Things You Need To Know About Redensyl and its Side Effects!

Hair fall has become a common problem, but you know it’s essential to treat it as soon as possible. You might be aware that nowadays the lifestyle including consumption of “bad” foods has become so bad that it directly affects the hair. Apart from this, pollution and chemical-made hair products also affect the hair, which later becomes the cause of hair loss. By the way, people often try so many home remedies for any hair and skin related problems.

However, home remedies are beneficial if you suffer from common causes. The measures to prevent hair loss means the longer the treatment, the more the problem will increase. Most people ignore the hair fall problem at first, and it later becomes harsh. Therefore, measures to prevent hair loss need to be adopted as soon as possible.

If you have observed that due to untimely hair loss, people often look older than their real ages, and many of them get stressed about hair loss. But before treating hair loss, it is also necessary to find out the reason behind it. When the cause is properly ascertained, the home remedies can work well if used properly.

Are There Any Side Effects of Redensyl?

Redensyl clinical studies say that there are hardly any side effects recently. It is completely beneficial for hair growth without harmful effects because it is plant-based and processed by biotechnology and gives impressive results.

Before concluding, read more about redensyl. 

Let's look at what experts say!

According to hair experts, if a person is losing 70 to 100 hair every day, it is not a situation of panic because hair fall is natural. When old hair falls, only then can new hair come. If your falling hair is more than this number, you need to talk to your doctor instead of getting upset. 

Because sometimes, due to chronic constipation, stomach problems, or some other serious diseases, the hair also falls rapidly. Hair fall also marks the initial stage of many diseases. So, you shall not neglect hair fall as it can be a signal through which our body alerts us that unwanted cells or germs are growing in the body.

Well, Are There Any Causes Of Hair Fall?

Yes, there are so many causes! Here are those 6 diseases for which your hair can start falling speedily.

Hair falls when the thyroid grows.

If you are facing hair fall issues, you might notice too much hair falling. The thyroid is a disorder, and if you get the right treatment on time, it does not harm your health in any way. You can live a normal life without any problems. But if you do not get treatment for this problem, then your hair keeps falling fast, and along with this, several problems also start growing.

When cancer is growing in the body

Some cancer cells like Hodgkin lymphoma might also be the cause of hair loss. Also, the treatment of cancer causes rapid hair loss during chemotherapy. But hair loss also often indicates that unwanted cells are developing in the body, which can take the form of cancer over time.

Blood pressure can also cause falling hair.

When a person has a problem related to blood pressure, the blood flow in the person’s body is obstructed, due to which there is a high pressure of blood flow on the blood arteries. Also, if the amount of sodium in the blood is high, the hair of a person starts falling fast. 

Important to note: This condition is more common in patients with high blood pressure.

Anorexia and bulimia

Tenizers often fall prey to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia in the desire for a slim fit body. Youngsters suffering from these disorders prefer to eat very limited and very selective foods. While some people eat what they want to eat, they also vomit it out later. So that hunger also disappears, and fat is not stored in the body. All these conditions work to push the body of these youths towards malnutrition. Then this malnutrition becomes the cause of fast-falling hair.

Hair also falls due to stress and depression

No person suffers from depression immediately; rather it is a gradual process. Before this, the person succumbs to stress and then becomes vulnerable to anxiety. Hair loss starts during stress. If this stress rises to the level of depression, then hair loss starts increasing as the process of hair loss increases.

Lupus disorder also causes hair fall.

Lupus is an autoimmune disorder. In this disorder, inflammation persists in various parts of the body for a longer period. The facial skin and hair roots are mainly affected due to inflammation. Blood and oxygen do not flow properly in the hair roots causing hair fall. Patients suffering from Lupus disorder not only face hair fall but if the situation becomes serious, the hair of eyebrows and eyelid hair also starts falling. On the other hand, when men have this issue, they might also face hair loss of mustache and beard.

How To Manage Hair Loss?

Redensyl is a valuable alternative hair loss treatment. There is a newly discovered molecule, dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG), a compound derived from plant extracts known to target stem cells in hair follicles that encourages cell division.

It also contains other natural ingredients for hair growth that act as anti-inflammatory and amino acids that make hair protein.

Important to note: Redensyl is often considered the best choice for hair transplants because it is natural, non-hormonal, and encourages hair growth at the cellular level.

Redensyl works far better than any other hair transplant surgery or medication. Another reason that redensyl capixyl and procapil are most compatible is that it is a 100% non-irritable and non-sensitized product.

Better Results Than Hair Transplant Surgery

Redensyl has been evaluated during a double-blind versus placebo clinical trial on volunteers showing grade three to four alopecia according to the Medical Norwood classification.

Due to its unique biological concept, clinical results obtained with redensyl respond to requests from consumers without yet:

  • Within 84 days, volunteers have more hair (up to + 17%)
  • Anagen (growing) number of hair increases (+ 9%)
  • While the number of falling hair decreases (-17%)

85% of the volunteers had significant and visible hair growth, with over 28,200 new hair achieved in 84 days, that is, equivalent to three complete procedures of hair transplant surgery.

What Is Redensyl Made of?

The 7 natural ingredients that make redensyl and give it a yield that contains hair re-growing properties:

  • DHQG
  • EGCG 2
  • Glycine
  • Zinc chloride
  • Meta-bisulfite
  • Glycerin
  • Water

Benefits Of Using Redensyl

Most of the existing hair growth ingredients available in the market for the cosmetic industry are plant extracts or peptides. In contrast, redensyl represents a new generation of hair growth that activates the molecule. It is derived from a rational analysis of the function of stem cells in hair follicles. It is the result of a unique patented synthesis process (an organic solvent-free enzymatic glycosylation process). Unique mode of action (ORSC stem cell activation, HFDPC papilla dermal fibroblasts, stimulation of inflammation) culminates in rapid and permanent production of new healthy hair on volunteers suffering from androgenic alopecia over three months.

Point to be noted: Redensyl is a biotechnology ACI (active cosmetic ingredient), containing more than 97% purity, and is the cosmetic equivalent of API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) from the pharma industries.

How To Use Redensyl?

Our hair development cycle works in 3 states that is anagen, catagen, and telogen.

The anagen phase is the phase of hair growth, the catagen phase is the phase of hair transition, and the telogen phase is the phase of hair loss.

An important point to be noted: The use of redensyl serum in reducing the telogen phase and enhancing the anagen phase works well and sensibly reduces hair loss, and works in a way that retains your hair.

The duration of the anagen phase is more than 3 years, the duration of the catagen phase is more than 3 weeks, and the duration of the telogen phase is more than 3 months. Redensyl activates hair forming cells and supports hair growth.

The best practice for using redensyl is to use it in the telogen phase. The process of using it depends on which product you are using.

  • If you are using redensyl oil, apply it to your scalp and keep it overnight. Then, wash your hair in the morning.
  • If you are using a redensyl hair restore serum or oil-in-serum, apply it after washing your hair.
  • To use redensyl beard oil, apply a few drops of it to your beard overnight.

After reading all these beneficial effects of redensyl, you must decide to use it for hair growth, hair restoration, or beard growth. It is worth a shot.


  1. Is Redensyl Good for Hair?

Redensyl is often considered the best option for hair transplantation because it is natural, non-hormonal, and encourages hair growth at the cellular level. 

Redensyl works far better than any hair transplant surgery or medication.

  1. How long does redensyl take to work?

Since hair growth cycles can take at least one to four months, it will take three to six months to see the results of redensyl. 

  1. Is Redensyl FDA Approved?

 In 1997, the use of this drug for the treatment of AGA was approved by the FDA [30, 31].

  1. Is Redensyl a Chemical?

Redensyl is the result of a patented green chemistry process (organic solvent-free glycosylation) that enables the synthesis of DHQG and EGCG2, which are stable and soluble derivatives of dihydroquercetin and EGCG.

  1. Does Redensyl help to grow a beard?

Conversely, a safe remedy for rapid facial hair growth is Razor’s Beard Growth Oil. This oil is free from harmful chemicals such as sulfates and parabens and contains redensyl, which has been scientifically proven to strengthen hair follicles and grow a beard.

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