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Bhringraj Leaf: A powerhouse of nutrients for your body and hair


Bhringraj Leaves

A healthy body can be achieved with a healthy lifestyle. People today have a lifestyle that is characterized by modernization. People consume fast and processed food and use products that are readily available in the market. These products are infused with chemical products that may provide an effective result temporarily. But in the long-run, these products do much more harm than they provide benefits. 

To prevent disastrous long-run results it is wise for you to opt for something natural and organic. Incorporating healthy natural products into your medicine, beauty, and diet regime can increase your life span. You will live a healthy life. The natural products used in your beauty regime might provide steady results but the result will be long-lasting. 

One of the natural products that can be used to enhance your hair and make your body healthy is the Bhringraj leaf. The leaf of the Eclipta Alba plant is often named a guntagalagara leaf. The leaf of the Bhringraj plant is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and photochemistry, and pharmacological properties. These properties make the leaves of the Bhringraj plant a therapeutic medicine. 

The leaves of the Bhringraj plant grow in opposite direction. It is often considered a weed by the farmers. Bhringraj leaves are grown annually as a medicinal crop mostly in parts of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, and Brazil. The rich properties of Bhringraj leaf make it a useful medicine in Ayurveda. It is often used synonymously for 'keshraj’ which means the king of the hair. The Bhringraj leaf is significant in treating diseases, solving hair issues, and improving health. You can purchase Bhringraj leaves online and also from local stores. Bhringraj leaves benefits are numerous when it comes to health. 

Uses of Bhringraj leaf for Health

Bhringraj leaf for the functioning of the liver

The function of the liver in our body is to remove toxic elements. All the impurities are removed with the help of this organ. The protection of this organ is significant for a healthy body to function properly. Bhringraj leaf can help protect the liver. Bhringraj leaf can activate and regenerate liver cells and help protect the liver from dangerous and harmful elements. The active compound Demethyl-wedelolactone and wedelolactone that are present in Bhringraj leaf helps in protecting the liver in the human body. 

Bhringraj Leaf for treatment of dysentery

Dysentery is a condition where a person experiences nausea, vomiting, loose motion, and sometimes fever. Bhringraj Leaf helps in fighting the bacteria that cause dysentery. It can be consumed orally. The leaf blended into juice and consumed two to three times a day can help treat dysentery. You can add honey and lemon for enhancing the flavor of the juice. 

Bhringraj leaf for the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract

The use of pain killers like Asprin and the use of alcohol can cause a disturbance in the gastrointestinal tract. It even can result in ulcers. Bhringraj leaf can help treat such serious ulcers. The anti-inflammatory property of the Bhringraj leaf can help in the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Bhringraj Leaf for relief from pain

Bhringraj Leaf helps in reliving from backaches and headaches. Fresh extract of Bhringraj leaves can help kill pain and therefore it has been used in Ayurveda medicine to treat fever, pain in the back and forehead due to its anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Bhringraj leaf for neutralizing the venom

The medicinal creeper is also used to treat snake bites and scorpion stings. Bhringraj leaf can be used as an immediate first aid before running to seek professional medical assistance. The leaves have properties that help neutralize the effect of venom and poison caused due to snake bites and scorpion stings. 

Bhringraj leaf for cardiac functioning

The anti-oxidant rich plant is helpful in the proper functioning of the human heart. The Bhringraj leaf can be used to control high blood pressure if consumed regularly. It also helps in balancing the cholesterol level that eventually improves the health of your heart. The triglycerides level that is responsible for various serious heart conditions is also balanced with the regular use of Bhringraj leaf. The unusual heart palpitations can also be normalized with the consumption of Bhringraj leaf. 

Bhringraj Leaf for Boosting the Immune System

The anti-oxidant rich plant which is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals can be a very good natural resource to boost your immune system. Use the juice of the leaf extracts of the false daisy plant to strengthen your immune system. 

Bhringraj Leaf for the functioning of the respiratory tract

The respiratory system is affected when attacked by the diseases like bronchitis and asthma. These diseases obstruct the way to breathe normally. This condition of the respiratory tract is often caused due to inflammation in the tract. These can lead to serious coughing and wheezing that obstructs the air passage from and to the lungs. As a result, the lung is not able to purify the air. Bhringraj Leaf can heal these impacts with the help of the extracts injected through the nasal passage. Make sure it is done under the supervision of your health administrator. 

Bhringraj Leaf for Treating Diabetic problem

The blood sugar level in diabetic patients fluctuates. The extract of the Bhringraj leaf can help balance the blood sugar level and also regulate the amount of insulin secretion. This helps treat the problems in diabetic patients.

Bhringraj Leaf for improving eyesight

The properties of photochemistry help improve the vision of the human eye. You can add few drops of the leaf extracts directly to your eye with the help of a dropper every morning to improve vision. Make sure you dilute the juice with enough water and there are no residues of the leaf that may lead to discomfort in your eyes. 

Bhringraj leaf for treating skin problems

The anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties of Bhringraj leaves can help treat various skin issues. Eczema, rashes, acne, pimples, sunburn, scars, and blemishes can be treated with the use of leaf extracts. You can make a smooth paste with the Bhringraj leaf and apply it to the affected area. 

A Quick Tip: Always wash the Bhringraj leaf and boil it for 5 minutes before you blend it to form a paste of extract the juice. 

Uses of Bhringraj Leaves for hair

The nutritional content present in the Bhringraj leaf helps maintain lustrous and voluminous healthy hair. Bhringraj leaves the use of hair can help main the health of your hair. The Bhringraj leaf extracts or paste can be applied to your scalp and hair strands to attain healthy hair. Bhringraj leaf for hair is a good alternative to chemical products that can be harmful to your hair in the long run. Bhringraj leaves are numerous when it comes to hair care. 

Bhringraj leaves for hair growth

Bhringraj leaves are useful in activating the hair follicle. It helps nourish your scalp and promotes blood circulation under the skin of your scalp. The nourished scalp results in nourished and activated hair follicles. The hair tissues get pushed and hence it grows long and strong. 

A quick tip: Bhringraj Leaves paste for hair can help promote hair growth. Blend some fresh leaves and apply it to your scalp and let it sit for 1 hour before you rinse it off. 

Bhringraj leaves for hair fall 

Hair loss occurs in patches due to the overproduction of stress hormones. In the quest to balancing the overproduction of the stress hormone, the immune system fights with the body. This confused state causes hair fall. Bhringraj helps in reduction of the hair fall by reducing stress hormones. It has cooling agents that help in controlling stress and anxiety.

A quick tip: Bhringraj leaf powder can be added to your favorite mask or plain yogurt. Apply it before washing your hair. Gently massage it on to your mask. 

Bhringraj leaves for delaying premature graying of hair

Premature hair graying has been a major hair issue experienced by millennial nowadays. The hair turns grey due to pollution and the use of chemical infused products. The premature graying of hair can be slowed down and it can also prevent future greying of your hair due to the anti-oxidants present in the hair. 

Bhringraj leaves for treating scalp infection

The Bhringraj leaf is rich in anti-bacteria. The leaf can be used in treating hair follicle infection, psoriasis, fungi, and bacterial infection. All of these results in reduced dandruff issues. The flaky scalp gets enough hydration with the help of the application of Bhringraj leaves paste. The greasy scalp is also resolved with balanced sebum production. 

Bhringraj leaves for treating dandruff 

Dandruff may be caused due to dried scalp or fungi infection. The Bhringraj leaves have a specific gravity that helps them penetrate deeper into your scalp. This provides enough nourishment and hydration to your scalp. The sebum production is balanced and the scalp is moisturized and therefore the dandruff is eliminated from the scalp. Dandruff should never be ignored as it may be a major reason due to which hair might fall off your scalp or it may result in weaker strands that may break out. 

Bhringraj leaves for voluminous and shiny hair

The nutrients present in the Bhringraj leaves can help nourish your scalp and hair strands. Bhringraj leaves help to condition you're here as it has properties that are effective for anti-frizz. The leaves are rich in vitamins, minerals, magnesium, and anti-oxidant. All of these contribute to healthier and voluminous hair. You can buy the Bhringraj leaves online. 

A quick tip: incorporate Bhringraj leaf in your regular hair care regime. Use it as a hair mask at least once a week for achieving healthy hair.

Is there any side effect of Bhringraj leaf?

Bhringraj leaves do not have any adverse side effects. When compared to commercial products Bhringraj leaf is very safe to consume both orally and through application. However, too much consumption of the Bhringraj solution may cause a burn sensation in the stomach. It may also cause diarrhea. In some people, it may cause frequent urination. When applied to scalp and hair it is advised you mix it with yogurt or other carrier oils for effective results. It may cause an allergic reaction to some. If an allergic reaction occurs you should stop using it immediately.

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