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Everything You Should Know About Dry Hair


We all dream of having thick, lush, and healthy locks to set off a stylish look. If your hair is dry and feels that it's super rough, rigid stiff and haystack–like, then you are not alone. Dry hair doesn’t just look unsightly and scraggly. It is also prone and weak to breakage. Also, having dry hair is a sign that your scalp is not as healthy as it must be. If this is you every time you touch your tresses, you might feel a bit guilty as you can’t explain the rigidness. This guide will help you better to understand the symptoms, causes, and remedies for dry hair.

What is dry hair?

There are a few reasons why your hair is dry and coarse, but the most common factor is the loss of moisture which results in hair damage. Each strand has a shielding layer known as a cuticle that not just protects your hair from damage but helps in restoring the moisture so your hair is smooth, silky, and hydrated. The cuticle acts as a roof of a house protecting the elements present. You might also notice dandruff and itchy scalp if you don’t take care of your hair properly. Overtime dry hair might become knotted and results in breakage of follicles, causing you to lose more hair than usual.

Symptoms of dry hair

Dry hair lacks enough oil and it might look lusterless because it doesn’t reflect light well. It might look frizzy straw-like or flyaway and might have split ends. It might also be prone to breakage during combination, styling, or other sorts of grooming activities. You can easily determine if your hair is naturally dry or if there is an underlying medical issue.

Causes of dry hair

Dry hair that comes and goes can be an annoyance. It is important to take a look through the causes and try to identify yours. If conditioning treatments don’t help in restoring your hair’s moisture level, then you will have to contact your health care provider.

  • Indulging in a head massage rarely

    – Yes! You heard it right! You must treat yourself once in a while to this luxury. Massage stimulates the scalp and enhances blood circulation and also helps in sebum production. This is not a bad thing it's very important for healthy hair. If your hair shaft does not get the right amount of sebum needed from the roots, the hair will become dull and brittle.
  • You wash your hair often in too – hot water

    – Hot showers are great! But not for your hair! Too much exposure to hot water can make your hair dry and it must be avoided. You can wash your hair in lukewarm water or rinse it in cold water. This can smoothen the roughened hair surface.
  • Using the wrong hair care products

    – damaged and dry hair is not the same thing. Damaged hair is strained by processing or coloring while dry hair lacks natural oil. Make sure you use the right hair care products crafted for dry hair, to restore shine, smooth and moisture.
  • Give your hair rest from styling products

    – Yes! Styling products like flat irons and blow dryers can cause undue stress on already dry hair. Use styling products that are designed for dry tresses. They have various heat settings for dry hair and safe to use as well. Also, apply some sort of heat-protective leave-on conditioner before using any styling products.
  • Environmental factors

    – There are loads of things that can contribute to dry and brittle hair – even the weather plays a vital role. Your hair might get drier during the summer months, UV and heat from the sun can drain the moisture out of your hair and causes dry hair. Also, it can strongly damage it over time. If you are a frequent swimmer, the harmful chemical present in the water can also leave your hair dry and frizzy.
  • Underlying health issues

    – if you think that you have taken all possible steps to protect your hair from dryness, but you are still struggling with brittle strands, then you got to dig a little deeper. Consult a doctor to check if there are any underlying health issues. If you are lacking calcium then that can be the culprit for dry and weaker hair. Hormone imbalance can also wreak damage to your hair condition.
  • Curly hair

    – If your hair is naturally straight, it's much easier for the natural oils to secrete from the scalp and it can glide down to the length of the hair. Dry curly hair often impedes this process which leads to frizzy and dry hair.
  • Over-washing

    - Washing hair every day will strip off your hair’s natural oil that is produced in your scalp. If you have dry hair switch to shampoos designed for dry hair that is sulfate-free and use only once or twice a week. Use dry shampoo onto the roots, if you feel that your scalp is a bit greasy.
  • Blame the genes

    – sometimes you have to blame the genes which can make your body produce less sebum that it requires. Dietary changes and DIYs can help to deal with this issue.
  • Hard water

    – if you live in a place with high mineral build–up in the water, you can rest assured that it’s the culprit to weaken and dry your hair. Specific shampoos and conditioners can battle this issue and so can showerhead filters.
  • Other causes

    – if you see a sudden difference in your hair texture then you will have to dig a bit deeper. Menopause, pregnancy, and specific birth control pills (BCP) can cause changes in your hair texture. Also, get tested for anemia and hypothyroidism, they are also known to cause unexpected split ends and dryness, amongst other things.

Dry hair treatment

Ready to restore hydration to your mane? Follow these simple dry hair solutions to help get your strands back on track.

  • Switching to a proper hair care system

    – When it comes to taking proper hair care for dry hair, hydration should be your top priority. One of the simplest ways to get the job done is to use shampoo for dry hair and use a serum for dry hair that can offer instant hydration.
  • Haircare masks as your weekly routine

    - never wait for a special occasion to treat your hair with hair masks. Try to use them at least once or twice a month and use an herbal shampoo for dry hair as an after wash.
  • Be consistent with trimmings

    - Trimming your mane is one of the easiest ways to take care of your dry and frizzy hair. Regular cuts can look and feel great! From removing split ends to avoiding further damage, your hair will sport a lustrous appearance after a quick snip.
  • Booster treatments

    – You can also opt for these treatments at salons to revive the hydration for your dry hair. This treatment can also tackle split ends and also recover heat damage.
  • Switch to Silk pillow sheets

    – have you ever thought bedsheets could be the cause of dry hair? Yes! It can pull out the moisture from your hair leaving your strands drier. Stop using cotton pillow sheets. Switch to silk cases which not just helps in hydration but also feels luxurious. Try using a silk scarf around initially to protect your mane.
  • Check your shampoo’s key ingredients

    – It's essential to keep an eye on your shampoo’s key ingredients. Look for natural rich oils like baobab seed oils, omega – 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and other such ingredients in your shampoo. These can hydrate and locks in moisture.

Haircare routine must become an integral part of everyone’s personal care to maintain optimal hair care. Remember to maintain hair care that includes oiling and shampooing right which is suitable for your hair type. Trimming your hair regularly can make your hair free from split ends. Also, avoid using too many styling tools like flat iron and hairdryer. Use in cold mode if needed.

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