Redensyl side effects - All about redensyl and its side effects

Redensyl side effects - All about redensyl and its side effects

Over 60% of the people in India suffer from hair loss. The most common types of hair loss conditions are pattern hair loss and telogen effluvium ( can happen in both men and women). There are multiple causes and triggers for hair loss conditions, such as genetics (and you think your parents didn’t give you any heirlooms), unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices (like binge-watching shows at night and eating momos 3 times a day), medicines, illness, pollution, chemical-laden products and heat treatments, the list goes on and on. See and you wonder why you don’t have good hair days often. Unfortunately, the prevalence of hair loss is only bested by the prevalence of misinformation, scammy treatments and a love of home remedies (don’t take offence we have tried to apply malai for glowing skin as well) that make effective treatment difficult. 

However, that is not the only thing that makes hair loss treatment a challenge. Unfortunately, most of us are so busy living the #hustlelife there isn’t always enough time for ourselves and our health. So, we delay getting treatment on time even when we see the problem. And only after a couple of jabs from friends and family making tasteful jokes about us looking like Bollywood villains and Vin Diesel that we decide to take the treatment. 

But the first rule of hair loss is to take treatment as soon as you see the problem (it isn’t as cool as the rules of fight club, but it works). It allows you to recover more volume in less time when you start early. 

So, are you thinking to yourself, what is the point of this blog? Don’t worry I am getting there. So the most commonly prescribed serums for pattern hairloss and telogen effluvium are Redensyl for hair and Minoxidil for hair growth. We are going to be talking about Redensyl and redensyl side effects today. 

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What is redensyl?  

What is the meaning of redensyl and you know other important questions like who can use it and what are redensyl side effects

Redensyl is a natural patented compound and it helps with improving cell regeneration of follicles and also promotes hair growth. Technically, speaking it is a  green chemistry formula of patented molecules (DHQG and EGCG2: two stabilized polyphenols) targeting the ORS bulge stem cells (named in this report ORSc for Outer Root Sheath stem cells) and the fibroblasts located in the dermal papilla (named in this report HFDPc for Human Follicular Dermal Papilla cells).

It is prescribed to people in the initial stage (stage 1 for men and stage 1 and 2 for women) of hair loss or telogen effluvium. 

Benefits of redensyl for hair?

  • It works on stem cell division and promotes hair regrowth
  • Prevents the death of your hair follicles
  • Stimulates hair to enter the hair growth phase

Sounds too good to be true right?

Are there any side effects of redensyl?

Well almost, so what are the dark secrets about Redensyl that we are not telling you? So essentially, most of the other treatments prescribed for hair loss, such as minoxidil and finasteride are ancient (well like 30 years old, so basically ancient) but Redensyl is new, it only came around in 2014. So there isn’t enough research and data about it as there is for the other treatments. Another “side-effect of redensyl” is that it takes too long to work. You need to use it for a good 5-6 months periods to see the benefits of it on your hair. It only works in the initial stages. Moreover, it doesn’t help stop hair loss. Like other stimulation therapies. It works externally, and if you want to see a significant recovery you will need to use it with something that stops your hair loss. We believe that answers all your questions about redensyl side effects. 

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Is there any clinical proof for redensyl?

Yes. According, to Induchem’s Biotechnology Centre Trail, their clinical trials show that using Redensyl for 2.5 months leads to a 17% increase in hair volume. The Traya Redensyl uses a pure 3% of this molecule, good enough to showcase similar efficacy. 

Can it be used by men and women, both?

Yes, Redensyl is safe for both men and women. And it is prescribed by doctors so Redensyl side effects are negligible.

But, what happens when I stop taking Redenyl for hair growth?

Nothing. Your hair will stay the way they were. Unless you have genetic pattern balding in which case you will have to use it as part of maintenance.  


Are the results of redensyl for hair better than a hair transplant?

You know even we heard a rumour that Redensyl for hair has better results than a hair transplant. 

Well, that depends. So, here’s the origin of that claim. Redensyl has been evaluated during a double-blind versus placebo clinical trial on volunteers showing grade three to four alopecia according to the Medical Norwood classification.

Due to its unique biological concept, clinical results obtained with Redensyl respond to requests from consumers without yet:

  • Within 84 days, volunteers have more hair (up to + 17%)
  • Anagen (growing) number of hair increases (+ 9%)
  • While the number of falling hair decreases (-17%)

85% of the volunteers had significant and visible hair growth, with over 28,200 new hair achieved in 84 days, that is, equivalent to three complete procedures of hair transplant surgery. Interesting part, no redensyl side effects were noted amongst the observer.

So what is our Redensyl exactly made of?

The natural ingredients that make the Traya Redensyl and give it a yield that contains hair re-growing properties:

  • Redensyl 3%

Redensyl helps increase stem cell regeneration in hair roots. Super ingredient Redensyl is said to work wonders on the hair cycle by shortening the shedding phase and lengthening the growth phase for those suffering from hair loss.

  • Capixyl 5%

Capixyl helps modulate and inhibit the DHT hormone but specifically works on improving hair quality by providing renewal to the extracellular matrix (ECM) which forms a tissue for your hair follicles. Improvement in the ECM protein helps in overall reducing hair damage.

  • Procapil 3%

Procapil acts as a vasodilator and stimulates healthy hair growth. It strengthens your hair by activating hair follicles, nourishing them, and supplying oxygen to it. Procapil activates the hair follicles so that they do not become dead or dormant, hence reversing hair thinning.


How to use redensyl for hair growth and how long does it take for redensyl to work?

Our hair development cycle works in 3 states : anagen, catagen, and telogen.

The anagen phase is the phase of hair growth, the catagen phase is the phase of hair transition, and the telogen phase is the phase of hair loss.

Redensyl for hair growth helps reduce the duration of the telogen phase and enhances the anagen phase. Which allows it to reduce hair loss and works in a way that retains your hair.

The duration of the anagen phase is more than 3 years, the duration of the catagen phase is more than 3 weeks, and the duration of the telogen phase is more than 3 months. Redensyl for hair growth works by activating hair forming cells.

Redensyl for hair growth is available in various forms - redensyl oil, redensyl lotion and redensyl serum.

The best practice for using Redensyl products is to use them in the telogen phase. The process of using it depends on which product you are using.

  • If you are using Redensyl serum, apply it to your healthy scalp and keep the Redensyl hair serum overnight. Then, wash your hair in the morning.
  • If you are using a Redensyl serum apply it on a clean, dry and healthy scalp, and only in the affected areas.

Now to answer the million dollar question.

Will redensyl for hair loss work?

Redensyl uses are many and it will work wonders, however, when used in the proper amount, quantity and as part of the right hair loss treatment plan. Head here to try out the best redensyl composition. 


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Dr. Jaspreet Sarna, M.D


Dr. Sarna is an MD (Skin & VD) with a decade-long experience in treating hair loss and working on hair regrowth. She believes stress management is the key to good health.

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