must be wondering how you can make use of it. You can add this rich medicinal herb to your daily diet. Eat it as a salad or cook it in your curry, or chutney; this plant can benefit you in numerous ways.

You would be amazed to know Brahmi leaf is often used in Ayurveda to balance the operation of the organs of our body. In addition to boosting your cognitive skills and improving the retaining capacity of your brain; the Brahmi leaf also helps in the regulation of the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. It has cooling properties that are beneficial for reducing stress levels and anxiety in human minds. Due to its cooling property, it also helps correct your biological clock helping in enhancing sleep.

Benefits of Brahmi Leaf

Now that you are familiar with this wonder herb, you want to know how this wonder herb is beneficial. Brahmi Leaf's uses are numerous. It is an herb that has been used as medicine in Ayurveda. Its rich properties make it suitable to enhance body functions and treat various health conditions in the human body.

Among its thousand benefits, some are discussed in this section of the article. The natural source is better than any medical alternative as there are no side effects of this medicinal therapeutic herb.

Promote Cognitive Skills

Brahmi leaf is regarded as a memory enhancer. Yes, it can even boost your retaining power, thinking ability, and overall cognitive skills. It helps you focus and also enhances your attention power. It helps enhance your ability to visualize information better.

Your learning rate will increase with the consistent intake of Brahmi Leaf. All these are proven facts through various studies. This magical herb also helps in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

QUICK TIP: It is advised that children consume Brahmi Leaf daily as they can excel in both their academic and personal life when their memory is boosted.

Brahmi Leaf is rich in antioxidants

The damage caused in human cells due to free radicals is prevented through antioxidants. Free radicals result in various serious health conditions like heart diseases, diabetic issues, and even some cancer types. Brahmi leaf consumption can help prevent these damages as it is highly rich in antioxidants.

Brahmi leaf has a major compound named ‘bacosides’. This active compound in Brahmi Leaf helps in neutralizing the harmful impact caused due to the free radicals through the prevention of interactions between fat molecules and free radicals.

QUICK TIP: Take a few leaves of Brahmi leaves and brew them in your tea to extract the antioxidants. The sweet-bitter taste of the Brahmi Leaf might offset the taste of tea this is why it is advised that you might not want more leaf at a time.

Brahmi Leaf helps in the reduction of inflammation

Inflammation occurs in the healing process when the body fights with the disease to get it back to track. But the chronic level of inflammation can result in serious health conditions like heart disease and certain types of cancer. The molecules responsible for immune-inflammatory response stimulation can be suppressed by the consumption of the Brahmi Leaves.

Brahmi Leaf helps the secretion of enzymes like caspases, lipoxygenases, and cyclooxygenases. These enzymes help in the suppression of inflammation and also reduce pain caused due to inflammation.

QUICK TIP: Grind a few Brahmi Leaf and spread them in the area where inflammation has occurred. It can even treat swelling caused by insect bites

 Brahmi Leaf helps in reducing the symptoms of ADHD

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This disease is mostly characterized by impulsive activities, loss of attention, and hyperactivity. Brahmi Leaf can help reduce these symptoms. It can help control the symptoms of restlessness, inability to self-control, loss of focus and attention, and impulsive behavior in humans.

QUICK TIP: Add the flowers and leaves of Bacopa Monnieri to your diet. Mix it while you cook vegetable curry or eat it raw in as a salad. You can see the effect of this magical herb with regular consumption.

Brahmi Leaf helps in reducing stress levels and anxiety

Most of the Ayurveda medicines have the property of adaptogen which is responsible for controlling the production of stress hormones and results in increasing the body's ability to resist the stress hormone. Yes, you guessed it right! Brahmi leaf is one such herb. This helps in reducing the cortisol level which is responsible for the production of stress hormones.

 All of these help in elevating your mood. You are more likely to be happier and relaxed when you consume this super-magical herb. Both stress and anxiety can be reduced with the consumption of Brahmi Leaf.

QUICK TIP: If you are suffering from anxiety and stress include Brahmi Leaf to treat depression and live a healthy and happy life.

Brahmi Leaf helps reduce high blood pressure

People might suffer from serious heart diseases due to high blood pressure. Brahmi Leaf has been tested and tried for the treatment of high-blo0d pressure. It helps to balance the levels of blood pressure in the human body. It can reduce both the systolic and diastolic levels of blood pressure.

It can balance and improve the smooth flow of blood in the vessels. It is highly effective in lowering blood pressure through the production of nitric oxide. This helps in dilating the blood vessels and eventually lowering the blood pressure.

QUICK TIP: People suffering from the problem of high blood pressure is advised to eat Brahmi Leaf raw as a salad in every meal for a positive result.

Brahmi Leaf has anti-cancer properties

The active compound present in Bacopa Monneiri helps kill the active tumor cells which are a major element causing cancer in the human body. It also helps kill the grown cells causing breast and colon cancer. It also helps heal skin cancer if the cancer is in its initial stages.

QUICK TIP: Chemotherapy has side effects due to which of the cancer patients are mostly hesitant in getting one. Brahmi Leaf helps in performing the chemotherapy session. It helps kill cancer cell.

Brahmi Leaf helps regulate the sugar level in the blood

The anti-hyperglycemic property of Brahmi Leaf helps regulate the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. It helps reduce the symptoms caused by hypoglycemia.

QUICK TIP: Chew the leaf of the Brahmi plant to help balance the blood sugar level if you are suffering from diabetes.

Beauty benefits of Brahmi Leaf

The oil extracts of Brahmi leaf help nourish dry scalp which helps the reduction of hair fall. The antioxidant properties of Brahmi Leaf help grow hair from your follicles and promote the growth of new hair. The antioxidant-rich Brahmi Leaf help gets rid of toxins from the human body which results in healthier and flawless skin.

QUICK TIP: Extract the oil of Brahmi Leaf and massage your scalp. Let the brahmi oil sit for 2 hours before you wash it with your favorite shampoo.

How to use Brahmi Leaf?

Since the inhabitant of the Bacopa species is marshy land you will rarely get the Brahmi Leaf from local stores. It is advised you get them from Ayurveda stores or online from  You can get it in the form of the capsule as a supplement tablet or as Bacopa Monnieri powder if purchased online.

 It is always better that you consult your Ayurveda doctor before consuming it in any form. The doctor will advise you of the time and dosage of the medicine for the recommended treatment specified for you. However if you consume it in its natural form, you can do it in numerous ways.

  • Eat it raw as a salad
  • Cook it with your vegetables
  • Make a bowl of soup in winter by adding some of the leaves
  • Crush one leaf in your palm and add it to your tea, brew for a while and sip it every morning.
  • Half a teaspoon of Brahmi Leaf powder can be added to a glass of warm milk
  • Blend it add some lime juice and salt and include it as a chutney in your meal
  • Brahmi leaf extract can be used as a hair oil
  • Add few leaves while you boil rice to soothe your stomach getting relieved from over-eating blue
  • Grind it in your juicer with oranges, limes, and other fruits and consume it as mixed juice

CRUCIAL POINT: even though there are no severe side effects of this therapeutic creeper, it is recommended to consult with your doctor. Also, consume it in a very less amount to check if you are not allergic to it.

What is Ondelaga Leaf?

Ondelaga is the other name for Brahmi. Ondelaga Leaf is synonymous with Brah Leaf which is a therapeutic herb. It is creeper native to India, Africa, Srilanka, and Bangladesh. It grows in marshy land where it can get abundant water.

Ondelaga leaf has plenty of bountiful benefits for the human body, skin, and hair. It is not only used in Ayurveda but also in Chinese medicine. Ondelaga Leaf or Brahmi Leaf can be bought online or from local stores.

Brahmi Leaf Powder

Brahmi's uses are numerous. Bacopa Monnieri powder is one of the best forms that can be used as medicine or to enhance the proper functioning of our body. The Brahmi Leaf Powder is easily available in stores and online. There a several uses of Brahmi leaf powder.

  • It promotes and boosts the function of your brain
  • It can enhance memory and retention power
  • It can help your immune system to strengthen from within
  • It can be added to your hair masks to get a shiny and bouncy result

A helpful tip: It can be stored for many years if kept dry and cool place. It does not need to be modified (crushed, blended, juiced, or cooked); you can add it to season your food with a measuring spoon.

Brahmi Leaf for babies

If you are interested in beautifying your house with plants, you might want to incorporate Brahmi in your garden or even balcony. It is easy to grow even in flower pots. This is low maintenance that can be easily grown. It can not only boost your health condition but help to purify the air in your home.

Babies need more nutrition than adults. As their mind and body can be boosted by food, you must be very particular in deciding the diet of your child. The benefits of this magical herb can boost your child's brain and overall health. You can use Brahmi leaf for babies in numerous ways.

  • To boost the immune system in babies
  • To reduce blood sugar level and cholesterol
  • For relieving toothache
  • It can be used as a natural mouth freshener
  • Reduce the systems of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Helps babies relax as it reduces stress hormone
  • Help nourish the scalp and results in healthier hair
  • Heals wound in children and adult
  • Prevents Asthma attacks in babies (as they are more prone to asthma)
  • Promotes thinking and assessing abilities in children
  • It helps improve the brain and memory functioning

The Takeaway

Brahmi Leaf is a powerhouse of antioxidants and other active elements that helps in healing and treating the human body system. This super-magical herb can be consumed in powder, raw, cooked, or capsule form. Incorporate this herb in your diet to enhance healthy leaving.  


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