Effective Health & Hair Benefits Of Consuming Cardamom

The kitchen of Indian households is filled with a lot of spices that not only enhance the taste of our food but also benefit our health. The most common & ancient Indian spice is also known as cardamon or cardamom. The green pod-shaped spice is generally used in Indian cuisine as we Indians add it to perk up the taste of kheer or payasam, biryanis, and pulao. Cardamom is often used to add flavour to masala chai. 

An aromatic seed pod has a discrete aroma and a sweet flavor that lends a unique and unmatched taste to a dish that cannot be recreated by any other spice. According to Ayurveda Expert Dr. Dhanvantri Tyagi, "Cardamom is often used as a flavoring agent and comes under the category of aromatic plants. The small cardamom or Choti Elaichi is often used in Ayurvedic medicines that enhance physical strength." 

There are two main types of Cardamom, i.e., green (chhoti elaichi) and black (moti elaichi). Green Cardamom is often used in desserts and savories, while Black Cardamom is also used as a spice in the same manner, but it lends a different flavor and aroma to dishes. There is also a third type of Cardamom available, which is White Cardamom, and it is a bleached version of green cardamom.

Nutritional value of Cardamom (100 gm)

  • Total Calories: 311
  • Total Fat: 7 gm
  • Sodium: 18 mg
  • Potassium: 1119 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 68 gm
  • Dietary Fiber: 28 gm
  • Calcium: 38 %
  • Iron: 77 %
  • Magnesium: 57 %
  • Vitamin C: 35 %

Use of Cardamom

Cardamom is the third most expensive spice in the world, and it has antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used in a whole and ground form in food items such as dals, chai, desserts, and others. Today, we are going to tell you some of the beneficial use of cardamom:

  1. Cardamom is used in tea or coffee for a lively taste and fresh aroma. Most people prefer to drink cardamom tea, while you can also add cardamom to your ground coffee before brewing for a pleasant taste.
  2. In pulaos, curries, Biryani, and other hot food items, you can add green cardamom pods. When the seed integrates with other spices while cooking, it gives tastes divine. Cardamom is mainly used to lend aroma to biryanis, pulaos, and kebabs.
  3. Cardamom can also be used in sweet dishes like kheer, firni, gulab jamun, gajar ka halwa, etc., to give its unique flavor. 
  4. The grounded form of cardamom can also be used in food items such as soups, pates, stews, purees, and rice dishes. You can also sprinkle some seeds of cardamom on rice pudding, ice cream, custard, or fresh fruit salad for good flavor and garnishing.
  5. It can also be used in making cardamom honey chicken. To make this dish, you can marinate the chicken in honey, cardamom, and pepper & then roast it on the stove or bake it to prepare the dish.
  6. Cardamom can also be used in a citrus fruit salad which contains fruits like grapefruit and oranges, honey for sweetness, and seasoning of lime juice and cardamom.
  7. Cardamom powder can be used to provide a distinct taste to Lassi. It can also be used in garnishing Lassi along with some dry fruits.
  8. Rice can also be prepared by using all the spices that include cardamom too.

Cardamon (Elaichi) Use for Health

Cardamom has health-boosting properties and health healing qualities that can do wonders for your health. So, below is a list of all the health benefits cardamom offers:

Helps in cure of cough and cold: 

Cardamom is filled with antioxidants. The black type of cardamom is used in curing cough and cold and some respiratory problems. To cure flu, one should drink cardamom tea as it provides warmth to the body. 

Digestive Health:

Due to its strong aroma, it activates our taste buds and helps in boosting our digestional health. Cardamom is very beneficial in curing gastronomical discomforts such as indigestion, gas, stomach cramps, and constipation. It has chemicals that help in increasing food movement through the intestine.

Oral Hygiene:

Cardamom has antimicrobial properties that help in fighting bacteria that cause bad breath, and the aroma of it offers natural & fresh breath.

Increases Life Span:

It is said that drinking cardamom tea daily aids in flushing out toxins which helps in keeping our internal system healthy and clean. So, if you want to stay healthy and live long, consume cardamom daily.

Increases blood flow: 

Cardamom acts as a natural remedy for all respiratory problems as it increases blood circulation in our body. It helps in maintaining our energy and keeps the energy level high.

Regulates sugar level:

Cardamom has antioxidants that help in treating sugar levels in the body. The manganese present in cardamom makes it an effective natural remedy for the regulation and control of sugar levels.

Help in weight loss:

Cardamom has several compounds that help in fighting the bad bacteria which cause fat accumulation in the abdominal region. The presence of powerful nutrients in the Cardamom helps the body burn more fat efficiently. 

Rids sleep trouble: 

The use of cardamom essential oil can help in curing sleeping trouble problems such as insomnia, restlessness, and anxiety. 

Does Cardamom Help in Hair Growth?

In the mind of most people, this question pops up when they consume Cardamom of any form. It is everyone's wish to have beautiful, healthy and long hairs & to have such type of hairs must get all the nutrients that are beneficial for hairs. Well, cardamom has various properties that are helpful for our hairs. Some of which we have mentioned below:

  • Healthy and strong hair: 

Cardamom keeps the hairs strong and healthy. The oil present in it helps in improving the health of the scalp along with giving natural shine to the hairs.

  • Scalp nourishment:

Cardamom has properties that not only nourish the hairs but also provide strength to the hair roots. Black cardamom is rich in antioxidants that are very good for the nourishment of the scalp.

  • Treatment of scalp infections: 

All hair problems occur due to unhealthy and no nourishment in the scalp. All these scalp infections can be treated by including cardamom in your diet as it has antibacterial properties that stop the scalp from infections and irritation.

  • Makes hair stronger: 

Cardamom has properties that strengthen the roots of hairs. Due to antioxidant characteristics, it also helps hairs from getting weak & prevents hair damage.

  • Thick hairs: 

Apply cardamom oil in your hair to get shiny, healthy, and stronger hairs. The use of cardamom will also make your hair shiny, thick, and silky.

  • Removes dandruff: 

You can use cardamom by making a hair mask as it will help in removing dandruff from your hairs. The hair mask will also strengthen your hair. You can also wash your hair with cardamom water rather than normal water.

How to use cardamom on your hair:

  1. Make the cardamom powder by grinding it.
  2. Mix cardamom in the curd and apply it to your hairs.
  3. Mix cardamom in the water with which you want to wash your hair.
  4. To make a hair mask, mix lemon juice and cardamom paste with mustard flour & then apply it to your hairs.

Types of Cardamon

Cardamom is one of the oldest spice, and it comes in two types i.e Green cardamom (Choti elaichi) and Black cardamom (moti elaichi). Green cardamom is often used in dishes and sweets. However, Black cardamom is equally beneficial. Green and Black cardamom look different in shape and size, but there is also some basic difference between the two:

  • Green cardamom belongs to the species Elettaria cardamomum, while the black cardamom comes from Amomum subulatum. The processing methods of both the cardamoms are different; however, they both are cultivated in India. The pods of the green cardamom are harvested before the plant reaches maturity while the pods of black cardamom are harvested later on.
  • The pods and seeds of Green cardamom are used for flavoring, while the seeds of black cardamom are used. Green cardamom offers a strong and intense flavor, while the black cardamom lends a smoky and vaguely camphor-like flavor. Both green and black cardamoms are used to add pleasant flavors to drinks and dishes.
  • Green cardamom is the third most expensive species in the world. Only a seed or two of green cardamom is required to infuse its flavor in any drink or food item, but still, the green pod is expensive as compare to its powdered form. Black cardamom is cheaper as compare to green cardamom.
  • Both the cardamoms offer effective health benefits. Black cardamom is used in treating stomach discomforts such as constipation, gas, bloating while green cardamom is good for the treatment of sleep troubles. Both the cardamoms are good for boosting digestion.

How to use Cardamon?

Both Green and Black cardamom come in several forms like powdered, essential oil, supplements, and pods. The usage of cardamom is not limited to just flavoring spice as it can also be used in hot and spicy food items, desserts, baked food, meat, beverages, and even in coffee. Today, we are going to tell you few recipes by using cardamom

Cardamom Water:

Take out all the seeds from cardamom, and then add the peel of pod and seeds into a glass of water. Leave it like over a night, and after waking up, drink it on an empty stomach. Try to drink it daily for effective health benefits. Make sure that you don't drink or eat anything else for at least half an hour.

Turmeric Cardamom Cinnamon Tea:

To prepare a turmeric cardamom and cinnamon tea mix water along with turmeric powder, cinnamon sticks, pepper, and cardamom & let it be on a gas for 10 minutes.

Keep in mind to open the cardamom pod before adding it.

Let everything boil till the color of the water looks like the color of turmeric. After which, your turmeric cardamom and cinnamon tea will be ready.

Cardamom Milk:

Most people don't like to drink plain milk. Right? Well, there are many ways to make tastier milk, and one such way is by using cardamom. Cardamom milk offers many health benefits as well as help in weight loss. To prepare cardamom milk, firstly boil the milk and store it. Then, take 2-3 cardamom pods and then crush them. After crushing, pour the boiled milk into a pan and start heating it. In the pan, add saffron as well as crushed cardamom and let it boil for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes pour the milk in a glass and enjoy it. You can also add honey or jaggery if you want.

Side Effects of Cardamom

There are many health benefits of cardamom but you will be surprised to know that this herb also has some side effects, which we are going to mention below:

  • Allergies

It is said that if the cardamom is used in large quantities for a long time, then it can cause some allergic reactions in the body. Due to over intake of cardamom, skin allergy/ rash can occur. Some people can also face respiratory problems if they intake cardamom in an excessive manner.

  • Gallstone Complications 

Many people don't know that the excessive intake of cardamom can lead to a gallstone. It is said that the digestive system doesn't absorb cardamom completely, resulting in the sedimentation of seeds in the body. This lead to the growth of gallbladder stone. People who have stones are strictly recommended not to consume cardamom in any form.

  • Drug Interactions 

All the people who are on any type of medicinal course should not consume cardamom excessively as it may interact with some medicine and lead to some health complications. If people take medicines and consume them by neglecting their consequences, then they might face some serious health problems. It is advised that people who consume any type of medicine should avoid eating cardamom as a mouth freshener. We suggest that people consult their doctors before including cardamom in their regular diet.

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