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A Guide to Know Everything About Eclipta Alba


Eclipta Alba is a species of sunflower family often known as false daisy or Bhringraj. This plant has been used as traditional Ayurveda medicine. It grows in the wild, particularly in Bangladesh and some parts of India. Farmers often consider this plant as a weed. The ancient tribes have used this plant as a medicine. Both Ayurveda and traditional practitioners believe that this plant has numerous medicinal values. 

The medicines extracted from natural resources might prove to have steady results, but they are always a better alternative to modern scientific medicines. These medicines are considered comparatively safer for both humans and the environment. 

These medicines might not have detailed research, but they have no harmful side effects as modern scientific medicines. These medicines save your money and save your lives. They are easily available. These plants have been used from ancient times to heal the human body. False daisy plant or Eclipta Alba plant has numerous active compounds that are used to treat various diseases. 

What is Eclipta Alba?

Eclipta Alba is commonly grown as a medicinal crop in parts of India and South-western America. This medicinal crop has a hepato-protective compound believed to heal several diseases and widely used in Ayurveda for decades. Eclipta Alba is often known as Eclipta data due to its erect stem. It is hairy and has many branches. This plant is an annual crop that has a grayish well-developed root. The flower of this therapeutic herb is white in color which has narrow petals. 

This plant is well known to be used as a medicine for various acute and chronic diseases. This is due to the richness of phytochemicals and medicinal properties present in this plant. The plant is rich and consists of the following properties. 

  • photochemistry
  • antibacterial
  • anti-viral 
  • hypertensive
  • hypo-cholesterol
  • antioxidant
  • anti-cancerous
  • cerebral-protective
  • gastrointestinal
  • hepatitis-proactive
  • immunity
  • anti-depressant
  • analgesic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • tonic for the nervous system
  • anti-venom
  • anti-diabetic
  • Non-toxic
  • Vet-nary
  • Anti-allergic

These properties make Eclipta Alba extract an elixir for Ayurveda medicinal fields. In addition to these medicinal properties, the false daisy plant is also popular in the cosmetic world. It is a well-known natural resource to treat alopecia and hair fall issues and also proved to promote hair growth. Ayurveda believes and second the fact that this plant has been useful in treating the problems related to hair issues. 

Benefits of Eclipta Alba 

The medicinal properties of the false daisy therapeutic herb are beneficial in treating various health issues. The active compounds of this herb can treat the disease and also help in prevention from the different diseases. It is one of the ten top most herbal medicines in the Ayurveda medicinal world. The therapeutic medicinal herb is rich in properties that make it a significant herb, and therefore, it is cultivated as a crop.

  • Help treat gastrointestinal disorders
  • It helps treat and prevent asthma and other respiratory-related disorders
  • Helps in fever treatment
  • It helps prevent hair loss and treat alopecia
  • It helps prevent premature graying of hair
  • Helps in the treatment of jaundice and other liver-related disorders
  • It helps treat acne and other skin problems
  • It helps treat the enlargement of the spleen
  • It helps heal wounds and cuts
  • Helps treat ulcer
  • Has anti-cancerous properties that can prevent cancers
  • It helps to neutralize the effect of snake venom
  • Helps treat inflammation
  • It helps operate the nervous system
  • Helps treat arthritis 
  • Helps prevent diabetes 
  • Helps prevent hepatitis 
  • Helps reduce dandruff

All the above benefits of Eclipta Alba is due to the properties and active compounds present in the plant. 

  • It has different elements of photo-constituents
    • Wedelolactone
    • Eclalbasaponins
    • ursolic acid
    • oleanolic acid
    • luteoli
    • apigenin

The Bhringraj or false daisy plant is rich in antioxidants. The plant is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is rich in vitamin E, vitamin D, calcium, iron, and magnesium. These properties give this therapeutic herb an edge to be more beneficial in other numerous fields. 

  • It helps in inducing sleep 
  • It helps reduce stress and anxiety and therefore relaxes your mind
  • It helps in the detoxification of your liver
  • It helps in reducing inflammation of the skin
  • Helps in the treatment of minor headaches
  • It helps in retaining memory loss, particularly due to Alzheimer’s disease
  • It helps promote hair growth
  • It helps strengthen your immune situation
  • Helps in the soothing stomach (gastrointestinal tract)
  • Help treat UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)
  • Helps in treating bowel inflammation
  • Helps improve eyesight 
How to Use Eclipta Alba?

Eclipta Alba is used for treating many serious health issues. All the parts of the plant are equally useful. The roots, the stem, the flower, and the seeds; all of it is beneficial for treating different diseases and using it for different purposes. The plant can be used in numerous forms. 

Oil extracts 

You can use the Eclipta Alba extracts or the extracts of the seed of this plant. Massage it in your scalp for promoting hair growth and treating hair loss. You can also massage it on your forehead as it helps treat minor headaches. The oil is not edible, so never consume it directly nor add it to your diet. You can purchase it from local stores or online. 

Grounded form 

Crush the flower and the stem separately and from this plant, and add it to your favorite soup or vegetable curry. You can also make yourself some chutney by adding some lime juice to it. Have this crushed chutney as part of your every meal to gain maximum benefit from this plant. 

Powdered form

Add the power of the false daisy plant to your favorite drink or dish. You can also make yourself a hair mask using the power of this plant. Add a pinch of powder to a cup of warm milk every night to treat gastrointestinal disorders. The powder of the root is more effective than the powder of other parts of the plant.

Fresh juice 

Make yourself a fresh glass of juice with the stem and leaf of the plant. The juice can be made alone by the parts of the plant or add some fresh fruits in it for additional benefits. You can add a spoon of organic honey and few drops of lime juice to enhance the flavor of the juice. Enjoy this powerful drink. Start your day with this super magical drink to get the maximum benefit for overall health. 

The leaf

This method is one of the easiest methods to use the plant. Crush some Eclipta Alba leaves of this plant and add them to your tea. Brew your tea for five minutes and drink it at least twice a day. This way, the health issues will resolve in no-time if you are patient and consistent. 

A Quick tip: These are some of the ways you can use the false daisy plant. Grind it, juice it, brew it, or add the powder of this therapeutic herb to enjoy the benefits. 

Eclipta Alba for hair 

The false daisy for hair has been widely used in Ayurveda medicines. You can use the Eclipta Alba hair oil for treating various hair issues. The main cosmetic purpose attended by this super magical herb is for treating various hair problems. Commonly the oil of the false daisy plant is used for treating the hair related issues.

Eclipta Alba for hair growth

You can find various solutions, potions, or oil extracts with the label of 'Eclipta Alba hair Growth' in stores or online. The oil extracts particularly help promote hair growth. It nourishes the scalp and hair follicles that make it favorable for the hair follicles to regenerate more hair strands. The Vitamin E-rich herb, the false daisy plant, is responsible for nourishing the hair scalp, which hydrates the hair strands and makes them shiny and healthy.

Eclipta Alba for reducing dandruff

The bhringraj leaves and bhringraj oil can be used to treat dandruff issues. Dandruff may deplete the quality of the hair strands and make the scalp flaky and itchy. All these might result in weak hair strands, breakage, and hair loss issues.

This plant can help treat dandruff as it has antibacterial anti-fungal properties. Dandruff mostly occurs due to fungi. Crush the leaves of the bhringraj plant and make a smooth paste. Apply the paste into your scalp and leave it for at least one hour. Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo. You can also massage the oil of the false daisy plant into your scalp in circular motions to reduce dandruff. Remember to be gentle as your scalp might lose hair if you do it vigorously.

Eclipta Alba for slowing down of premature graying of the hair

The false daisy plant, if incorporated into your regular health regime, might be a great way to slow down the process of graying your hair. You can add the paste of this plant (particularly paste of the root) to your hair mask or even your shampoo. Crush the root of the plant to form a smooth paste and massage it in your scalp. Leave it for one hour and wash it off with your favorite shampoo. 

Eclipta Alba for reducing hair loss

The plant can help reduce hair fall. The antioxidant properties of the plant help your scalp to get a sufficient amount of nutrients that are needed for the supply of healthy hair. You can crush the whole plant and form a smooth paste. Apply the paste evenly on your scalp to strengthen the roots. You can also massage your scalp with the oil extracts of this plant. Hair loss reduction will be observed within a few months with regular application.

Crucial Point: The medicinal properties extracted from natural resources are often very slow in demonstrating the results. Be patient and consistent while using Eclipta Alba for your hair.

Side Effects of Eclipta Alba

Although there are no harmful side effects of this medicinal herb, it is always better you consult with your doctor before deciding upon the way to use this medicine. It is advised to consult your doctor for the correct dosage and the form you should use this herb for treating various health issues. 

  • You might have an allergic reaction to this plant, so it is always better to do a patch test before you apply it to your scalp. 
  • In case of oral consumption, make sure you consult your doctor
  • Always ask for the authenticity of the product to your seller before you make a purchase
  • The oil of this plant is not edible as it is extracted from the seed of the plant and goes through a process of extraction, which might be harmful if consumed directly from the mouth. 

If you are careful enough and make sure you keep in mind the above precautionary points, you can benefit from the super-magical medicinal herb. Make sure you purchase the herb in the pure form. Eclipta Alba, if used regularly and consistently with patience it can be helpful in both the medicine and cosmetics world. 


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