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Most Common Reasons For Hair Fall In Men


It is perfectly okay to shed a certain amount of hair every day, to be accurate normal hair fall can count anywhere between 50 to 100 hair strands. But, hair loss whether it's baldness or hair thinning can cause distress. 

Reasons for hair fall in men can be plenty, while there is a thin line between hair fall and hair loss, uncontrollable hair fall can slowly transit to hair loss. Fortunately, excessive hair fall is completely controllable. This article will help you discover the reasons for hair fall in men and how to successfully manage them. So keep scrolling till the end.

What Are The Causes Of Hair Fall In Men?

Noticing a frequent bunch of fallen hair just after showers or brushing your hair? Well, it could be a sign that you have started loosening your hair. If the daily hair fall has increased significantly it's time you start looking for the causes. Hair fall can occur due to a variety of reasons from stress to genetic factors, you need to know them all.

We have curated a list of possible reasons for hair fall in men with our Traya experts and have also explained how it can occur.

1 - Stress

Most of us experience stress, but expositing your body too long stressful periods can negatively impact your health. Chronic or severe stress can adversely affect your hair health causing them to fall at a faster rate than it normally does. Moreover, stress is a major trigger to many serious hair conditions that cause hair loss. Stress affects your hair in the following ways:It affects your entire scalp rather than a particular area.

  • It causes sudden hair thinning and excessive shedding
  • It may lead to telogen effluvium, a hair loss condition that is triggered by stress.
  • Telogen effluvium causes an abnormal shift of all the follicles to the resting phase, then causes excessive hair shedding. It also delays the growth of new hair.

Stress disturbs your entire well-being including hair health. The first thing for its management is to identify and eradicate the root cause of stress. We, at Traya, work towards identifying the root cause of the problem. We believe that understanding what is causing your hair loss can significantly help with successful treatment.

2 - The Right Diet

With the modern life pace, we often cause blunders with our diet. A right diet not only means fulfilling our daily calorie requirement but also focuses on how the calories are being fulfilled along with the intake of all the essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Here are a few points to keep in mind for a healthy hair diet:

  • Hair is primarily made up of a protein called keratin which gives hair its required strength.  Consuming 45g of protein daily is necessary for proper hair growth. Protein deficiency can shift hair from the growth phase to the resting phase.
  • Crash diets are known to trigger telogen effluvium. Diets including sources of zinc, biotin, and vitamin D can support optimal hair health.
  • Iron is also an essential micronutrient for hair, iron deficiency can cause anemia which accelerates hair shedding.

Nutritional deficiencies are among the major reasons for hair fall in men. A balanced diet consisting of different food groups in moderate amounts is needed to fulfill the body's nutrient requirement and support the growth of healthy hair. Extreme diets deprived of essential nutrients can cause hair to fall out at a faster rate. You can also shop for Traya’s Hair vitamins which is a combination of all essential vitamins and minerals that target root causes of hair loss such as vitamin deficiency, poor nutrition, and DHT.

3 - Medications And Hormonal Imbalances:

Certain medications and diseases can certainly trigger hair fall. Some medications like antidepressants, blood thinners, beta-blockers, thyroid medicines, etc have side effects that can cause hair to fall faster. These side effects include:

  • Beta-blockers or anticoagulants can temporarily disturb the normal hair cycle and initiate an episode of telogen effluvium.
  • Medications used in chemotherapy causes anagen effluvium. It happens due to inflammation and the hair shaft gets damaged or simply referred to as fractured hair follicles.
  • Hormonal medicines containing oestrogen or testosterone when stopped abruptly may trigger excessive hair fall.

Along with these, another most common reason for triggered hair fall can be excessive DHT( Dihydrotesteorone) production due to hereditary or genetic factors.

This condition is known as androgenic alopecia or pattern hair loss. In the initial stages, uncontrollable hair fall can be a warning sign for it and also one of the causes of hair fall in men.

4 - Hair Care: 

Hair care products are something you encounter on an everyday basis. It’s important to make sure that they are completely safe for use. One such thing is shampoos that are used frequently for hair. Other things include hair colouring agents and hair styling products. Below are a few tips to keep in mind for healthy hair.

  • Make sure that your shampoo is stripped of any harmful ingredients like sulphates and parabens and does not drain moisture from the scalp. Traya defence shampoo doesn't contain harsh chemicals, and will not strip oils off the scalp and hair strands. Fortified with natural extracts this mild hair cleanser is everything you need to support your hair goals.
  • Hair colours can seriously damage hair strands making them dry, rough and brittle. Make sure to use hair oil to keep them nourished. Traya offers the best scalp oil with Natural herbs and essential oils that keep your hair thick and healthy from the root.
  • Limit the use of hair styling products like straighteners and hair dryers. They significantly decrease hair quality due to dry heat.

These tips can be quite helpful to maintain hair quality. Also, try to follow good hair habits like washing hair twice a week, combing gently and using satin pillowcases that are soft on hair.


As discussed above the transitional phase from hair fall to hair loss is not very sharp and if ignored it can worsen over time and may even lead to baldness. Hair fall is manageable as well as curable while hair loss is not completely curable and needs more time and effort. 

At Traya Health, we believe that readiness is all. A timely diagnosis of those hair issues, to facilitate those effective hair fall solutions for men, is the first step towards maintaining the locks. We work towards removing those misconceptions and identifying those deficiencies that could have led to the worsening of your hair issues.

We have a strong belief in traditional Indian herbs and this is supplemented by modern scientific remedies based on the latest research. Our specially designed nutritional plans conveniently provide those hair fall treatments for males, guaranteed to solve the most vexing hair complications. Too many men treat balding as a given with age, but the truth is for a majority it can easily be stopped if only one takes proper medical advice at the right time. So sit in the comfort of your home and take the Traya hair test today to find all the root causes and subsequent treatment plans.


Q1 - Is It Normal For Men's Hair To Fall Out?

Men are more likely to experience severe hair fall and even hair loss with age. While 50-100 strands falling out is completely normal. More than that, it can be a warning sign for hair loss. It can happen due to several reasons that can include improper diet, wrong lifestyle, medications, etc.

Q2 - Can Hair Regrow After Hair Fall?

Hair regrowth after hair fall is a completely normal process that happens all the time at certain periods of hair growth cycle. However, if the hair fall is uncontrollable then it needs treatment to manage it. There are several treatments that can be applied for regrowth. The hair regrowth rate depends on the root causes and hair conditions.

Q3 - How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately?

Well, it depends on the cause of your hair fall. If it is temporary it can be fixed in a short time, however different causes of hair fall in men take different time intervals for hair regrowth. Hair loss occurring due to internal body issues or health issues may take longer time than temporary hair loss due to hair care products.



Zahra Lokhandwala

Hair Coach

Zahra is the hair coach-in-chief at Traya. She works closely with the doctors to monitor all cases. She is a fitness freak and has not touched sugar in years!

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