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Redensyl Side Effects: Benefits, Ingredients, & How to Use


Over 60% of people in India experience hair loss, with pattern hair loss and telogen effluvium being common conditions in both men and women. Various factors contribute to hair loss, including genetics, unhealthy lifestyles, medications, illness, pollution, and heat treatments. Unfortunately, misinformation and ineffective treatments make finding a solution challenging. Busy lifestyles often delay seeking treatment, but early intervention is essential for better results.

One product that has been gaining popularity in recent years for hair loss treatment is Redensyl. It is known for its ability to reactivate dormant hair follicles, promote new hair growth, improve hair density, and strengthen hair fibers. Unlike many other products, Redensyl has no known side effects and is considered a natural solution for hair loss and thinning hair. Its use as a hair growth-promoting ingredient has been scientifically proven. Alongside Redensyl, Minoxidil is also commonly prescribed for hair growth. Both these products have shown promising results in combating hair loss and encouraging hair regrowth.

For those experiencing hair loss, it is crucial to take prompt action and use effective treatments like Redensyl to achieve better results and regain healthy hair volume. Early treatment is key to obtaining more significant recovery in a shorter period. While hair loss can be distressing, understanding the science behind products like Redensyl can help individuals make informed decisions about their hair care routines. By opting for dermatologist-recommended solutions and incorporating products like Redensyl and Minoxidil into their hair loss treatment plans, individuals can enhance their chances of combatting hair loss and promoting hair growth effectively.

So, are you thinking to yourself, what is the point of this blog? Don’t worry I am getting there. So the most commonly prescribed serums for pattern hair loss and telogen effluvium are Redensyl  and Minoxidil. We are going to be talking about Redensyl and its side effects. 

What is Redensyl?

What is the meaning of redensyl and you know other important questions like who can use it and what are redensyl side effects ?

Redensyl is a natural patented compound and it helps with improving cell regeneration of follicles and also promotes hair growth. Technically, speaking it is a  green chemistry formula of patented molecules (DHQG and EGCG2: two stabilized polyphenols) targeting the ORS bulge stem cells (named in this report ORSc for Outer Root Sheath stem cells) and the fibroblasts located in the dermal papilla (named in this report HFDPc for Human Follicular Dermal Papilla cells).

It is prescribed to people in the initial stage (stage 1 for men and stage 1 and 2 for women) of hair loss or telogen effluvium.

Benefits of Redensyl for hair

Redensyl is a powerful ingredient that enhances stem cell regeneration in hair roots. It effectively shortens the shedding phase and prolongs the growth phase for individuals experiencing hair loss. By promoting hair regrowth, preventing hair follicle death, and reactivating dormant hair follicles, Redensyl stimulates hair to enter the growth phase, resulting in improved hair density, stronger hair fibers, and protection against environmental damage.

1. Stem Cell Regeneration: 

Redensyl works wonders by increasing stem cell regeneration in hair roots. This process revitalizes hair follicles, preventing their death and encouraging hair regrowth, leading to thicker and healthier hair.

2. Hair Cycle Optimization: 

Redensyl plays a vital role in optimizing the hair cycle. It shortens the shedding phase and lengthens the growth phase, stimulating hair to enter the growth phase faster. This results in improved hair volume and reduced hair loss for individuals experiencing hair thinning.

3. Reactivation of Dormant Follicles: 

Redensyl has the unique ability to reactivate dormant hair follicles. By awakening these inactive follicles, it encourages the growth of new hair and contributes to overall hair density.

4. Strengthening Hair Fibers:

 By fortifying hair fibers, Redensyl makes the hair more resilient and less prone to breakage. This strengthens the hair structure, promoting healthy hair growth and preventing further damage.

5. Environmental Protection: 

Redensyl acts as a protective shield for the hair, guarding it against environmental damage caused by pollution, UV rays, and other external stressors. This protection ensures the longevity of hair health and appearance.  

Redensyl Side Effects

Redensyl has no proven side effects, unlike other hair growth serums like Minoxidil. It emerged as a new treatment for hair loss in 2014, with limited research and data compared to older options. However, it may take 5-6 months to show benefits on hair, primarily in the initial stages, and it doesn't directly stop hair loss like other stimulation therapies. To maximize benefits and minimize potential risks, it is advisable to use dermatologist-recommended hair fall products in combination with Redensyl. 

What is Redensyl Made of?

Redensyl is a potent hair growth-promoting ingredient composed of natural plant extracts such as DHQG, EGCG, Glycine, Zinc Chloride, and Meta-bisulfate. It effectively increases stem cell regeneration in hair roots and shortens the shedding phase while extending the growth phase. This makes it highly beneficial for those experiencing hair loss, as it helps to reactivate dormant hair follicles and promote the growth of new hair. Redensyl's unique formulation has shown promising results in improving hair density, strengthening hair fibers, and providing protection against environmental damage, making it a valuable component in hair care products for individuals seeking to address hair loss and encourage hair regrowth.

How to Use Redensyl for Hair Growth?

Our hair development cycle works in 3 states : anagen, catagen, and telogen.

The anagen phase is the phase of hair growth, the catagen phase is the phase of hair transition, and the telogen phase is the phase of hair loss.

Redensyl for hair growth helps reduce the duration of the telogen phase and enhances the anagen phase. Which allows it to reduce hair loss and works in a way that retains your hair.

The duration of the anagen phase is more than 3 years, the duration of the catagen phase is more than 3 weeks, and the duration of the telogen phase is more than 3 months. Redensyl for hair growth works by activating hair forming cells.

Redensyl for hair growth is available in various forms - redensyl oil, redensyl lotion and redensyl serum.

The best practice for using Redensyl products is to use them in the telogen phase. The process of using it depends on which product you are using.

  • If you are using Redensyl serum, apply it to your healthy scalp and keep the Redensyl hair serum overnight. Then, wash your hair in the morning.
  • If you are using a Redensyl serum apply it on a clean, dry and healthy scalp, and only in the affected areas.

Traya’s Redensyl Hair Growth Serum

Traya's Redensyl Serum targets root causes of hair fall like premature aging of hair follicles, shrinking due to DHT, and weakening of hair roots. The serum contains patented and clinically-proven ingredients like 3% Redensyl, 3% Procapil, and 5% Capixyl, along with natural extracts such as red clover, larch wood, and castor oil. These ingredients promote stem cell regeneration in hair roots, shorten the shedding phase, and lengthen the growth phase for those experiencing hair loss. Redensyl and Procapil in the serum work to regenerate aging hair follicles, boost blood circulation to hair cells, and reduce damage caused by DHT, helping to stop hair loss. Additionally, the formula derived from natural extracts supports healthier and thicker hair growth by managing hair loss and reducing potential hair damage caused by poor blood flow and increased pitta (heat) in the body.


Redensyl is a highly versatile hair growth-promoting ingredient, known for reactivating dormant hair follicles, stimulating new hair growth, enhancing hair density, strengthening hair fibers, and safeguarding against environmental damage. It stands out as a natural solution for hair loss and thinning hair, with no reported side effects. To ensure optimal results, it is crucial to use Redensyl in the appropriate quantity and as part of a well-designed hair loss treatment plan. Look for Redensyl products formulated with premium ingredients and backed by clinical trials for the best outcomes.


In a clinical study, Redensyl was shown to be 2x more effective than Minoxidil (Rogaine) and resulted in up to 10,000 new hairs during the trial. - Source to link.


  1. Does Redensyl cause shedding
  • Redensyl may cause initial shedding, which is a natural part of the hair growth process. However, this shedding is temporary and not a permanent side effect of using Redensyl. As the hair growth cycle is reset and new hair follicles are stimulated, the shedding phase is followed by increased hair growth and regrowth.
  1. What happens when you stop using Redensyl?
  • When you stop using Redensyl, the positive effects on hair growth may gradually diminish over time. Consistent use of Redensyl is essential to maintain the results achieved during its usage. Stopping the application may lead to a gradual return to the previous hair growth cycle and potential hair loss if not managed with continued treatment.
  1. Does Redensyl regrow hair?
  • Redensyl has been scientifically proven to promote hair growth by reactivating dormant hair follicles and improving hair density. Its unique formulation of plant extracts, such as DHQG, EGCG, Glycine, Zinc Chloride, and Meta-bisulfate, contributes to its efficacy in stimulating hair regrowth and reducing hair loss.
  1. Can men & women both use Redensyl?
  • Yes, both men and women can use Redensyl for hair loss treatment and hair regrowth. Its safe and effective nature makes it a suitable option for both genders to address hair loss concerns and achieve improved hair density and thickness.
  1. Can Redensyl cause hair loss?
  • Redensyl itself is not known to cause hair loss; rather, it is specifically designed to promote hair growth. Its key objective is to reactivate dormant hair follicles and stimulate the growth of new hair, offering a promising solution for those seeking to combat hair thinning and hair loss.
  1. Does Redensyl work?
  • Redensyl has shown promising results in stimulating hair growth and improving hair density. Many users have reported positive outcomes with consistent usage, making it a viable option for individuals looking to address hair loss and promote healthier hair.
  1. Does Redensyl block DHT?
  • While Redensyl does not directly block DHT, the hormone associated with hair loss, its hair growth-promoting properties can counteract its effects. By reactivating dormant hair follicles and promoting new hair growth, Redensyl helps combat the hair loss effects of DHT and contributes to overall hair rejuvenation.
  1. Is Redensyl safe during pregnancy?
  • While Redensyl is generally considered safe for topical use, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional before using it during pregnancy. Ensuring the safety of any hair loss treatment during pregnancy is crucial to avoid potential risks and ensure the well-being of both the expectant mother and the baby.

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